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      Blendtec Q-Series Smoother

      In Summary

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      The Blendtec Q Series Smoother is an excellent standard-setting frozen drinks blender. It’s the same as the old Blendtec Smoother only quieter. With the development of the Q-Series sound reduction technology, Blendtec blenders continue to deliver the same excellent performance, at a reduction of 10 decibels, nearly half of the audible sound associated with normal blender operations.

      Key Features

      • Direct drive motor
      • Lifetime warranty on motor coupling
      • 140 mm wide x 180 mm deep x 254mm high when built into counter
      • No-Tend™ touchpad controls
      • 30 pre-programmed blend cycles to chose from
      • Blue LCD display counts cycles
      • Solid state electronics
      • Two 1 litre jugs included
      • Program your own blend cycles from your computer

      UK Juicers Says

      For years the Smoother has set the standard in blending frozen drinks delivering 1560 watts of brute power to the aggressive two sided blade. Now the Smoother has evolved into the Q-Series giving the same performance at a more civilized noise level. Built into every Blendtec blender is their No-Tend™ technology that allows you total control with just the push of one button. Now you and your employees can attend to customers rather than watching the blender. The experts at Blendtec have created 30 pre-programmed blend cycles that are built into every blender to enable one-touch, walk-away blending. If 30 choices aren’t enough you can program your own from your PC!

      Many of the blending tasks that Blendtec considers to be routine would be classified as extreme blending for other blenders. Effectively blending products like frozen fruit, frozen yogurt, ice, vegetable greens, ice cream, grains etc. are fundamental expectations for the entire range of Blendtec blender models.

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      Tech Specs

      Colour: Black
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 230x230x440
      Motor Power (Watts): 1560
      Warranty: 2 years; 15,000 cycles
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 10.5


      Blendtec Q-Series Smoother

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