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Ecowater 800 Deluxe Distiller Part No: WP02

Ecowater 800 Deluxe Distiller

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Product Description

The Ecowater EWS-EU800 Deluxe Distiller is the top model of the latest range from Ecowater and provides the purest possible water from a home purification system.

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  • Eliminates the expense of buying bottled water
  • Leaves impurities behind after boiling off pure water
  • Kills all bacteria and Cryptosporidium
  • Provides 1 litres per hour, up to 24 litres per day
  • Electronic display with time and automatic delay function
  • Increases the lifespan of water using devices like coffee machines
  • Economical to run

The Ecowater Deluxe Distiller is very easy to use. Simply fill the removable boiling chamber with water from your tap. The water is heated to 212F, killing bacteria, eliminating cryptosporidium and removing lead, nitrates and other total dissolved solids. The highly effective Ecowater 500 Distiller removes up to 99% of most substances from the water. The heated water is then converted to steam which rises, leaving residual chemicals and other residues behind. Finally, after distillation, the purified water is cooled, passed through a special carbon polishing filter to remove any residual taste or odours and dispensed into the serving carafe. Distillation is believed to be the method that produces the purest possible water when compared to all other domestic water purification methods. The Ecowater also features a "Stop and Serve" anti-drip valve allowing you to dispense water anytime during operation. It is powered by an 800w heating element and has a production capacity of 4 litres in 4 hours. The Ecowater 800 Distiller also has an LCD monitor which tells the time of day, provides an automatic start and/or delay feature, indicates time left to change filter and has an auto shut off switch. The power rating of this unit is 800w giving it a production capacity of 4 litres in 4 hours.

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Water - The Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz

Water - The Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz

The importance of pure water explained. 96pp, paperback
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