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Omega VERT VRT400HDS Part No: JM278
Omega VERT VRT400HDS Slow Juicer
Omega Vert 400
Omega VERT VRT400HDS Slow Juicer
Omega VERT 400

Omega VERT VRT400HDS Slow Juicer

Average Rating:
  • 4.7 out of 5

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RRP: £379.00
Save: £50.00
Our Price: £329.00 (£274.17 + VAT)
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Product Description

The Cold Press Masticating action of the Omega VRT400HDS Vertical Slow Juicer guarantees a nutritious juice and this model from Omega has a few neat features. Slow juicers are now one of the most popular types of masticating juicer on the market because of their happy balance between ease of use and excellent results from the widest variety of juicing ingredients. Being able to juice everything well from the toughest wheatgrass through to the softest berries means that upright slow juicers are generally accepted as the best all rounders.
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(Video kindly provided by Discount Juicers. Please note Discount Juicers only serves customers within the USA and only ships within the 50 United States. Discount Juicers does not ship outside the USA. John recommends UK Juicers for your juicing needs if you are located in the UK)
  • Redesigned juice bowl with improved pulp flow and juice valve
  • New easier assembly method
  • Reliable low speed induction motor with 15 year warranty
  • GE Ultem™ auger and screen is up to 8 times stronger
  • Built in reverse function eliminates clogging for continuous juicing
  • Low speed motor + large dual-stage Ultem™ auger = FASTER juicing at a nutrient-friendly 70 revolutions per minute!
  • Juice valve means juices that are perfectly mixed, with less foam, and a drip free juice spout
Up until a few years ago selecting a juicer that does a good job with green vegetables used to mean making a commitment to spending more time juicing, because many greens capable juicers took a bit longer to use and clean. With the advent of vertical slow juicers like the Omega Vert, even greens juicing became quick and efficient and that factor alone has led to this type of juicer becoming one of the most popular masticating juicers available. Its called a slow juicer because of the nutrient friendly low RPM cold-pressing action, but the size of the juicing auger and the large juice filter mean that for every turn of the motor, much more juice is squeezed than by traditional horizontal slow juicers that can juice greens - so juicing is fast and painless.

Performance is the same in terms of overall juice yield as the VRT350HD, because the auger is identical and so is the juicing screen except for a colour change from translucent yellow to smoke colour. Assembly is easier because instead of twisting and locking onto the motor body, the juicing parts on the Omega VRT400HDS now simply push vertically down into place. There is a juice valve that allows mixing of the juice before dispensing and eliminates drips onto your kitchen counter when you finish juicing. The main advantage of the juice valve is that at clean up time it means the juicer can be filled with some cleaning water and then operated . This allows the silicone wiper blades to do most of the clean up before you disassemble the juicer. There is also a sieve that sits in the top of the juice collecting jug for people who prefer less pulp in their juice.

Please note, the UK voltage model is also known as the Omega VRT402 with the '2' denoting the different voltage motor - it is exactly the same juicer in all other respects.

UK Juicers is the authorised UK importer and service centre for Omega Juicers

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Omega VERT VRT350HD Slow Juicer Silver

Omega VERT VRT350HD Slow Juicer Silver

Omega Vert HD model in silver/black now with HD screen and juice flap.
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£299.00 inc VAT
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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Silver B6000S

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Silver B6000S

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Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer in Silver

Omega VSJ843 Slow Juicer in Silver

Simply The Best Slow Juicer In Our Range!
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£379.00 inc VAT
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Product Reviews

Average Rating:
  • 5 out of 5
  • 5 out of 5

I have been using this juicer for slighty over a month now and i must say its one of my best purchase ever. its easy to use, easy to clean and gives me up to the last drop of juice extracted. i couldnt be happier and i could not recommend it enough. Thank you UK Juicers for a great product

Reviewed 24 June 2014 by MEGAN, LEEDS UK

Good quality juice, too much pulp
  • 3 out of 5

After years of juicing with a centrafugal juicer i decided that i wanted to try a slow juicer. I received my juicer last week and i'm very pleased with the quality of the juice, but far less happy with the amount of pulp in the juice. I know you can strain it, but that is just an added hassle. I also found out today that you must put your greens (spinach and kale) between other fruits or it just ends up wrapped around the screw type thing that chews the fruit/veg and doesn't juice. It is pretty easy to clean and pretty quick to juice and the pulp that comes out of the side chute is much drier than i had with my old juicer. The jury is still out for me on this juicer. It costs 4 times as much as my last juicer and i'm not sure if it was a value for money buy as from my research you were supposed to get a much higher yeild of juice from your fruit and veg than from a normal centifrugal juicer, but that doesn't seem to be case for me, especially as i have to strain it again to get a less pulpy juice.

Reviewed 29 May 2014 by Cherylyn, Aldershot

  • 5 out of 5

I was wary of buying a juicer, thinking it would be a pain to clean and would put me off juicing. But, not only does this machine efficiently produce froth free juice (it has a sieve). It is quiet, and amazingly easy and quick to clean. It is like a vertical jigsaw. It took me 2 mins to take the working parts apart, rinse them under the tap and put back together. Five mins or so if you take all the smaller bits off. I can't recommend this machine highly enough. A quality machine.

Reviewed 08 May 2014 by cindy, Wales, UK

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