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      Duux Ovi Evaporative Humidifier

      In Summary

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      The Duux Ovi Evaporative Humidifier provides the correct humidity level for optimum health in rooms up to 30m2. With natural filtration and cold water evaporation it releases humidified air into the room for up to 15 hours at a time, protecting you and your loved ones from the health problems that can be exacerbated by breathing air that is too dry.  This can be a particular problem in centrally heated homes in winter, causing dry eyes and skin, sore throats and making us more susceptible to respiratory illnesses. The Ovi Evaporative Humidifier uses a tiny amount of energy when humidifying your room and there's an aromatherapy tray in case you want to add fragrance with a few drops of essential oils at the same time.

      Key Features

      • Whisper quiet operation generates humidified air through natural evaporation
      • Adjustable mist output with two settings
      • Self regulating humidity level from evaporative control
      • Attractive ambient LED mood light
      • Large 2 litre reservoir for up to 15 hours operation
      • Replaceable water filter removes limescale and bacteria
      • Can be used with essential oils for aromatherapy
      • Auto shutdown and refill warning light
      • Effective for areas up to 30m2
      • Miserly power consumption - just 6-19 watts
      • Up to 200 ml/hr mist production

      UK Juicers Says

      The Duux Ovi is a naturally evaporative humidifier where the fan blows air through the water filter to humidify it. This means that humidity levels are effectively self-regulating because if the incoming air is already humid enough it will take on less water by evaporation. This is different to the release of micro particles of moisture into the air in the ultrasonic models and offers an even more controlled humidification process. Filling the Ovi's 2 litre reservoir is as easy as watering a plant - just pour water into the top surface to fill. The replaceable filter removes limescale from the water and bacteria from the air that blows through it. There's an aromatherapy tray on top of the fan cover to allow addition of fragrance too. As with all Duux air quality products the Ovi is an elegant object that you won't mind being on show as it provides you and your loved ones with healthier air to breathe. The mood light adds to the ambience and there's also an LED refill indicator light. 

      Read the manufacturer's brochure here.

      Read the manufacturer's instruction manual here. 

      Tech Specs

      Model Number: DXHU01
      Colour: White
      Room Size (m2): Up to 30
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 300x250x330
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 2.8
      Warranty: 12 months


      Duux Ovi Evaporative Humidifier

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