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      Duux Solair Air Purifier

      In Summary

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      The Duux Solair Air Purifier is an absolute design triumph in our opinion, integrating state of the art air cleaning technology into an object of exquisite beauty. This Dutch engineered air purifier takes the inspiration for its elegant design form from Van Gogh's Sunflowers and offers 360º air flow through its triple stage filtration cylinder. Suitable for rooms up to 40m2 the Solair also includes dimmable LED lighting that offers the option of subtle lighting in your room, adjustable across an infinite palette of vibrant colours. Be sure to check out the video too in the images section above.

      Key Features

      • Stunning, award-winning Dutch design and engineering
      • Triple stage HEPA filtration with activated carbon layer for removal of VOCs 
      • 360º Air Flow, 270 cubic metres per hour CADR, 160CFM air flow
      • Adjustable brightness (0-100%) coloured LED lighting effects for your room
      • Eco, Auto and Powerclean settings plus 3 timer modes (1,2 and 5 Hrs)
      • Air quality and filter replacement indicator lights
      • Twin sensors for particulates and VOCs automatically adjust speed in Auto mode
      • Intuitive ease of use with capacitive touch control panel and elegant remote

      UK Juicers Says

      With the UN warning recently that the air in 44 UK cities is "too dangerous to breathe", the health benefits of owning a high quality air purifier are no longer just a concern for those with allergies. Improving the air quality in your home used to entail having some sort of relatively ugly box or blinking tech tower in the corner of the room, but now there is the opportunity for any interior to have clean air delivered by an object of true artistic beauty.

      The Duux Solair offers up to 99.97% purification of indoor air, protecting you and your loved ones from particulates, pollen, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mould, bacteria, dust mites, chemicals and unpleasant odours, and it also acts as an air ioniser. It quietly and unobtrusively does its job giving 360 degree air flow wherever you site it, but you will probably want to give some prominence to this elegant, health-protecting machine, as well as making use of its ambient lighting feature in the evenings too. 

      Nothing has been left to chance with this beautiful piece of health tech, so as well as being a stunning talking point that will grace any room, its intuitive and practical ease of use becomes second nature almost as soon as you unbox it. The throughput is good for large rooms up to 40m2 and the economical replacement filters last up to 6 months depending on the environment in which your Solair is used. Highly recommended by the UK Juicers™ Team.

      Read the manufacturer's brochure here.

      Read the manufacturer's instruction manual here.

      Tech Specs

      Model Number: DXPU01
      Colour: White
      CADR (m3/ hour): 270
      Room Size (m2): Up to 40
      Filter Life: 6 months
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 570x260x860
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 7.5
      Warranty: 12 months


      Duux Solair Air Purifier

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