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      GEO Organic Adagio Mix (400g Pack)

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      The 400g Pack GEO Organic Adagio Mix is a perfect blend of Broccoli, China Rose and Red Clover which will be ready after 4-6 days of sprouting. The mixture comprises:

      Organic Broccoli Broccoli sprouts are absolutely delicious and are believed to have even more potent anti-cancer properties than the fully grown vegetable. Also a great immune booster, broccoli sprouts contain high levels of vitamins, A, C, B and E, potassium and calcium.

      Organic China Rose China Rose is a type of radish seed. The sprouts are not quite as bitter as white radish but not as sweet as red radish. They are very good for clearing mucous and freeing up the airways. Also great for the entire intestinal tract, they are extremely high in vitamin C, can stimulate cleansing and have a diuretic effect.

      Organic Clover Clover is very high in calcium and magnesium and contains a wide range of trace minerals. It is also believed to be a good tonic for the nerves and digestion and to possess cancer-fighting properties. High in protein and also rich in iron and zinc.

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      GEO Organic Adagio Mix (400g Pack)

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