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      Hurom Slow Juicer HF-SBF06

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      The Hurom HF Series has been superseded by second generation slow juicer technology, sold by us under the original American slow juicer brand, Omega. We discontinued the Hurom brand because of difficulty obtaining product support from their representatives. UK Juicers recommends Omega Juicers. Same factory, same performance, backed by unrivalled UK product support and service from UK Juicers. Click here to view our top of the range Omega Slow Juicer from the Hurom factory


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      • Average Rating: 5 out of 5
      • Hurom premium 600

        • 4 out of 5

        Having previously used JUST 3 £200 Phillips centrifuge juicers (3 motors burnt out in a very short space of time)but otherwise excellent,I was keen to find something more reliable with good juicing capabilities mainly for carrots,beet root,broccoli etc with every other cancer fighting veg I can think of (my wife).After reading many reviews and guarantees and you tube ads I decided on the Hurom premium 600 in stainless steel.I was very pleased with the speedy delivery ( a day before it was stated).When examined it looked and felt excellent quality.When used for the first time it was lovely and quiet and relaxed and easier to clean compared with the centrifugal juicer I had previously used.Initially the juice seemed better quality when consumed immediately,but after a couple of days use I noticed the juice being a bit thick at the bottom of the glass or jug.(I make about 1.5L/2L per day and store it in the fridge)Comparing it to the centrifugal juicer I would say that with the slow juicer if not consumed immediately, the more pulpy residue sinks to the bottom of the glass/jug where as the centrifugal juicer the foam/pulpy residue is at the top and can be scooped off with with a large spoon.With both the machines I find that the juice has to be strained with a fine sieve into another jug before consuming especially if you intend to store in the fridge for later...I found that i only needed to sieve the juice once with the centrifugal juicer even if stored in the fridge but it needed done twice with the slow juicer,once after initial pouring and once again after a night in the fridge.As much as I would like to find one,I think there might not be a perfect juicer,fast or slow there will always be a compromise of some sort...R...

        Reviewed 17 June 2014 by RD, Oban

      • Excellent juicer, great customer service

        • 5 out of 5

        I bought this juicer about 8 months ago and have used it pretty much every day. It is quiet, well built, easy to clean, simple and stylish. It makes delicious juice quickly and easily. We are a family of 6 and its great to have a machine that is so fast and easy to use, clean and doesn't take up too much space. When my machine developed a fault it was quickly collected and replaced by UK Juicers who have really excellent customer service. I would thoroughly recommend this product.

        Reviewed 10 March 2014 by mrs jpnes, London

      • Hurom HF-SBF06

        • 5 out of 5

        Love it. I have a centrifugal juicer at work and the Hurom at home. The Hurom is quieter, produces juice that does not separate, is easier to clean and is basically better in every way. I feel myself getting energized and healthier with this juice in a way I don't at work. Sounds strange, but I do. I have a quick routine together so I use it loads - it has become a foundation for a new and healthier diet.

        Reviewed 24 February 2014 by Ed, London

      Hurom Slow Juicer HF-SBF06

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