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      Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer in Silver with Accessory Kit


      With a feed chute that takes whole apples! Complete with smoothie and blank strainer.
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        • 5 out of 5

        Before buying this Kuvings juicer I researched all other types and models on the market. I decided on this one as it didn't seem to take up much space and was said to be quieter and seemed to be more natural in the way it got the jiuce out. Well, I certainly made the right choice. It is neat and compact and assembling is easy as is washing as it just needs a good rinse. Well thought out is the cleaning tool that is so sensible and easy to use. Operation is quiet and I never feel hurried to put fruit and veg through. I know I would have if a noisy and speedy motor was running. It's ease of use and quietness is especially beneficial and appreciated first thing in the morning! The pulp that comes out one side into it's jug is very dry having given all the lovely juice into the other jug. The pulp I put into the compost in the garden so nothing is wasted. It always amazes me the amount of juice that it gets out a carrot. This juicer has handled everything with ease and truly so enjoyable to use. I feel in control all the time and am enjoying juicing in a relaxed manner. The on off button is easy to use too. It takes no time to put fruit and veg through and the auger does it in a natural way. I love this juicer and am using it constantly. A definite best buy!

        Reviewed 28 December 2016 by RELAXED, UK

      • Kuvings outshines Tribest Slowstar in all but one area

        • 4 out of 5

        Having tried both the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer and the Tribest Slow Star the Kuvings juicer is by far the easiest juicer to use and clean. This is what I am basing this review on. The only reason this does not get 5 stars is due to 2 small niggles (more on that later) The Kuvings whole juicer can take full size fruits. Apples and other larger round item need pushing down the feed chute with the supplied plunger due to the safety bar half way down the neck, but after this the juicer easily copes with large pieces of fruit and veg, and self feeds the items in by itself. This is different to the Slow Star, which has more of a chopping action. Because of this, the Slow Star does not feed the fruit and veg into the juicer, and requires constant use of the supplied plunger.For this reason, the Kuvings wins in this area. The recommendation for this type of juicer is that celery, cabbage and stringy fruit and veg, such as pineapple centres are cut into small pieces. This in my opinion kind of negates the whole point of having a whole fruit juicer. The added issue (and first niggle) is that the juicer does not come with any chute tray on the top of the juicer to place all these cut pieces in and feed down the chute. It means having to cup your hands and empty the bits as best as you can through the chute opening. This usually means bits of fruit and veg end up surrounding the juicer, but with a bit of care is mostly manageable. It would be a star product if it came with a produce tray like the other juicers to plop all your bits in to help feed the juicer. The juicer is by far the easiest out of the 2 juicers to clean. Just in its design alone. The arguer, (the corkscrew bit) is better designed than the Slow Star, and doesn't have a hollow centre, meaning this can be removed and rinsed under the tap for a few seconds and its clean. With the Slow Star it requires a cleaning tool to dig out the mashed up fruit and veg from inside the arguer, which itself takes some time cleaning. The Kuvings also comes with a purpose built cleaning attachment, which makes cleaning the grinding cup of the juicer super easy. Again, its just a few seconds sloshing this in a bowl, and a quick brush round the inside with the supplied brush, and its clean. All the other items just need a rinse under a running tap. On the Slow Star, it again has a groove design for the Auger to sit in within the grinding bowl, which collects mashed up fruit and veg and needs sapping clean before rinsing. For these reasons the Kuvings wins on cleaning The only area I feel the Slow Star wins over the Kuvings is the mincing attachment. The Kuvings does come with a blanking plate to allow sorbets and frozen desserts to be made, but the booklet also recommends that the fruits are slightly defrosted first. The additional leaflet also suggest that any oil based nuts might spoil the juicer (niggle no 2). Based on this information, the Slow Star wins. On using the blanking plate to make breakfast bars, it did jam up on me a couple of times, perhaps in hindsight due to me adding too many oats to the dates and walnuts. This was no issue with the Slow star, as the exit hole on the Tribest attachment is wider and easily coped withe the mixture. I have yet to try the mix again with less oats to see if this was the issue, but with the Kuvings having a smaller hole in the blanking plate, it might be something that this juicer is not capable of. In summary, I decided that for the main purpose of what a juicer is used for, which is juicing fruit and veg, the Kuvings easily outshines the Slow Star. I also think that something that is used every day needs to be easy to clean, otherwise it will put you off using it, no matter how expensive it is to purchase in the first place. I decided I can live with the attachment options not being as good as the Slow Star if it is a feature I will only use now and then, which it is. For these reasons I opted for the Kuvings juicer in the end, and am very pleased with it. The service I got from UKJuicers was exceptional, and I thoroughly recommend their online service.

        Reviewed 22 April 2014 by John W, Sheffield