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      L'Equip 215 XL Juicer in White


      The L'Equip juicer with the biggest mouth!
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      • Fast, powerful little juicer

        • 4 out of 5

        I'd thrown away my old juicer when I got a nutri-bullet, and I missed having a juicer! So I assessed all the available juicers and chose this one based on the reviews, the power, the cost and the look. I was not disappointed. It is very fast and powerful. The pulp is flung to the back, with some sticking to the clear plastic lid, most going into the collector. I watched YouTube videos where they put in whole apples. An apple will fit in the chute, but there is a flange sticking out, I think it should split the apple in half or possibly prevent things like carrots from whizzing round and round. I find it hard to push a whole apple down, but cutting it in half in advance is still way easier than my old juicer where I had to cut things into little pieces. I find it quick and easy to clean, and the only problem I have is pulling the central silver bit with the metal blade off the base. You have to wiggle it and pull up and this can sometimes take a few seconds until it disconnects. I selected black and the clear plastic is a sort of purple smokey. The great thing is that even carrots do not turn anything orange. My last juicer was white and ended up all discoloured by the vegetables. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

        Reviewed 23 November 2018 by gadgetgal, Milton Keynes

      • Great juicer

        • 5 out of 5

        Had a chance to use this machine now, its great! Mainly used for carrots, beets, celery, apples, cucumber, juices all with ease, very happy so far with this product. Quick and easy to clean!!

        Reviewed 24 October 2018 by Janet, Lancashire

      • Worth the money

        • 5 out of 5

        This machine was very good to use, I am very happy with it and also that it was so cheap! Really good! Now to the downside the washing of the machine after use takes time. The first two uses I dished all for hand, but the third I gave it a shot and put the hard plastic material in the dishwasher which made my dishing time go from 10 to 2 min. The plastic material holds in the washer done 15 times now in the washer. The blender I am not as satisfied by, I don't know if I does something wrong when I put the fruit in, but it doesn't "throw" the flesh from the fruit in the holder back of the machine as good as I thought it should. It piles up "on the way to" the holder. But overall, really good machine worth the buy!

        Reviewed 10 October 2017 by Elias, Sweden

      • Excellent quality, clean-up, hassle-free and creamy juice!

        • 5 out of 5

        I purchased an Optimum blender last year, spent a lot of money, and experienced such disappointment with the quality. The machine felt worn after a few times using it, and every promised didn't deliver, from the pulp, to being able to process ginger, to the mess of clean-up. This time I was really skeptical that a juicer 1/3 of the price would be any better. The results of this juicer blew me away - it took less time to make and clean up the juicer than it did to clean my espresso machine in the morning! Now I have no excuse not to make delicious juice. I tried carrots, apples, oranges and ginger with no mess or fuss. I've yet to add some greens but feel this juicer could do anything. The yield of the juice was great - still cold and delicious. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend this juicer (from experience of others). I've also used expensive cold press juicers in raw kitchens. While I agree they produce good juice, they were hard to use and a mess to clean up! This was so easy, that if you want something with fresh juice to drink each morning, you can't go wrong. Yes, I'm positive as I am astounded :)

        Reviewed 12 August 2016 by Laura-Ashley, Glasgow, Scotland

      • First attempt at juicing

        • 4 out of 5

        A decent juicer for the price. Used for a couple of months and it has done a good job but decided to upgrade to a slow juicer.

        Reviewed 12 February 2016 by Kevin B, Merseyside

      • Refreshing start to my healthy lifestyle change!

        • 5 out of 5

        Not being the healthiest person in the world I decided to kickstart my new routine by getting a juicer and getting some vitamins in me. I found this one on Google and it seemed reasonably priced so gave it a go. It arrived really quick and once I figured out how to use it I was well away. So refreshing in this weather, and I'm always on the look out now for the next thing to try in it. Definitely recommend it. Thanks UK Juicers. :)

        Reviewed 09 July 2015 by Colin, Tamworth

      • After 7 years I have had to buy a new one!

        • 5 out of 5

        After an incident this morning involving the accidental insertion of a ceramic knife into the blades, I destroyed my faithful juicer. Hoping my new one lasts as long as my old one did...these are excellent juicers of professional quality, also love the free delivery

        Reviewed 19 September 2014 by david, Hartlepool

      • Trustworthy

        • 5 out of 5

        I'll make this short.. This juicer has been my friend since 2008. I've used it a lot since then with no problems whatsoever. It's easy to clean and takes little space compared to other juicers I've seen. Only recently I've noticed that it's not shredding the veg and fruits as well as when it was new... I must say, that's not bad going after 6 years. Now I'm getting a new one.. Maybe I'll get a black one this time. :)

        Reviewed 08 July 2014 by Somefish, London

      • Average juicer but fantastic service from UK Juicers.

        • 3 out of 5

        I bought the l'equip after having done some very thorough research online and compared a lot of models. This one seemed to be a good wuality juicer for an affordable price tag. The juicer arrived the following day, and produced a fantastic tasting juice. It is also fairly quiet as far as centrifugal juicers go. However, I found the pulp to be quite wet still and was worried about the amount of wastage. The l'equip also has a pulp collector that isnt securely attached to the main body, so small fibres or bits of pulp can be found scattered around the worktop. Overall its a decent juicer for the money, but the couple of niggles were too much for me, so I returned it to UK juicers, who happily provided a refund and arranged for collection the next day. Very happy with the quality of service received, thank you.

        Reviewed 12 March 2014 by Laura London, London

      • Equip 215 xL juicer white

        • 5 out of 5

        This is brill, I use this every day

        Reviewed 27 February 2014 by Lynne becks, Manchester