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      Lexen Healthy Juicer


      Well designed, affordable wheatgrass juicer by Lexen
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      • Average Rating: 4 out of 5
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      • Tried this 3 times

        • 3 out of 5

        After first use and a green mess on the floor, worktop and just about everywhere except in the jug, I thought I should try and master it before reviewing. Not so! I still have a green mess just about everywhere. I wish I had paid more for a decent juicer. This is not for me

        Reviewed 13 October 2018 by Chocs09, Essex

      • Excellent Quality

        • 5 out of 5

        I have just received this juicer today and I can honesty say it has surpassed my expectations. It is so solid and very easy to set up with easy to understand instructions. I juiced apples picked from the garden and some root ginger and it was amazing! I chopped the ginger into strips and the apples into quarter removing the core, not the skin and produced the most fabulous hot ginger juice. I was a little nervous about the ability of a hand machine to juice ginger, I need not have worried. This is my first juicer and I doubt I will ever feel the need to upgrade to an electrical one as I enjoy the fact I have to make it work. It’s not hard to turn at all either. I guess if you wanted to juice large quantities, you might consider an electrical machine. Prompt delivery and well packaged. I could not be happier! Thank you UK Juicers. I found your website extremely helpful.

        Reviewed 14 September 2018 by Sally,

      • very good service amazing product

        • 5 out of 5

        very good service amazing product

        Reviewed 08 September 2018 by mila, london

      • Good for price with room for improvement

        • 3 out of 5

        The juicer unfortunately arrived with an all important washer missing, which according to the leaflet prevents leakage from the back of the machine - so I will update this when the part arrives. Now we are really struggling as the juice just drips from the excess hole at the back. The excellent plastic container with mesh top can fit around to catch this liquid however not if you position it at the front hole where all the pulp/liquid comes out (which is where it needs to be most) - I think a future design may do well to consider this but again if the washer was preventing most of the dripping this may turn out not to be so much of an issue. The actual spiral part that turns inside the plastic outer housing is good quality and easy to clean as is all the other parts especially considering the price. However at the moment we are only getting mostly pulp from the front of the machine & no juice (again may be due to the lack of washer), but a future design may do well to include some kind of removable plastic cup to catch this excess from the back hole - you cannot use a glass as the leaflet suggests as the when turning the handle gets in the way - the only other problem with this area is when you need to use the clamp the handle can catch sometimes - it can be altered so this doesn't happen but getting the position is a little tricky - if they had put the clamp in a different place to the handle maybe this wouldn't be an issue at all? But maybe there is a valid reason for this it does slightly interfere with the otherwise reasonable ease of use of the product. I want to be really clear that I am not bashing this product - as anyone trying to make this juicing/blending business a little easier more importantly in this case - affordable for all then these products can be a great little buy, and I do think they have a good starting product that could be relatively easily improved in a few areas on the next model. The actual performance of the machine is difficult to judge without the washer we need - but based on what I've seen so far I would say the pulp is quite dry with greens and it tackles hard fruit like apples or carrots well (for anything hard or fibrous please note it NEEDS TOP BE CLAMPED!!! as they state) however the addition of a nut bag to squeeze the last bit of juice from the pulp would be a good idea if you really want to get all you can out of your (extremely expensive & precious!) organic foods. So all in all a good little machine for the price with areas for improvement & to get the absolute most with use of nut bag (or cheese cloth/muslin etc.) The star rating I will reconsider when we have the washer too.

        Reviewed 19 February 2017 by Debs, Manchester

      • superb

        • 5 out of 5

        was skeptical. this is brilliant. for the money you cant beat it. it works, it juices anything pretty much. i pulp bananas first and pour pulp into juice cup then add apple, carrot and ginger. delicious. will try wheatgrass when i find some. a breeze to clean. irs fun to manually make your juice, you can hear it all crunching and squelching rather than chuck it in a machine. First time user make sure the cup is under juice outlet. i had alot of mopping up to do but you get the hang of it. Oh and it turned up next day free delivery on nears eve!! thank you UKJUICERS

        Reviewed 01 January 2016 by mal, london

      • What a cracker

        • 5 out of 5

        I got this for when I just want a small amount of juice, as it is a lot of cleaning of my vertical single orger juicer for just a quick pint. I was very impressed with this little juicer. It will do a pint in just a couple miniutes, and it takes less time to clean than it does to juice, unlike my other juicer. It does not get the pulp quite as dry as my other juicer but i think this is down to the gap at the juicing end being slightly to large on my one, but that said it still produces a pint from 1 carrot, 3 brussl spouts, 3 satsumas, 1 small clove of garlic, a handful of spouted sunflower seed, mung beans, chickpeas aand lentals, and a couple handfuls of chopped leek and cabage(yum). Another bonus with this juicer is there should be even less nutriunt damage with it, so my juices will be even more healthy. I can see me using this wonderful juicer as my main juicer from now on. Cheers Cornish Rat

        Reviewed 31 January 2014 by Cornish Rat, Padstow

      • Fantastic value!

        • 5 out of 5

        OK so there are plenty of high tech juicers out there for folks to buy - but what if you can't justify the cost of one? I've had other juicers and give me this little guy any day! Fair enough you do need to cut your produce up a bit smaller than some of the others - but excuse me - if we're talking about improving our health, isn't it worth those few extra minutes?? Food should be prepared with love - not with speed! This will juice anything - I promise. I've done carrots, wheat grass (which it gets every drop of juice out of, trust me!) Anything will go through this baby. The two main pluses for me are; it's dead easy to set-up, use and clean. And 2, there's no heat involved as there is with a motor so if your carrots are cold, your juice is cold. (I will add that the heat generated by using it, is your own! It's good exercise!) But I wouldn't ever use any other juicer than this. (Plus is comes with a spare gasket and a few other bits and bobs). I have been using this for about 6+ months now and I can't fault it..........

        Reviewed 15 October 2013 by Wildherb, UK