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      Lurch Attila Hildmann Spiralizer


      The new special Attila Hildmann edition horizontal Spiral Slicer from Lurch.
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      • Excellent spiralizer

        • 5 out of 5

        Bought the Lurch Attila after experiencing a faulty normal version Lurch, in grey. I’m actually pleased the normal one was faulty, because I like this Attila added features, rather a lot. It’s incredibly easy to operate; just secure the unit on your kitchen counter top, and mine is rough, and the suction is very strong so if you’ve got smooth or stone, even better, and start spiralizing your secured veg of choice, pulling with one hand the provided lever and rotating the veg with the other handle. So simple. The quality of the product seems to be really good, it’s light, sturdy simple and reliable. I’m very pleased with this Attila spiralizer. I had an expensive Chiba previously, but for the price my use I’d rather have the Lurch Attila.

        Reviewed 25 March 2018 by Foisty, Sheffield

      • Love it!

        • 5 out of 5

        I did a lot of research before I purchased my first spiralizer. I thought it was another gimmicky gadget but a friend of mine convinced me to give it a go. I found the Lurch vegan spiralizer through bbc good foods recommended spiralizer review. It was delivered within 48 hours of ordering and packaged well. It's quite light too. My first experiment was with a carrot and I did struggle a little bit. The way to use this is to push the veg toward the blade and turn the handle. It feels a bit weird at first but once you get used to doing this it's easy. I was very impressed with the results. It's shocking just how many noodles you get from just one medium sized carrot. I have only used the blade that was already in the holder so far which is the 3mm noodle maker but I'm very confident that the other blades will also provide a great result. I hope this review helps :)

        Reviewed 06 August 2016 by Maggie, Hatfield