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      Omega VSJ843RR Slow Juicer in Red


      Simply The Best Slow Juicer In Our Range!
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        • 5 out of 5

        My son purchased one of these juicers recently and gave me a demonstration as to what it could do. We made juice.....We drank it......We both agreed that this was a clever piece of kit. On returning home I ordered one immediately from UK Juicers, the company where my son bought his.....I am now making juice on a daily basis and certainly feeling the benefit. I would give this juicer my seal of approval. It is very well engineered and the materials used in it's construction are high quality. American ingenuity and Korean built.....and a 15 year GUARANTEE!.....It's a real no brainer.....Happy days :)

        Reviewed 05 May 2016 by John, Manchester

      • Great!

        • 5 out of 5

        I have been using the Omega VSJ843 for more than two months and I am more than satisfied with my choice. I had debated between a few models including a horizontal slow juicer. I would have liked accessories for nut butters as included with other juicers but I am so pleased I settled on this one which is great to use, looks very smart (not cheap plastic like many on the market) and fits neatly on the kitchen worktop; expensive but worth the money. I have used the juicer nearly every day and most days multiple times. I have been pleasantly surprised at how quick it juices for a slow juicer - self feeds so can prep whilst juicing - and how much more efficient and cleaner it is to use than my old centrifugal juicer. Works well with variety of veg, fruit and berries and so easy to make almond milk/pulp – no more messing with a nut bag. A thank you to Joe and colleagues for their friendly and helpful service; I would happily recommend UK Juicers and the Omega VSJ843.

        Reviewed 27 November 2015 by AndiG, York

      • Underwhelmed

        • 3 out of 5

        I thought I'd done thorough research when choosing this - and maybe the perfect juicer has yet to be designed - but I'm not as happy with this juicer as other reviewers. Apart from all the chopping needed, it just can't handle beetroot - even in ½ inch pieces. I've been using it 3 or 4 times a week since July and I don't think I've managed a single straightforward juicing session! Not only does it stop juicing when I try to put beetroot through it, but when I use the reverse button to free it up, the whole top section swivels off and is hard to put back on as the auger gets so congested. Sometimes I can just pull stuff free but other times the only solution is to remove and wash the auger and I really don't have the time for that. I visited a friend recently who was using a £50 Moulinex juicer. I felt quite envious as it ripped through everything she put through it without any problem, including a load of beetroot.

        UK Juicers says: We arranged to collect the customer’s juicer to perform a juice test using 1Kg carrots, 5 (small) beetroot and 3 apples. We juiced the beetroot first, alternating with carrot and apple and the juicer didn’t stop. We then proceeded to finish the juice test and did manage to make the juicer stop once by purposely feeding carrots as fast as possible. A quick use of the reverse button cleared the blockage and it was then possible to carry on juicing again without having to dismantle the juicer. This is to be expected when using a vertical juicer and it’s always helpful to let the machine work at it its own pace. In fact, you rarely need to use the pusher as vertical juicers are virtually self-feeding. We did notice that the customer’s pusher had a lot of score marks on it which perhaps suggests the cause of the issue was that the juicer was being fed too quickly. The juicing time of the above process (excluding preparation and clean up) took 9 minutes.

        Reviewed 15 November 2015 by Seagirl, Bristol

      • Great juicer

        • 5 out of 5

        I bought 2 of these juicers, one i gave to my mum, she was begging me to get her one after trying it out so everyone is happy. We use it daily, sometime even three times, we mix fruit and veggies and we like it very much, easy to wash and to use! recommend it to all!

        Reviewed 12 October 2015 by Katalin,

      • 5 Month Review Omega VSJ843

        • 4 out of 5

        I'm reviewing after purchasing the Omega VSJ843 in April 2015. My previous machine was a second hand VonShef centrifugal juicer, which was fast, easy to clean producing good yield, low froth juice in comparison to similar style machines. The negative was that it wasn't loving firmer green leaves such as kale. I did however extract juice. I did lots of research and plumped for this juicer on the promise of improved juice yield retaining more nutrients. Speedy delivery from UK juicers and very well packed. The machine colour is more of a grey than shiny silver. Assembly was straightforward, I did reference John Kohler on You Tube. There are a few more parts than my centrifugal machine. Preparation of fruit and vegetables - need to chop, it won't do whole fruit for example a whole apple. It definitely coped with green leaves but however the resulting juice was more pulpy. This was due to the dimension of the holes on the sieve, which was finer on the Von Shef. The juice yield was the similar to previous so was the texture of pulp, with the exception of carrots which were slightly drier. The self cleaning is ok, but I still take it apart and clean. I believed the machine was deteriorating around the central holding nut. UK Juicers kindly sent me a photo of the office juicer and explained it was a protective film. A robust machine which does a a wide array of fruits and vegetables and berries. It does take longer to produce end to end juice. There is still froth and more pulp which I sieve out. Took me time but I really do like to the VSJ843. The 15 year warranty is great back up and the service from UK Juicers is first class.

        Reviewed 03 October 2015 by Luxlife,

      • OMEGA VSJ843 JUICER IN SILVER - great product OMEGA VSJ843 SLOW JUICER IN SILVER - great product

        • 4 out of 5

        I'm very happy with my juicer, thank you. Excellent service from UK Juicers. One thing...the snappy cleaning system is just for swilling out if you're using it more than once a really does need a thorough clean at the end of your day's sessions...not an onerous task but somehow I was under the impression that filling it under a tap and turning it on was going to magically clean it out...ermmm, not quite ;) Being upright the machine's footprint is much better for cluttered work surfaces. It's a quiet machine. It doesn't really like stringy veg...but juices them well (just the stringy bits can clog the pulp make sure you cut he celery, for example, into 1" lengths). I'm happy to recommend this to anyone. It would be so good if they'd do accessories for nut butters, sorbets etc but I understand that Omega isn't considering those...? I wonder why not. Seems a shame.

        Reviewed 12 September 2015 by HellsBells,

      • Omega is the best I ever had!

        • 5 out of 5

        Hello everyone, I can't wait to share with you my first impressions. Here for everyone who is looking for best juicer in today's market. I juice for years on centrifugal juicer and it was time to replace it, so I've done my research on internet for best juicer. I fell in love with this one for it latest technology and excellent reviews. To my surprise, I placed my order on Wednesday and recieved it on Friday. I drink juice every morning and today I couldn't wait for my new baby to arrive. My first impression: It looks even better than on the picture, stands beautifully on my worktop. The base is smaller than I expected, it is slim and tall. My first juice was so tasty that I couldn't believe the difference with centrifugal juicer. I felt over the moon, and at the same time sad, because I realised that I was cheating myself for years. I thought I had healthy diet with vitamins and minerals from daily juices, but now I understand benefits of masticating juicer. So, if you really care for your health, and about to buy a juicer, then please, give yourself the best gift in your life - Omega vsj843! Special thanks to Cynthia from customer services, for her kindness and sweet nature! God bless you all. Love and Light!

        Reviewed 21 August 2015 by Tina,

      • I LOVE this machine

        • 5 out of 5

        I have had this machine for some time now. Previously had a champion which is another great machine and I have found it a loving new home, But I wanted the vertical slow juicing technology and having seen a demo I also liked the fact it is smaller and quieter than the champion. The Omega hasn't disappointed. I use it most days and it has never clogged. It is so easy to clean because of the auto clean system and I love its compact design. It also makes wonderful nut milk. Worth every penny...

        Reviewed 23 July 2015 by Lorna, Surrey

      • Simply the best!!

        • 5 out of 5

        I rang UK Juicers about another slow juicer and they talked me through all my questions. Then I asked which was the juicer they would buy for themselves and the person helping me said this juicer and why. I ordered it there and then and LOVE IT!! Best kitchen purchase ever. If you're thinking of buying one - don't hesitate - do it!!

        Reviewed 23 June 2015 by Paula, Yelverton


        • 5 out of 5

        Since it arrived, we use it daily, it is the best thing me and my partner could ever get..... it works so well and cleans really quickly as well..... I have to say that i just love it..... and after searching for many hours, even if it is more expensive, it is a fantastic choice!

        Reviewed 08 June 2015 by KATALIN, Stevenage