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      Omega VSJ843RR Slow Juicer in Red


      Simply The Best Slow Juicer In Our Range!
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      • Omega J843

        • 5 out of 5

        Excellent product beautiful juicer so neat and easy to clean well worth every penny UK Juicers are an excellent company and lastly the guarantee far passes any other brand/product would highly recommend to deal with UK Juicers

        Reviewed 25 May 2015 by Davina, Blackpool

      • Amazing in every way!

        • 5 out of 5

        We came to UK Juicers after an unsatisfactory experience with a BioChef, which, although initially impressive (bearing in mind we have never owned a juicer of any kind before), soon disappointed us with its considerable overheating, water stuck in the pusher, pulpy juice and difficulty cleaning the screen properly. Joe was really knowledgeable and helped me to narrow down the possible options (although it's probably no surprise they advocate such a pricey one! ;)) and provided lots of info about their after-sales care, which made me feel much more confident about buying from a retailer we had no prior knowledge of - as well as reading all the great reviews about their customer service! It took us a while to decide to purchase the Omega, mainly due to its high cost and esp after having to return not one but two BioChefs, but I'm so glad we did! It has only been a week but it hasn't jammed at all, yields a great volume of juice (although this was one area we were happy with from the BioChef), and just looks and feels such high quality. Assembly is a total doddle. Little extras like the plug to stop the juice dripping and the ml markers on the jug are brilliant. Black plastic means no more visible staining and it looks nice enough on the counter. No problems with celery, kale or spinach - although the juice did end up warm after making a mixed green juice, but I am willing to put it down to me overloading it for now! Orange juice comes out beautifully smooth; it tastes like liquid sorbet! Not sure how much of this is down to our veg supplier or the juicer!! All juices are wonderfully palatable and pulp-free - this is one of the Omega's best features for us, as we no longer have to spend time, kitchen space and utensils sieving juice before drinking. The second major plus is its ease of cleaning. Even after mixed greens, just filling it with water a couple of times with the motor on and plug in place leaves it all but spotless; all you have to do is wipe and rinse the fibrous waste off and all the parts are as good as new. No scrubbing or washing up liquid required. Seriously! The brilliance of the lack of pulp and need to clean cannot be overestimated; they take the chore out of juicing and make you so much more likely to juice. The only downside to the Omega is the very high cost. Given our experience with a cheaper model, though, we are satisfied that - providing any issues that may arise under the extensive 15-year warranty are easily resolved - this is a worthy investment for a high-quality and easy to use product that will make our efforts to eat and live healthily practically effortless on this front!

        Reviewed 24 May 2015 by NM, London

      • Amazing Juicer

        • 5 out of 5

        I have not owned a masticating juicer, but had a centrifugal for a long time and was not seeing the day light due to the messy process and cleaning. Then I was nearly going to buy a Nutri Bullet, when I read that slow juicers are better for the nutritional value and less oxidation. I called up UK juicers and was ready to buy a Kuvings, but was told that the Omega VSJ843 will give a clearer juice, less pulpy. I used it for the first time with kale, celery, apple, lemon, parsley and coriander. It was simply amazing! The colour was pure green and the taste was delicious. Love it and will use for good now. Best investment in the kitchen.

        Reviewed 15 April 2015 by Sush, Billingshurst

      • Amazing Juicer... But...

        • 3 out of 5

        This is an amazing juicer. The quality is 5 star and it works really well. Good yield and minimal pulp. HOWEVER, if you are a beginner juicer (like me) you are probably better off with a centrifuge. The amount of time it takes to cope everything up and then very slowly juice out is enormous. If you don't want the outlet to get blocked you have to chop up everything really tiny, also the input chute is quite narrow and if you try to put a whole carrot in (its going to stop the motor). Cleaning it is not too bad... have been using it for close to 2 months now. Like I said the yield is amazing... but it takes FOREVER.

        Reviewed 12 March 2015 by Darius, London

      • Brilliant

        • 5 out of 5

        My first time using a juicer. Delivered the next day. Turned up with 2 little dents in but uk juicers soon solved this. Very happy with my purchase. Easy to clean. Would recommend.

        Reviewed 07 November 2014 by J, Walton on the Naze

      • Omega VSJ 843 RR

        • 5 out of 5

        Well what can I say. Ordered on Monday received Thursday in Greece. Excellent product excellent service. Thank you so much....

        Reviewed 06 November 2014 by Anna, Gargalianoi, Messinias

      • Awesome!!

        • 5 out of 5

        Fantastic juicer!! Easy to use, easy to clean. Love it..just brilliant would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Also Excellent packaging and Fast delivery:) Thank You!

        Reviewed 06 October 2014 by Jack, Burgas

      • Brilliant juicer!

        • 5 out of 5

        I've owned 3 other juicers but this was my first vertical upright. I brought it because it's meant to have the highest juice yeild in its class. It's expensive but I've been saving about £15 a week on fruit and veg compared to my last centerfugal juicer. It literally pays for itself and £15 a week over 15 year period (length of warranty!) I would have saved £11,700 by then! Very nice sturdy build quality, easy to clean and fast too! Only downside is that I've been told it's not dishwasher safe however this isn't really a problem as it takes less then 5 mins to clean anyway. If you can afford this and can see yourself juicing long-term I think this is definitely worth the initial investment as you're covered for the next 15 years. Its also worth mentioning that it comes with two juicing screens so if you like your orange juice dead smooth or with bits in the option is there! :) Very happy.

        Reviewed 02 October 2014 by James, Hertfordshire

      • The BEST Juicer

        • 5 out of 5

        I watched all the YouTube videos on this juicer and looked at all the comparisons between the various juicers. I cannot believe how amazing this juicer is. If you prepare all the fruit and veg and turn the Omega on, you can place the pieces into the hopper and it will just do the job by itself as long as you cut up the fruit and veg as you go and place it in the hopper at a reasonable pace. The juice is really lovely, even my son loves the taste. It is quite easy to clean and I would recommend the investment, it is worth the price. UK Juicers were great, next day delivery and excellent service from their knowledgeable staff.

        Reviewed 22 September 2014 by Julie, Ashford

      • Incredible, fantastic, beautiful!

        • 5 out of 5

        absobloodylutely awesome !!! The best juicer ever !

        Reviewed 20 September 2014 by Valdas, Oxford