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      OrangeX Amco Olympus Citrus Juicer White


      Focus group in America now manufacture this large size Orange X Citrus Press which has jaw-dropping pressing power!
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      • Generally good but with a caveat

        • 3 out of 5

        This juicer is indeed a well made product, quite robust and heavy. However, after using it on a daily basis now for a few years, I noticed a couple of drawbacks: (1) Sometimes you need to apply quite a lot of force to squeeze the juice out of some fruits. Pomegranates is a good example. Even after applying all the force you can master, there is quite a bit of juice left, which makes this non-ideal for this kind of fruit. I found it much more effective and easy to just peel all the bits of the pomegranate and just pass those through my Hurom masticating juicer. This really squeezes every drop of juice out of them. So, to that effect, I am done using this press juicer for pomegranates (which was one of the basic reasons I bought it for). (2) Waxed citrus fruit Another problem then came up that wasn't noticeable at the beginning. The cone of this juicer is not suitable for all sizes of citrus fruits. Think of the citrus fruits ranging from a lemon/lime all the way to a big grapefruit - there is quite a range of sizes. When the size is slightly off from the juicing cone, then the skin of the fruit is ripped off. If the fruit is waxed, then the wax from the fruit is transferred into the juice, which is detrimental to the taste of the juice. This juicer has then one very basic problem: it is one size fits all and that is quite often problematic.

        UK Juicers says: Hi Lamda, thanks for your review. Pomegranates will require more force to be applied to extract juice than oranges and strictly speaking the OrangeX is designed primarily for citrus. The Olympus though is the most powerful of all our manual citrus presses. One thing you can do to extract a little extra juice is to place to already juiced halves on top of each other and then squeeze again in the juicer. You are right about the reaming cone and the OrangeX is best suited for larger lemons/limes and smaller grapefruits. The bitter taste you can experience if the skin of the fruit breaks is actually due to the peel oils in the skin.

        Reviewed 08 August 2016 by Lamda, London

      • Our third one!

        • 5 out of 5

        We bought our first OrangeX Olympus Citrus Juicer in April 2012. I am a structural engineer and build heavy bulk handling machinery that has to withstand years of abuse in quarries, so when this was delivered I was really impressed that a juicer was actually designed and manufactured to not only do an excellent and efficient job, but was also extremely robust. I am now approaching 60, and some of my hand tools were handed down to me from my father from when he had his business, and no doubt I will hand them over to my son. These days so many things only have a useful life of a couple of years (or months!). The build quality of these juicers looks like this is something that I can leave to someone in my will (and they would actually enjoy using). Last Christmas (2012) we bought one for our daughter. She loves it, and when she split from her partner later in the year she demanded she had the juicer! We have now bought one for our son as a Christmas present, he appreciates well made and long lasting industrial quality equipment too. Oh!…by the way, as a conversation piece these really do attract the attention when someone see's one in the kitchen, and then wanted to see it work….the down side is they then drink all my freshly made juice.

        Reviewed 09 December 2013 by Richard, ELY

      • Great citrus press, once you learn how to use it!

        • 4 out of 5

        I bought this solely on the video recommendation of the excellent John Kohler's video above, from US Discount Juicers. Having followed John's video advising to go for the larger Olympus, I am really glad I did. Size-wise, it is not as large as I expected, but certainly allows for a larger juice jug to be placed underneath. Having tried it as soon as it arrived, I got around 500ml of juice from x3 oranges and x1 pomegranate. Technique-wise (and perhaps I should have read the instructions) but what John doesn't say in the video is that, when placing the juicing-cone holder and juice cone in the body of the juicer, you DO need to ensure that they are both lined-up properly to stop them moving during use. The holder which the juice cone sits in has x2 extrusions which you need to line up to insert it in the base. Once you have slotted it into the juicer base, you then need to twist it around to 'lock' it in place and stop it moving around as you juice. The same applies with the juice cone, which has two cut-outs that must be correctly-aligned in order to slot it properly into the juicer-cone base. Again, you have to twist this into the correct position. If you don't, these parts will move and be unstable as you juice, and remove the peel for the next piece of fruit etc. It's a bit messier than as per John Kohler's demonstration but he does say you will get some pulp in your juice (which I don't mind and adds to to the juice in my opinion). Also, with both the oranges and the pomegranate, I was using some quite large fruit, so John's advice to press once, then do a few smaller presses to make sure you've got all the juice out, is perfectly well-made. I'm not sure how these larger-sized fruits would have fitted the smaller model - andthis is without juicing naturally larger fruits, such as grapefruits. In future, I would use chilled fruit too. In the current UK heatwave using fruit from the kitchen counter meant the oranges particularly split and was messier than would probably be the case. All-in-all, I would say that speaking as someone considering doing a longer juice fast (having watched Joe Cross's documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' last weekend) this is certainly an excellent addition to your juicing arsenal, and a great motivational start towards doing a proper juice fast! It definitely makes juice way above anything you will ever find in the supermarket shelves!

        Reviewed 19 July 2013 by Peter, London