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      Restaurant Pro Manual Citrus Juicer


      Powerful Professional Grade Manual Orange Juicer with stainless steel juicing parts.
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      • fantastic item

        • 5 out of 5

        there is something about freshly squeezed orange juice that you just cant get in a carton. I brought this at the perfect time of year the supermarkets are full of cheap citrus fruits. this product looks great is easy to use and clean. I was dubious about spending so much just for home use but i have no regrets . Uk Juicers also get 5 stars for customer service

        Reviewed 19 December 2015 by Sean,

      • Good value for money.

        • 5 out of 5

        The juicer works well: place a glass underneath, get your fruit, chopping board, knife- cut into half, press- job's done. What was taking me 15 mins before takes 3 now- everyone gets a glass in the morning. It sits beautifully on the kitchen top. Finally not using the plastic pulp-collector anymore. Yes, after the first glass there is some pulp comig out but not much. Easy to strain if willing to, doesn't bother me. Easy to clean, very easy. I am glad I can now make pomegranate juice. It has powerful immune boosters, great anti-cancer properties ( Pome T). Few bits always remain unsqueezed, but that is purely due to the hard structure of this superfruit. I am happy.

        Reviewed 17 November 2014 by Asen, London

      • Excellent Value

        • 5 out of 5

        I used to use an attachment on my food processor for orange juice which worked ok but because it spun so fast it did cause a bit of mess and the filter was a pain to clean. When I broke the handle on it I bought the Restaurant Pro because it was cheaper than getting a replacement part. UK Juicers are right about using juicing oranges because with navel oranges my food processor would just rip the flesh off the skin without getting much juice. This juicer looks great but more importantly it works, takes literally seconds to clean when you finish juicing and I don't understand the 1 star review. First time I used it I got a big bag of juicing oranges from Tesco and I worked out it cost 70p to make a pint of fresh orange juice. I'm giving it 5 stars, no complaints.

        Reviewed 04 September 2014 by Andrew C., Shropshire

      • Disappointed

        • 1 out of 5

        I bought this just after Christmas, and when I received it, it looked very smart on the work top.When I used it for both medium and large oranges the juice produced was very small partly because there was quite a lot of fruit left around the side of the skin. I tried twisting the fruit but the cone it was sitting on was smooth so that did not work. The company agreed to arrange collection of the juicer and give a refund, which I consider to be excellent service. I plan to buy an electric juicer in the future which I feel sure will give a better result.

        UK Juicers says: Sorry you were disappointed with this juicer. Manual citrus presses can seem a bit wasteful if some varieties of ordinary eating oranges are used. UK Juicers recommends selecting juicing varieties like Valencias, Salustianas or Delta Seedless which give a higher juice yield. The are usually small and often labelled as juicing oranges in the supermarket.

        Reviewed 01 February 2014 by Christine,