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      Samson Advanced Juicer GB-9006 Chrome


      The new Advanced Juice Extractor from Samson in shiny chrome!
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      • Great Juicer. Highly recommended. Honest Review. Vegan nutritionist .Fruit lover 80/10/10*

        • 5 out of 5

        I purchased this juicer in October 2018 as recommended by the infamous John Kohler from YouTube . He said it was his overall favourite juicer , and after a week or so scouring and reading reviews of functional and efficient Juicers I chose this , the chrome wasn't a buying point for me personally but it does look kinda cool. (Yes it is actually real chrome metal not plastic). Also the juicer is very durable especially the auger/corkscrew masticating part , possibly the strongest out of all Juicers , the only thing that might break if is the juicing screen which is cheap to replace. This juicer makes the most amazing orange and watermelon juice I have ever tasted . I sometimes juice greens like nettle , kale , spinach and cleavers and it does a perfect job . Pulp is really dry on the greens , little more moisture in the fruit pulp but still dry . The juicing screen should be cleaned every litre or two of juice for best results IMO. I have juiced over 1000 litres of juice since my purchase and no issues so far other than screws in mount came a little loose and i needed a new mesh today which can can buy for £12 but I was given a replacement after calling UKjuicers just now which I really appreciate .Loyalty and customer service is spot on! (Shipping i can remember was very fast) . £12 is not much for almost a years use everyday juicing over 1000 litres so I am keeping this 5 stars . OVERALL . Functional , good juice , looks cool , good customer service , recommend and well known american made brand , sturdy and reliable so far.

        Reviewed 13 July 2018 by CHRIS GRANT, Birmingham UK

      • Brilliant juicer very pleased

        • 5 out of 5

        This was my first ever juicer, I wanted a slow press one as I had read they get the most juice and nutrients out of the produce. Excellent, came next day, easy to use even for someone not familiar with juicing. Sturdy, you can easily make loads of glasses of juice per day with it if you wanted to. Surprised at how simple and easy it was to clean. The free book that came with it was great. You can also make nut butters with it and all sorts!

        Reviewed 05 August 2017 by Sarah, Lincolnshire

      • totally ok

        • 5 out of 5

        I've been using my Samson 9005 for 2 years now. After a throughout research on the market I went for this version. Have to say that also some friends advised this model to me. This proves to be almost as good as other models on the market which nevertheless cost at least double price. I can put all kinds of leaves and vegetables in it, it comes tasty and the recipes are endless. Only once I had a problem when I put soaked mandels in - Samson couldn't deal with it. But I tried again later and now it works..who knows:) Otherwise I'm just satisfied, just as at least 5 friends of mine who ordered it form UK juicers based on my recommendation. I recommend the black version as it gets colour when used a lot. It is worth! Go for it!

        Reviewed 21 December 2015 by laurcsik, Hungary

      • Samson 6 in 1 Advance Juicer

        • 5 out of 5

        Superb, well built juicer that comes with a superb warranty. Not as fast as a traditional juicer (blade) but reduced oxidation, and increase amount of juice is obtained - with a cleaner taste. Especially good for juicing superfoods like Kale, Spinach and other leafy greens In my opinion this machine is great value for money, with a warranty to give complete peace of mind.

        Reviewed 05 March 2014 by taran, Leicester

      • A great juicer !!

        • 5 out of 5

        I'm very happy with my new juicer ! It is very efficient, easy to clean, silent and multi purpose ! Even my kids love to use it (with supervisation). i would recommend it to anyone who wants great quality juices in a beautiful tool ! Concerning my order, it arrives at home in France within 3 days, so it was fast, i'm very satisfed !

        Reviewed 03 September 2012 by Adeline, France