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      Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer in Silver


      Tribest badged vertical slow juicer with homogenizing functions too!
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      • Fantastic tool

        • 5 out of 5

        I bought my Slowstar juicer 4 years ago, it was my first try at juicing and I have absolutely no regrets. It’s a fantastic tool for juicing! It makes delicious almond milk and I juice just about any vegetable and fruits. It’s durable. I have only had the screen chip recently so I am about to buy a replacement. Everything else is still going strong.

        Reviewed 11 August 2020 by Fowoke, London

      • Excellent all-round choice

        • 5 out of 5

        4 years so far and nothing to complaint about. A tough juicer which juices pretty much anything. Undrained juices are a bit pulpy, but this is a matter of taste. This is the first slow juicer I have got, so I can't really compare it with others, but what I can share is that Slowstar is a super reliable vertical machine, that I can definitely recommend.

        Reviewed 11 April 2020 by Christos,

      • Amazing Workhorse

        • 5 out of 5

        I've had a centrifugal juicer for 4 years but realised the pulp in waste bin was extremely wet and wasn't giving me good yield from the fruit and vegetables. So after months of deliberation, I saved up and treated myself to this machine after viewing it on YouTube with the Juice Guy and Mrs. Kovich (might have got name incorrect). I make a litre of juice per day and split it into 3 to 4 jars. I've lost 10lbs in 2 weeks and just adore this product. I've been juicing everything from spinach to beetroot to butter nut squash and baby turnips. This machine copes brilliantly with the very hard vegetables providing you cut them narrower than the chute to help give the auger a chance. Brilliant with fine leaves like flat leaf parsley, mint and spinach. At least now I've juice from these items as the centrifugal just spat them out. Ive used the separate attachment for mincing braising steak for Chilli Con Carne and providing meat is cut in narrow thin strips or small 2cm cubes, its absolutely fantastic, tenderising the meat as it works its magic - mince with zero preservatives or husk. I've also soaked a cup of almonds overnight, then blended them with a pint of coconut water, then ran the mixture through the juicer and it was effortless giving me the best almond milk I've ever tasted!!!! Many leading nut milk brands add questionable preservatives to their milk claiming it's a healthy alternative to cow's milk, also heat treat it killing the all important enzymes in the nuts. I ended up with a pint of pure creamy yumminess, flabbergasted how easy it was. The nuts in the waste jug can be used for soups, stews or baking. Tribest have made a quality product that fits perfectly on my worktop. Amazing engineering and easy to clean especially with the fabulous brush included with purchase. A well deserved 5 stars and I can't wait to use my machine tomorrow and many, many days thereafter.

        Reviewed 14 November 2017 by Shazzer, Bangor, N Ireland

      • Excellent juicer

        • 5 out of 5

        First of all UK Juicers area great company to deal with. Over the years I have asked for various replacement bits and pieces which have been sent without quibble. If you are new to juicing research thoroughly before you buy. If I am in a rush I still use my Equip 215xl which is easy to clean and quick to use. The juice is thinner but has been OK for me for some time. I decided to upgrade and the Tribest produces really good juice but slow juicers are just that and need a certain amount of prepping produce and patience in feeding in. You rarely need the plunger and I alternate hard and soft items. Having said that it copes with pretty well everything and the quality of the juice is great. It also does other things which I haven't tried yet. All juicers need cleaning and the slow star does not take too long to take apart and wash all the bits. I am pleased to have bought it and like the robust nature of it and the long guarantee, but most of all I like the juice.

        Reviewed 19 January 2016 by Jaybee, West Midlands

      • Great product

        • 5 out of 5

        Produces a good volume of high quality juice, very dry pulp. Looks great, takes up less room on the work surface and is much quieter and than other juicers I have had. I particularly liked the10 year warranty on the juicer and great service from UK Juicers, ordered on a Monday evening and arrived in Cyprus on Thursday morning.

        Reviewed 29 June 2014 by Sylvia, Cyprus