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      The Raw Food Diet by Christine Bailey

      In Summary

      Whether you want to lose weight, detoxify your diet or simply charge your batteries, The Raw Food Diet plans are an effective and delicious way to harness the power of raw food and make it work for you.

      Choose the Raw Food Weekend Blitz Diet for an intense cleanse to kick-start your weight loss programme and as an easy introduction to cooking and eating in the raw. Go for the Raw Food Week Diet for deeper detoxification and long-term weight loss and vitality. And follow the Raw For Life Diet for a leaner, energized, younger-looking you, year after year. Follow the plans and discover that eating raw food doesn't have to mean going without. The light yet satisfying recipes are easy to make and surprisingly delicious and even include sweet superfood snacks and desserts that are 100% guilt-free and will leave you looking - and feeling - your best ever!


      The Raw Food Diet by Christine Bailey

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