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      What's New?

      This Website! It's an improvement on the last site and below we'll be updating you with other interesting news as it happens. This version represents ​the third evolution of our website design. We hope you like it!

      After ​twelve years of steady growth we have gone from strength to strength, moving from a rented industrial unit into our own purpose built warehouse, winning three regional business awards, and bringing award-winning juicers and other health-related products from all over the globe to our customers. We are UK Distributors for L'EquipOmegaKuvingsChampionEasyGreenOrangeX, and Lurch Spiralizers. We import a lot of our health products direct from manufacturers worldwide. We are  also a main distributor of Excalibur DehydratorsStockli DehydratorsGreen Power Kempo JuicersGEO Sprouters and many more.

      Naturally we are quite proud of our achievements but our roots remain deeply anchored in a commitment to individual customer service, so everyone can continue to expect the personal attention and expert advice that we have always given. We hope you like the new site. It has all the same advantages of the old one, with some improved interactive features to make your online experience a little easier and a little more user-friendly. If you are looking for the best products available in the world of juicing, we guarantee that you won't be disappointed when you deal with us. All that remains is to say a massive thanks to all our happy customers who've helped make our successful business into the leading independent UK supplier of specialist juicers and other items for the healthy kitchen. THANK YOU!

      January 2015 : Vitamix are Back!

      Several years back Vitamix decided they were no longer going to supply their household range direct to dealers. Instead the much sought after Vitamix Blender was then available only through either an affiliate programme or at shows and demonstrations. Thankfully that has now changed and UK Juicers is delighted to have been chosen to be one of a small group of select retailers for the new Vitamix Professional Series Blenders. We are also at the time of writing the sole online only retailer deemed worthy enough to supply their high quality machines, which we think is a great testimonial to our successful combination of online retail best practice and our commitment to old school customer service. 

      December 2014 : The Novis Vita Juicer Arrives

      Genuine innovations in the world of juicers don't come around that often. Instead we mostly see designs being 'refreshed' with features that on close inspection don't really offer a massive advantage over earlier models. The last major revolution in juicer design was the advent of the vertical slow juicer. While the Novis may not quite fall into the league of design revolution, the familiar format of the centrifugal juicer takes on an exciting new twist with this ground up redesign. The looks and choices of colour tick all the boxes visually, but what is really brilliant about this juicer is that it gets rid of the need for a separate citrus juicer. It's always been a bit of a chore peeling citrus to juice in a conventional juicer, so most enthusiastic juice fans will have a separate citrus juicer that eliminates the need for peeling. The Novis Vita Juicer offers a major innovation by having a dual shaft motor that reduces the motor speed and allows a citrus juicer to be quickly substituted for the centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer parts. If you want pulp free citrus juice, as a third function you can leave the centrifuge basket in place to spin the juice off and keep back the citrus pulp. The fourth innovation comes in the form of a smoothie attachment for soft fruits. This is basically a squeegee that presses soft fruit pulp through the centrifuge strainer to give a thicker drink. The combination of stunning good lucks and a bag of extra tricks to play with mean the Novis Vita Juicer qualifies to join our range of tried and tested premium quality juicers!

      July 2014 : The Best Juicer We've Ever Tested!

      That's not a statement we'd make lightly, and we invite anyone in the world of juicing to prove us wrong and show us a better all rounder juicer than the Omega VSJ843 Vertical Slow Juicer. In fact this juicer gives a higher yield on leafy greens too, taking the top spot away from horizontal auger juicers for the first time. The Omega VSJ is outstanding on all ingredients from leafy greens through to soft fruits and the double bite auger keeps the whole juicing experience conveniently quick in spite of the slow RPM speed. Once you've prepped your ingredients, which takes next to no time, the Omega VSJ is practically self feeding when you drop ingredients into the feed chute, with very little need for the pusher. We were genuinely taken aback by the sheer performance of this premium juicer, now everyone in the UK Juicers team wants one of their own! Of course unlike many competing brands of slow juicer out there in the world of cheap Chinese knock offs, the Omega brand also comes backed by a full UK support service, from people who care passionately about customer service - Us!

      February 2014 : The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Arrives

      Since the innovation of vertical slow juicers arriving on the scene last decade, we've been waiting to see who would be the first to bring the advantage of a larger feed chute to this juicer format. Kuvings have got there first. Their innovative modification to the upright auger and hopper has made it possible to feed whole apples directly into a masticating juicer for the first time ever! Handfuls of veggies, whole fruit and bunches of leaves can now be popped into a slow juicer with much less preparation needed and the genuine increase in convenience this offers has propelled the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer into our bestseller category in a very short period of time. 

      May 2013 : Breville is now Sage in the UK

      We have always loved the Breville JE4 Café Series Juicer, or as it is sometimes known the Juice Fountain Elite. This premium quality die cast centrifugal juicer was a mainstay in our range and then something happened. That something was Joe Cross, with his movie 'Fat Sick & Nearly Dead' in which he demonstrates with his own recovery of vibrant health the true power of drinking raw fruit and vegetable juices. Joe used the Breville JE4 in that movie and subsequent demand in the USA meant that Breville were flat out supplying that market and we couldn't get stock for a while. Meanwhile, for reasons we can't go into, the Breville brand in the UK was not in great shape and something needed to change. Brevilles parent group in Australia extricated itself from the difficult situation in the UK by bringing the same products to market under a new brand Sage, or to give it its full title 'Sage by Heston Blumenthal', because our much loved, home grown crop-top food geek Heston is now one of the chief associations with the products. Great stuff, because now we have an upgraded multi speed version of the Breville JE4 in the shape of the Sage by Heston Blumenthal Nutri Juicer Pro. We also have much of the range of Sage Appliances in stock and they correspond to well known versions marketed in other territories such as the Breville Juice Fountain range. A little bird tells us that pretty soon we are going to see the 'Fat Sick & Nearly Dead' phenomenon hit our shores too and we fully expect that this will return the Breville - sorry, Sage by Heston Blumenthal range of excellent juicers to the popularity they have always deserved. 

      February 2012 : New Accoloade for the Omega Vert Juicer

      On the 17th of February The Independent ran its 'Ten Best Juicers' feature for 2012 and the OmegaVert VRT350HD Juicer was confirmed as 'The Daddy of Domestic Juicers'. We think thats a pretty fair assessment of this excellent all-rounder from Omega, but for those who don't want to jump straight in with a top of the range juicer, one of our other exclusive juicers The L'Equip XL also made it into the top 10. See both of them in our Fruit and Vegetable Juicers section. 

      November 2011 : Omega Citrus Juicers New to the UK

      With two models available, these citrus reamers by premium American juicer brand Omega carry the hallmarks of quality and the excellent manufacturing standards that we have come to expect. The smaller Omega C-10W Citrus Juicer brings professional juicer features to the home user who wants to reliably produce fresh orange juice every day with the minmum of hassle. The larger Omega C-20C Citrus Juicer  is a heavy duty high volume citrus juicer that can cope with the busiest environment and deliver gallons of fresh orange juice per hour when needed. Some discerning customers will choose this model for premium home use too with its chrome plated all metal base and quiet, powerful high speed motor. Both models come with a selction of three different sized reaming bulbs to cope with all citrus fruits from the smallest limes to the biggest grapefruit.

      February 2011 : The All New Omega Mega Mouth Juicer Arrives From The USA

      Recently updated with a gorgeous polished chrome, all metal motor housing and stainless steel juicing parts, The Omega Mega Mouth Juicer is now available in the UK. Since we took on the Omega Juicers brand last August they have been selling so fast that we can hardly keep up. Our customers love the performance and quality of this long established range of juicers from the leading American juicer brand. With the Omega Mega Mouth Juicer, we bring their commercial grade centrifugal pulp ejection juicer to our shores for the first time and we expect that this model will also become a popular choice with our customers. With it's heavy duty construction and stunning good looks, the Omega Mega Mouth is designed for those who juice every day but also want the speed and convenience that comes with its commercial quality motor and its huge, whole apple sized feed chute. The Omega Mega Mouth, also known as the BMJ390 HD (heavy duty model), proudly boasts that it is 'The Last juicer You Will Ever Need To Own'. Judging from the build quality it's hard to argue with that, and it also gives a slightly higher yield of carrot juice than the other centrifugal juicers in our range, which should help woith long term value.

      August 2010 : Omega Juicers Join Our Range

      We are really excited to have secured an import & distribution agreement with the excellent American brand Omega Juicers. What's most exciting is the fact that Omega produce two of the best single auger masticating juicers on the market with the Omega VERT VRT350 HD Juicer leading the pack of innovative and revolutionary vertical auger juicers that have started to appear. Masticating juicers with a slow rotational speed are very versatile and juice all juicing ingredients including wheatgrass and greens. Until recently though, the juicing enthusiast has had to be content spending a little more time with their juicer to get that versatility. The Omega VERT changes all that by processing more fruit and vegetables in a shorter time, but still giving a cold pressed juice that is abundant in nutrients. It is so quick and convenient and such a major step forward in juicer technology that our staff team are quickly replacing their old juicers with the new Omega VERT! For those who want all the features of the old horizontal type auger juicer which include homogenising, mincing, making pasta shapes, noodles, baby foods, frozen fruit sorbets and more, The Omega 8006 Juicer and Nutrition Center is the best in class. Both these Omega juicers come from the same factories as some other brands, including the Oscar range. While there are some similarities, with the Omega brand you get GE Ultem material augers which are 8 times stronger than other brands, along with other Omega advantages like convenient carry handles, excellent kitchen friendly styles and UK Juicers commitment to customer service and product support for peace of mind in future years.

      July 2010 : Cuisinart Kitchen Appliances Added

      Cuisinart products have a well deserved reputation for quality and engineering design so we have added the Cuisinart Elite Series, The Cuisinart Professional Hand Blender and the revolutionary new Cuisinart Soup Maker to our offering of machines for the healthy kitchen. The Elite range comprises 2 food processors and The Cuisinart Elite Power Blender. The latter  has 500 watts of ice-crushing power delivered via pre-programmed blending cycles on its wipe-clean touch pad controls. Its unusual to get all that technology in a home blender, especially at such an attractive price. The Cuisinart Elite Food Porcessor is a great example of Cuisinart superior design and like the whole of the Elite range it has a solid die-cast metal base for both professional looking style and long term durability. TheCuisinart Elite Mini Processor is a must have chef tool that will see a lot of use in any healthy kitchen for smaller sauce and salsa recipes, chopping herbs, preparing marinades and rubs and much more. The all stainless Cuisinart Professional Hand Blender can stand up to anything in its class when it comes to looks and performance and comes with handy extra attachments making this another must have item for most enthusiastic cooks. The innovative Cuisinart Soup Maker incorporates a cooking element into the blender format so you can cook and blend healthy soups in less time, with less mess and less washing up!

      January 2010 : New Year, New Stuff!

      2010 is off to a flying start with three new machines for the healthy home. First up is the newFilterPro Dehydrator from American health brand L'Equip. Food dehydrators preserve flavours and nutritional values in food and they are popular with health enthusiasts, raw fooders, home-growers and outdoors enthusiasts. Low temperature drying preserves enzymes and vitamins in stored food and the new FilterPro Dehydrator offers genuine advantages and advances in dehydration technology. Read more about why on the product page.

      Next we have the all new Green Power Kempo Exclusive Pro Twin Gear Juicer. If you think that's a bit of a mouthful for a juicer name, we actually left out the model number! The Exclusive Pro model is new for 2010 and once again, UK Juicers is first to introduce another advance in juicing to the UK. TheGreen Power range has seen graded improvements over the years and the Multi-Purpose parts that came with the previous model have now been upgraded with a new pair of all stainless MP gears and a set of custom juicing nozzles designed for optimising production of some popular health juices, including wheatgrass. These pulp nozzles give a higher juice yield and eliminate the need for manual pulp pressure adjustment over a range of popular tasks. A machine for the real juicing enthusiast.

      Last but not least is another L'Equip product in the elegant shape of the labour-saving and versatile stainless steel Stick Blender. Rated as 'Best Buy' in the American publication Consumer Digest last November, The L'Equip Stick Blender is now available in the UK and offers the best power to price ratio we have seen in a hand held blender. With its range of included attachments it has the potential to replace several other machines in the healthy kitchen as the most used gadget for those who want things done quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Read more here./

      December 2009 : New Staff Member Joins The Team

      It's been a challenging time for many businesses weathering the downturn in the economy but UK Juicers has managed to continue with its growth. To keep up with our continuing success we have employed a new staff member this month and it's yet another family member! Keeping it in the family works well for us because that way we get individuals who invest great care in the way they carry out their job, offering our customers a level of knowledge, service and support that sets us apart from the crowd. Joe (Uncle Paul's son) will be taking calls and answering your questions and he's another keen juicing enthusiast, so you can be sure his knowledge is first rate and first hand.

      November 2009 : UK Juicers Runner Up In Prestigious Business Awards

      When we entered the Yorkshire Evening Press Business Awards this year we were a little surprised that they suggested we should go in the 'Large Business of the Year' category because we think of ourselves as a small family business! They explained that it was based on turnover, so we went for it and we were surprised again to make it to the finals. On the day of the awards we were very happy to be runner up in this category and we will try again when we get a bit bigger!

      September 2009 : Stainless Steel Dehydrators Arrive

      Stainless Steel is often a preferred material choice in kitchen appliances for professional caterers as well as the health-conscious. Long-lasting good looks and easy to clean surfaces come as standard. For some consumers the assurance of government accreditation on food safety issues is not enough and people can be worried by scare stories about chemicals and toxins leeching from plastics and other materials. TSM Stainless Steel Food Deydrators are American made food dryers that eliminate all anxieties about food hygiene and offer a premium alternative to discerning consumers and professionals alike. Available in 10 tray and 5 tray versions, TSM Stainless Dehydrators are now available in the UK as a result of UK Juicers continuing commitment to offering the best quality health-related products to our customers.

      August 2009 : New Champion Juicer Site

      The recent naming of the Champion Juicer as 'Best Luxury Buy' in the Independent has been a great boost for this superb American-made juicer. We hope that our newly launched sister site dedicated solely to Champion Juicers will be an additional help in placing it in front of more and more people who are looking for a quality juice extractor.

      June 2009 : Two of the best!

      Time to blow our own trumpet again as two UK Juicers exclusives get the ultimate accolade in The Independent Newspaper's Juicer Review - AGAIN! For the third time The Champion Juicer is awarded the status 'Best Luxury Buy' and The L'Equip XL Juicer takes over from The L'Equip 110.5 Juicer for the title of 'Best Buy Juicer'. Can't say fairer than that!

      April 2009 : As Innocent As Coke!

      It seems its easy to lose your innocence in big business. Smoothie manufacturers Innocent Drinks just sold a stake of their business to Coca Cola to help progress their expansion plans. A brave attempt at defending the sale was made by Rich, one of the company's founders but how exactly do you defend such a move? What possible synergy can there be between a company claiming to offer natural healthy drinks and a global business with the track record of Coca Cola?

      You can't defend it really. It would appear that Innocent have outgrown their name but are ashamed to admit it. The synergy that exists between the two companies is money and at some point you have to lose your innocence if you want to play with the big boys. But it could be argued that Innocent became guilty long before Coke bought into a slice of their niche. The honourable idea of producing natural health drinks has to be compromised if you manufacture them on a large commercial basis. UK Juicers has always promoted the benefit of using your own smoothie maker to produce smoothies fresh at home. There's really nothing wrong with the convenience of picking up these drinks off the shelf but the public have been a bit misled about how unadulterated they really are.

      The TV campaigns by Innocent showed a KitchenAid Blender stuffed full of fresh fruit in a sunny, green outdoor environment in order to create an impression of purity. In reality these mass-produced health drinks are manufactured on an industrial scale from huge drums of pasteurised fruit purees, not with kitchen blenders full of fresh fruit. Manufacturing smoothies on that scale has to overcome the issue of shelf life and an important factor that isn't promoted in any way is that to get the shelf life you have to compromise and destroy nutrients in the process of pasteurisation. So when you pop some fresh fuit and freshly made juice in a blender at home your smoothie really is innocent. When it comes in a carton, its not.

      Innocent spend a lot of marketing budget on promoting expensive drinks for children and there is no doubt these are far better for your kids than the kind of garbage traditionally offered by Coca Cola. It's an even better investment in the health of your children to give them a truly unadulterated fresh smoothie from your own smoothie maker. You can engage them in the fun process of using a blender to help make their own colourful and delicious drinks and its so quick and easy to do that its a healthy habit we should all encourage. UK Juicers has a wide range of powerful kitchen blenders that are capable of making iced smoothies, including the same KitchenAid Blender they used in the Innocent ads! Recently we added the new L'Equip Mill Blender to the range and this is probably the best power to price ratio you'll find in a smoothie maker. It also mills dry ingredients and makes nut butters, widening the repertoire of this useful kitchen gadget. Carbon-conscious company L'Equip also plant a tree for every appliance they sell. To help you get off to a flying start with making your own genuinely innocent smoothies at home we are offering a 10% discount on the L'Equip Mill Blender until further notice, simply enter the promo code LMB01 at checkout.

      March 2009 : We Introduce Premium Quality Rebounders By Bellicon

      For serious rebounding enthusiasts out there, German-made Bellicon Rebounders represent the state of the art in high quality Mini Exercise Trampolines. Their standard steel spring Dynamic Rebounderand the heavier duty Athletic Rebounder both show the excellent crafstmanship and engineering normally associated with German manufacturing and these two models are perfect for medium to high intensity workouts. Bellicon rebounders have a long pedigree of research and development and their greatest innovation has been the introduction of rebounders that have rubber bungee cord springs instead of the usual steel type. The Bellicon Swing Rebounder has a deeper more comfortable bounce than any steel spring rebounder and it is fully customisable to the needs of the user. These exercise trampolines genuinely give the best experience that rebound exercise has to offer. One of the key advantages of rebound exercise has always been reduced skeletal impact because of the cushioning effect of the rebounding mat and springs. That advantage is maximised in the Bellicon Bungee Rebounders. Where the Bellicon Swing optimises all the advantages of rebound exercise for medium to high level activity, The Bellicon Medi-Swing focuses on the therapeutic advantages of rebounding, with an even softer bounce. This fine tunes the bungee bounce experience for a broader range of users and makes rebounding even more accessible to those who want to exercise at a lower intensity. The Bellicon Medi-Swing Rebounder is perfect for people interested in weight loss, seniors, small children and for use in rehabilitation of injuries and other conditions.

      Jan 2009 : German Spiralizers 'Lurch' from Strength to Strength!

      Since we introduced these well-made spiralizers from German company Lurch to the UK market they have been stealing a march on competing brands and winning the approval of the UK raw food community to become one of our best selling products. They offer the kind of quality you associate with German products and they are great for raw fooders, vegans, vegetarians, chefs, cooks and health enthusiasts alike. With interchangeable stainless blades they make different sized spiral shapes and slices and raw spaghetti shapes. A Spiralizer or Spiral Slicer is a versatile and fun way to add a variety of interesting shapes and textures to your healthy culinary creations! Click the orange text to view all our Spiralizers, Kitchen Mandolines & Other Raw Food Items 

      Oct 2008 : L'Equip Launches Three New Products

      Two New L'Equip Juicers and a hybrid Blender/Food Processor are unveiled by the American Health brand. The L'Equip XL Juicer is a more powerful centrifugal juicer with an extra large feed chute that can take whole apples and big bunches of produce in one go for superfast juicing. The L'Equip Omni Juicer replaces the 509 Visor with greater functionality in a more compact, contemporary format. The optional oil extractor attachment for the Omni extracts the most vital essential fatty acids for freshly pressed salad oils made fresh from the living seed. The L'Equip Mill Blender is a powerful tool for the healthy kitchen offering milling and dry ingredient capability as well as the usual blending functions. Perfect for vegetarians, vegans, health enthusiasts and anyone interested in the Raw Food Lifestyle.

      Aug 2008 : L'Equip Goes Green

      After nearly ten years in the business of making Juicers, Dehydrators, Blenders and other healthy things for your kitchen, American manufacturer  L'Equip is refreshing its brand and going green. With every L'Equip product sold, a tree is planted. This is done through regular donations to the Arbor Day Foundation, a charity focussed on replanting native forests. Along with this the logo is changing from yellow to green and there are exciting new juicers and other products in the pipeline.