Embracing Sustainability: UK Juicers™ Journey Towards a Greener Future

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In recent years, the global community has become increasingly aware of the urgent need to address environmental challenges and help to build a sustainable future. As the push for sustainability gains momentum across industries, it is inspiring to see many small businesses like ours taking the lead in integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices into their operations. We have partnered with Planet Mark to guide us towards reducing our carbon footprint by 5% per year through various measures, including waste reduction, recycling, energy-saving initiatives and more.

Commitment to ESG Aspirations

An Image Symbolising Handing Down A Better Planet To Future GenerationsAt the heart of our process lies a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and the desire to make a positive impact on the planet for future generations. Recognising the significance of aligning our operations with ESG principles, we chose to work with Planet Mark, a renowned certification program that helps businesses measure, reduce, and communicate their carbon footprint.

Waste Reduction Initiatives

One of the key pillars of our sustainability strategy is waste reduction. The business has implemented several measures to minimize waste throughout our supply chain. An Image Of Recycled Infill Packaging Used By UK JuicersWe have adopted eco-friendly packaging solutions, prioritizing recycled and recyclable materials. For our infill packaging we use recycled paper that has been passed through a machine which crumples it into a shape suitable for cushioning our products when shipping. By using recycled packaging materials and recycling all our waste, we are taking significant steps towards reducing our environmental impact. Even our food waste from our employee kitchen, along with the pulp from all our juicing, is sent for anaerobic digestion to produce renewable energy and biofertiliser.

Energy Saving Measures

Understanding the importance of energy conservation, UK Juicers has implemented various energy-saving initiatives. We’re in the process of replacing traditional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED bulbs in the office and warehouse spaces. All our electricity is purchased from renewable sources. Our workplace is encouraging a culture of energy saving throughout its operations in order to make continuous progress towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Travel To Work

As the last few years have shown us, work from home is one way to reduce carbon emissions and we now have 40% of the team remote working on a permanent basis. Recognizing that transportation is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, we also actively promote cycling to work and one team member regularly commutes a total of 56 miles per week by bike. Another commutes in their electric car. Our reduction in work related transport emissions has made a significant contribution to reducing our total carbon footprint.

Collaboration with Planet Mark

An Image Depicting A CheckmarkWith An ESG ChecklistPartnering with Planet Mark has been instrumental in guiding and supporting our business on its sustainability journey. By measuring and analysing our carbon footprint, we have gained valuable insights into areas of improvement and opportunities for reducing emissions. Planet Mark has provided us with a framework for setting realistic and achievable targets, aiming for a 5% annual reduction in our carbon footprint.

Progress and Future Outlook

Through our unwavering commitment to help leave a better world for future generations, we are making significant progress towards our sustainability goals. By implementing waste reduction practices, adopting energy-saving measures, and rethinking all our working practices, we’ve already begun to witness positive results. Our initiatives have reduced the carbon footprint of doing business, as well as increasing support from our suppliers and customers who appreciate the need for a commitment to environmental responsibility.Building Blocks For A Better Future

Looking ahead, we will continue our collaboration with Planet Mark and explore additional opportunities for sustainability improvements. We aim to continue with our renewable energy usage, explore further waste reduction strategies, and actively engage supply chain partners to promote sustainable practices collectively. The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing process, and small businesses have a vital role to play in driving positive change. Through our partnership with Planet Mark and dedication to ESG aspirations, this small family business hopes to exemplify the power of collective action in making a real difference.

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