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Tribest Sedona Dehydrator

Tribest Sedona 9 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator SD-P9000

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Product Reviews

4 reviews for Tribest Sedona 9 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator SD-P9000

  1. Loving It
    I chose this model because it has a timer and two fans, allowing me to heat either all or half the unit and I felt this was worth paying extra for. I’ve used it to make kale chips (including chocolate/mint ones – oh yum) , yoghurt, crackers and fruit leathers. So easy, just add items to be dehydrated, set the temperature and time, choose both or one fan and press start. Forget till finished. The service from this company was amazing – very helpful and my dehydrator arrived next day.

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    Rosieglow, UK (verified owner)

  2. Best on the market
    I chose this one for ease of use. Set and forget timer( no need to remember to turn off). Easy to use digital display that can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Can use half the capacity if needed. I mostly wanted a quiet machine as I am in flat and even the day-time setting doesn’t disturb at night. I use my Vitamix daily and this almost daily. Not an essential piece of equipment but I love having this as it has given so many options and made transitioning to raw foods so much easier.

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    ZenGirl, Glasgow (verified owner)

  3. Dissapointed
    This is my first dehydrator and I decided to buy what appeared to be the best thinking you get what you pay for..

    However it seems not, the drying is very uneven in all directions! with a fruit leather there is a clearly defined diagonal band running from the rear left toward the front right which dries much faster than the rest and so the tray needs rotating every 2 hours – sort of defeats the purpose of having a timer really!

    Further, after attempting 4 trays of identical food there is a very marked difference in the drying based on tray positions with the top being much hotter than the bottom. So you also need to rotate trays vertically.

    With a machine at this price point I think these issues are really unacceptable, I would expect a good degree of uneven drying in a 30 quid stacking model but not nearly to this degree when paying 400 quid for it!

    I would advise people think long and hard before paying the price asked, I really do not think the swing door and twin fans nearly makes up for the difference between this and the main competitor – maybe the sound level does, this is a very quiet machine, but then again that is probably the very reason for the problems drying 😉

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    Louise, Paisley (verified owner)

  4. Tries its Best but comes up short
    Like the three starred review I must worn of the downsides of this purchase.
    Having used Excalibur for years I was excited by the prospect of this new entrant to the market with it hinged door, dual fans as something that might have caught competition resting on its laurels. Sadly, no.
    As mentioned by the other reviewer, drying is uneven, and I just do not trust that the temperature reading on the digital display equals the actual temprature in the unit. After a few weeks there was a breakdown that needed an (albeit, fairly cheap) electrical replacement part. The arrangement of the control buttons and switches I found to be non-intuituve, especially in low light.
    I am going for a stainless model from the other brand.

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    tropicalfruiter, UK purchaser (verified owner)

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