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      Ex-Display Vidia Slow Juicer SJ-002 in White

      In Summary

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      The Vidia Slow Juicer SJ-002 weighs in at a very attractive price point while making no compromises on build quality, performance and functionality. As with all good quality cold press single auger masticating juicers, it offers excellent performance on leafy greens, wheatgrass and hard vegetables, which some juicer types sometimes struggle with. BPA FreeThis less well known brand sits on the top shelf with our more premium models for juice extraction rates and we'll let you in on a little secret - that's because it comes from the same factory and deploys the same up to the minute juicing technology as some of the best examples in our range.


      Key Features

      • 200 watt 63rpm high torque motor
      • BPA free GE Ultem juicer parts
      • Genuine low speed cold press juicing action
      • Great for leafy greens and veg
      • 5 stage pulp regulator adjustment for maximum yield
      • Homogenizing screen for nut butters & fruit sorbets
      • Pasta nozzle set for extruding various noodle shapes from dough

      UK Juicers Says

      You're reading about what has to be acknowledged as our best value horizontal single auger juicer. Although it's not the cheapest, this mid-priced model is on a par for performance with the more expensive models, because it uses exactly the same juicing parts and originates from the same Korean factory as those high end versions. It's actually from the Hurom factory and this juicer is also seen branded as the more expensive Oscar Neo DA 1200.

      The outer design may be slightly less 'premium' looking with the Vidia SJ-002 Slow Juicer compared to others in or range, and the guarantee period may not be as long but this can be a bit of a red herring because these low speed induction motor juicers are extremely reliable and warranties don't cover for long term 'wear and tear' in any case. All in all it's a very attractive package for anyone who wants to priorities juicing of vegetables, leafy greens & wheatgrass.

      As well as being a great value masticating juicer for all ingredients, The Vidia SJ-002 comes with the usual array of multifunction parts allowing you to swap out the juicing screen for a blank homogenising screen that lets you make purees, sorbets, nut butters and noodles from your favourite pasta dough. If you have time and you're in any doubt that you are looking at a premium model at a less than premium price point, check out the long video above which gives a really comprehensive look at this superb slow juicer.

      Read the manufacturer's instruction manual here.

      Tech Specs

      Model Number: SJ-002W
      Colour: White
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 420x167x320
      Motor Power (Watts): 200
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 6.2
      Warranty: 5 years


      Ex-Display Vidia Slow Juicer SJ-002 in White

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