About Us

Welcome to our website. UK Juicers is a family business operating from our own purpose-built warehouse on the outskirts of the beautiful city of York in the North of England.

We are one of the first companies to bring specialist juicers for the health enthusiast to the world of online shopping in the UK. Since the turn of the millennium we have been building our reputation on a solid foundation of excellent customer service and expert knowledge in the world of juicing. As we have grown we have incorporated many new health-focused products into our range that we think will be of benefit to our customers. We hope you will enjoy finding out more as you browse our pages.

Why UK Juicers

Ten Things You Can Expect From UK Juicers®

  • Quality products selected on performance and suitability
  • 14 day no quibbles money back guarantee*
  • Price Match guarantee on any advertised UK Price on our products**
  • Products that are in stock and delivered fast, usually the next day
  • We are available on the phone during normal working hours
  • All customer support is done in house and we don’t pass you on
  • Our website is securely encrypted and completely safe to buy from
  • We offer friendly, impartial product advice, tailored to your specific needs
  • In house product support and warranty service for most items
  • Hassle-free transactions and excellent customer service

Not just a pretty Website

A bricks and mortar business

UK Juicers is a real bricks and mortar business and our goal is to offer the online consumer a level of service that surpasses their expectations. We realise the importance to our customers of a secure and confident online shopping experience and we have everything in place to ensure that your transactions with us are both safe and pleasant. We never share our customers’ details or email addresses with third parties and our secure payment system guarantees that your payment details are safely encrypted. We are available on the phone during normal office hours Monday to Friday on 01904 757070 to help you with any questions you might have, or you can use our web-form where your specific questions will be answered promptly and may even be published for the benefit of our other customers.

Dear UK Juicers, I’m really impressed with your service! I ordered my L’Equip 215 XL juicer on Tuesday afternoon this week, and it was unpacked and ready on my kitchen worktop by 10am on Thursday. That was after I had received your email confirmation and invoice, plus a very helpful message to say what time, within an hour, I could expect my delivery. That is really efficient. I had already prepared the day’s juices on my old juicer and offered the delivery man some carrot juice, which he declined with a laugh! I’m delighted with my new juicer and am grateful too for the freebie book on juicing by Natalie Savona. Thank you very much for your first class service, I will recommend your site to my friends. Wishing you all the best.

K Marwaha, Birmingham

4,000 square foot warehouse

Our 4,000 square foot warehouse is always full to the roof and almost everything we sell is sent straight from our own stock, allowing us to deliver over 99% of our UK orders on the next working day. UK Juicers imports direct from manufacturers and we offer in-house product support for much of our range. We have built strong relationships with specialist manufacturers from all over the world to bring you great products and to ensure the best possible level of service at every step of your customer experience with us. We offer all the advantages and convenience of risk-free shopping at home, coupled with the level of product knowledge and support that can only be offered by a major distributor and importer, so you can buy from us with complete confidence.

Dear Helen, I wanted to email you just to say thank you very much - your excellent customer service standards have made my experience of returning the other item to swap it very easy and effortless. It was in the post when I got to work today so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but if the product is equal to the service standards, then I am very confident in it. Thank you again, and I hope you have a great day :-)

K Marwaha, Birmingham

An award winning business

As we have grown over the years we have won several regional business awards, along with other accolades from the health press along the way. Some of the testimonials to the right of this page will give a snapshot of the kind of business that we are. In spite of our success we don’t rest on our laurels and we are always learning more about the lifestyle that we are passionate about, bringing you fresh ideas and exciting new products every year. We visit trade shows all over the world in search of innovations and we also promote the juicing lifestyle at shows in the UK.

Dear Helen, I wanted to email you just to say thank you very much - your excellent customer service standards have made my experience of returning the other item to swap it very easy and effortless. It was in the post when I got to work today so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but if the product is equal to the service standards, then I am very confident in it. Thank you again, and I hope you have a great day :-)

K Marwaha, Birmingham

A family passion

Even though we think of ourselves as a small family business, since we started we have helped promote good health by selling over £10 million worth of specialist juicing and health equipment to our customers. As a family, we hold the strong belief that the juicing lifestyle and paying proper attention to nutrition can make a massive contribution to wellbeing, whatever your state of health. This has been verified time and again by our personal experiences and by those of our customers, fuelling our passion for what we do. We invite you to enjoy the benefits and decide for yourself.

A Carbon-Conscious Company

Our environmental credentials extend from our state of the art industrial building with its up to the minute insulation technology, right through to recyclable packaging ​infill. All electrical appliances that we dispose of are dealt with according to the requirements of the ‘Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive’ to ensure safe disposal and recycling of raw materials.

We don’t claim to be perfect and we are aware that the term ‘Carbon Neutral’ can be misleading – but we are trying to do our bit.

Our Mission

UK Juicers® promotes health and well-being through the supply of high quality juicing machines and other health-related products and appliances.

The enthusiasm underpinning this wish to promote a healthier lifestyle for all is strongly founded in our personal family experiences. The team at UK juicers have a combined experience totalling over 50 years of using juicers! The first of us to adopt the idea was Paul, in 1980 when he first became very interested in nutrition. After experiencing the benefits for himself using a Champion Juicer, he was keen to promote the concept to friends and family. Nick, Paul’s Nephew, was the first family member to fully embrace the juicing lifestyle.

After living on the average western diet, doing very little exercise, and drinking generous amounts of alcohol while at university, Nick was beset by a serious illness; Ulcerative Colitis. Paul recommended juicing to Nick and gave him a book to read. Nick got into juicing, did his own research and subsequently followed the advice given in David Klein’s book, ‘Self Healing Colitis & Crohns’. With strict attention to eating a natural diet supplemented by fresh vegetable juices, Nick gradually reduced the painful symptoms of his illness until they disappeared, allowing him to live a normal healthy life, free from pain and medication.

Nick is an ordinary down to earth chap who went on a very steep learning curve brought about by illness. He had resistance to change like many of us but he overcame that resistance and tried something new. The benefits of the changes then took over very quickly. Nick says juicing was the most significant factor in his recovery from Ulcerative Colitis. He now enjoys excellent health without any need for clinical intervention, in spite of the fact that some doctors still regard his diagnosed condition as incurable.

Healing through proper nutrition is gradually becoming a more accepted phenomenon, increasing rapidly in popularity in the 21st century. After being warned by an NHS consultant that even taking steroids might not prevent the need for bowel surgery, Nick was given a wake up call that many of us would dread. He was lucky to have direct access to knowledge about nutrition that was still regarded as fairly esoteric in the 90’s and it was clear to him that more people needed this information. So UK Juicers set out to help change the situation by promoting the juicing lifestyle to a wider audience. When we started out, juicing didn’t hit the news very much; now we are all getting into this healthy habit!

UK Juicers® Anti-Quackery Policy

Freedom to publish anything you want on the internet can be good and it can be bad. Some of us will still be surprised to learn that there is no authority out there that is empowered to intervene and force unscrupulous sellers to remove material that deliberately misleads. Anyone can say what they like in this unregulated medium and sadly integrity is not always a business credential that is valued. This is a serious problem for genuine businesses like ours when trading on the internet. Bogus claims about products are sprinkled so liberally throughout the web that it can become very confusing when customers are trying to make choices. Pseudo-scientific nonsense is often put out there to influence the consumer into a particular choice. UK Juicers will help you cut through the nonsense and make your choices based on facts.

We promise that the information we provide on our website is based on our own rigourous attention to product knowledge. We will not make any claims about any product that can’t be objectively justified. We test everything that we sell ourselves because we are passionate about what we do. We do our utmost to present you with good quality information to help you choose the best product for your needs. Some of our juicers and health products represent a significant investment, so we offer a bespoke advice service where we will guide you to the correct product for your requirements, tailored to your own specification. Speaking to someone can be a great help if you are in any doubt and we welcome any opportunity to answer your questions on the phone or by email.

We have the knowledge!

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