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      EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter Deluxe

      In Summary

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      The Easygreen Automatic Sprouter takes all the guesswork out of growing a consistent supply of homegrown sprouts, salad greens and wheatgrass for healthy living. The Easygreen lets you create the perfect microclimate for all your favourite sprouts and baby salads with complete control. This sprouter is without doubt the best modular home sprouting system available and UK Juicers supplies it complete with an extra large tray for wheatgrass or sunflower greens, 5 narrow trays and a copy of 'Sprouts The Miracle Food' by Steve Meyerowitz.

      Key Features

      • Complete control of the sprouting environment
      • Modular stackable system allows increased capacity if you need it
      • Easy to use with comprehensive instructions, sprouting guide & FREE sprouting book
      • No re-circulation of sprouting water for greater hygiene and better results
      • Grow nutritious sprouts from seeds in the fastest possible time
      • Perfect for wheatgrass and all young salads as well as seed and bean sprouts
      • Easy addition of minerals and other growth enhancers if required
      • Customise your watering cycles in 15 minute increments with the 24 hour timer
      • Fine, gentle misting of sprouts ensures the most delicate seeds can be grown
      • Mist spray provides optimum oxygenation for young root systems
      • Clean, filtered, dust-free air purges the system during each watering cycle
      • Can be used with crops grown in soil and compost too like sunflowers and wheatgrass
      • Range of tray choices enables customised crop rotation
      • No need to pre-soak seeds
      • Just set it and forget it for perfect results every time!

      UK Juicers Says

      Create The Perfect Growing Environment

      Young plants need oxygen for their roots and CO2 for their shoots; each watering cycle in the Easygreen provides your young seedlings with both. The unit is already ventilated but the fine mist spray absorbs more oxygen into the sprouting water and provides it in abundance to the root systems. The misting pump simultaneously purges the system with fresh, filtered, dust-free air for the shoots. The Easygreen provides the perfect growing conditions for healthy, vital sprouts, wheatgrass and young salad greens.

      Control The Conditions For Each Type Of Seedling

      No other automatic home sprouter offers such complete and customisable control of watering cycles, which means you can grow virtually anything successfully in the Easygreen. The comprehensive instruction manual tells you how to achieve great results in simple, clear and easy steps. You can quickly add minerals and other liquid feeds to the water and choose whether you use bottled filtered or any other water source to nurture your young sprouts. Some people prefer to grow sunflower greens, wheatgrass, pea shoots and other more developed sprouts such as baby salad greens in soil or compost. This allows the developing root systems to take on a broader range of plant nutrients in case you prefer this to using organic liquid growth enhancers such as kelp in the sprouting water. Either method works equally well in the Easygreen, giving you more choice than any other automatic home sprouting system. The choice of tray sizes and options available further increases the versatility of the Easygreen for rotating different crops at different stages of growth so you can have a continuous supply of delicious sprouts.

      Clean Fresh Water With Every Watering Cycle

      Unlike other re-circulating automatic sprouters and growing systems, the Easygreen only delivers fresh water from the reservoir with each watering cycle. Un-sprouted seeds contain growth inhibitors that are washed away when grown naturally but with other re-circulating systems these remain in the sprouting water and can lead to poor results. This problem is eliminated with the Easygreen sprouter and at the same time it provides a more hygienic system that rinses away waste products from your sprouts as they grow. Because there is no recycling of water the Easygreen also eliminates the problem of clogging of jets or nozzles, which can be a nuisance with other automatic systems.

      Simple And Fast

      The Easygreen Automatic Sprouter eliminates the need for soaking seeds prior to germination and the watering cycles clean and oxygenate the seeds in the early stages of germination instead of leaving them in standing water. Crop production in the Easygreen is faster than other sprouters, so there is really no reason to choose more complicated sprouting methods if you want an abundant supply of freshly grown sprouts in optimum nutritional condition.

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      Tech Specs

      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 610x457x229
      Warranty: 12 months
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 2


      Average Rating:
      • Average Rating: 5 out of 5
      • Best sprouter

        • 5 out of 5

        I love this sprouter. Is clean and fast and you dont need to do much work. Only pour water in it. I recommend it.

        Reviewed 26 May 2015 by Eugeniu, Montgeron

      • Best thing ever invented!

        • 5 out of 5

        OK - I bought one of these some time back (so I have tested this well before writing). We love sprouts and microgreeens and now the hens have the garden (!) I've given up trying to grow full sized veg (believe me it's worth it - the eggs are amazing! Truth be told - I'm too busy with work now anyway.....) This is utterly amazing - truly it is. Mine is out in my studio (and it's cold out there - believe me!) but for the first time ever I have been able to grow broccoli sprouts/micros. I couldn't believe it. I do wheatgrass in it (easy peasey), alfalfa, cress, rocket, pea shoots, sunflower greens - anything will grow in the Easygreen. Once the weather has warmed a tad - my basil will be in there. Part of the reason I actually bought this was because I had a poorly young Siamese cat who would bawl for grass every morning - this solved my dilemma - plus I know what he has is organic and uncontaminated. (Problems has since ben treated by a specialist - but he still likes his grass!) We all gain, we have sprouts and micros, the cats have their grass, and the hens have anything left over that's spare! Money very well spent! Thank you for such a marvellous invention.... :-)

        Reviewed 02 April 2013 by Wildherb, Wales UK

      EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter Deluxe

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