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GEO Sprout Jar Part No: SP65
GEO Sprout Jar

GEO Sprout Jar

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Product Description

The GEO Sprouting Jar is a delightful self-contained bean sprout garden that will look great on any kitchen windowsill. Imagine a row of these little beauties all lined up, each with its own colourful crop variety of delicious living sprouts to hand, ready for whenever you need them. Seed and bean sprouts are one of the most nutritious foods known, and weight for weight they contain many times the nutritional content of full grown vegetables. Sprouting Jars like this excellent example from GEO offer the easiest and most convenient way of keeping a supply of these powerhouses of nutrition available at all times...
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  • Minimum mess and hassle - soaking, rinsing and growing is all self-contained within the controlled environment of the jar
  • Glass and stainless steel construction with an attractive, embossed ceramic base - no contact with plastics for your sprouts
  • The easiest way to rinse sprouts is through the mesh lid of the sprouting jar - simply fill under the tap, invert and drain
  • No little nooks and crannies for your sprout roots or shoots to get stuck at harvest time
  • The jar acts like a greenhouse and brings the sprouts along quickly - just a few days from seed to plate in some cases
  • Each jar holds up to a litre of full grown sprouts
  • Unlike some sprouters, the GEO Sprouting Jar is very quick and easy to clean between crops and is also dishwasher safe
  • You can see the condition of all your sprouts from all sides as they grow, to ensure a healthy crop
  • Looks great in any kitchen
  • Use multiple jars for a steady supply of different sprout varieties, so that you never run out
Seed and Bean Sprouts are living foods which are most commonly eaten raw (or very lightly stir-fried) to preserve the maximum nutritional content that is unleashed when the seed has just germinated. It's easy to keep your own supply of fresh, living sprouts available with the GEO Sprout Jar and in our opinion this familiar method of growing bean sprouts is also one of the best. The sprouting jar offers an attractive, self-contained solution for anyone who loves bean sprouts and it provides one of the easiest sprouting methods for a number of reasons. This practical and appealing sprouting jar comes with a free pack of Alfalfa get you started and if you order more than one, we'll put a few different varieties of free seeds in the box.

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