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      Broccoli Sprout Kit

      In Summary

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      This Broccoli Sprouting Kit comes with 3 GEO Sprout Jars, a 700g pack of GEO Organic Broccoli Seeds and a quick start tip sheet on how to grow Broccoli Sprouts. The bulk pack of seeds that comes with the kit is enough to grow 20 or more jars of sprouts to the optimum size. If you want to get additional broccoli seeds with the kit they are available to add as product options on the right of the page.

      Key Features

      • Broccoli Sprouts are one of the best varieties for home sprouting, offering a wide range of health benefits
      • Comes with enough Organic Broccoli Seeds to grow 20 or more jars of sprouts
      • The 3 GEO Sprout Jars allow you to have a supply of sprouts at different stages of growth for regular use
      • Each jar holds up to one litre of sprouts
      • The simplest and most practical way to grow sprouts - just rinse and drain through the mesh lids
      • The jar acts as a miniature greenhouse bringing the sprouts along quickly

      UK Juicers Says

      Broccoli sprouts contain large amounts of Glucoraphanin which is quickly turned into Sulforaphane when the sprouts are eaten. Sulforaphane is believed to be anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-ageing and anti-diabetic. Broccoli Sprouts produce much more Sulforaphane weight for weight than mature broccoli. Our Broccoli Sprout Kits offer an easy way to access the amazing health benefits of this true superfood in the freshest possible state, as young living plantlets. Find out more about the health benefits here.

      With about 30-35g of seed recommended to grow one full GEO jar of sprouts at the optimum size for harvest, the kit is supplied with enough seed for 20 or more jars of Organic Broccoli Sprouts and we also sell the seed separately in 300g or 700g bulk packs.

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: BROC-KIT
      Warranty: 12 months


      Broccoli Sprout Kit

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