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OrangeX Amco Olympus Citrus Juicer Black Part No: CP03
OrangeX Amco Olympus Citrus Juicer Black

OrangeX Amco Olympus Citrus Juicer Black

Average Rating:
  • 4 out of 5

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Product Description

The beast is back! After a period of absence we are delighted that the OrangeX Olympus Citrus Press is available once again in the UK. The brand has been taken over by Focus in America and the OrangeX is now also known as the Amco Olympus Juicer.
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(Video kindly provided by Discount Juicers. Please note Discount Juicers only serves customers within the USA and only ships within the 50 United States. Discount Juicers does not ship outside the USA. They recommend UK Juicers for your juicing needs if you are located in the UK and Europe.)
  • Stainless Steel juicing parts
  • Powerful commercial cantilever press design
  • Ultra durable press with lifetime guarantee
  • Heavy cast iron powder coated base for stable pressing
  • Available in black or white, medium or large size
It’s difficult to make a better investment in a manual citrus press than with this juicer. In our opinion there are no other juice presses that come close in this price bracket. ‘Pressed juice is the best juice’ is the old OrangeX motto and we’d have to agree. There is virtually no peel oil transferred to the juice and the end result from this high yield citrus press is second to none. The solid cast iron construction coupled with the famously powerful OrangeX lever provides more pressing force than commercial models costing more than twice as much. With the larger size OrangeX Olympus the juice only comes into contact with stainless steel and the powerful suction feet give a very stable juicing platform. The lever is deceptively easy to push down as it powers down onto the fruit because of the unique cantilever pressing action. In fact this citrus press is one of very few available that can squeeze pomegranates and if you’ve never tasted freshly pressed pomegranate juice you really are missing out! Pomegranate and orange is a UK Juicers favourite, teeming with antioxidants and a great juice for promoting a healthy heart.

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Product Reviews

Average Rating:
  • 4 out of 5
Great citrus press, once you learn how to use it!
  • 4 out of 5

I bought this solely on the video recommendation of the excellent John Kohler's video above, from US Discount Juicers.

Having followed John's video advising to go for the larger Olympus, I am really glad I did.

Size-wise, it is not as large as I expected, but certainly allows for a larger juice jug to be placed underneath.

Having tried it as soon as it arrived, I got around 500ml of juice from x3 oranges and x1 pomegranate.

Technique-wise (and perhaps I should have read the instructions) but what John doesn't say in the video is that, when placing the juicing-cone holder and juice cone in the body of the juicer, you DO need to ensure that they are both lined-up properly to stop them moving during use.

The holder which the juice cone sits in has x2 extrusions which you need to line up to insert it in the base. Once you have slotted it into the juicer base, you then need to twist it around to 'lock' it in place and stop it moving around as you juice.

The same applies with the juice cone, which has two cut-outs that must be correctly-aligned in order to slot it properly into the juicer-cone base. Again, you have to twist this into the correct position. If you don't, these parts will move and be unstable as you juice, and remove the peel for the next piece of fruit etc.

It's a bit messier than as per John Kohler's demonstration but he does say you will get some pulp in your juice (which I don't mind and adds to to the juice in my opinion). Also, with both the oranges and the pomegranate, I was using some quite large fruit, so John's advice to press once, then do a few smaller presses to make sure you've got all the juice out, is perfectly well-made.

I'm not sure how these larger-sized fruits would have fitted the smaller model - andthis is without juicing naturally larger fruits, such as grapefruits.

In future, I would use chilled fruit too. In the current UK heatwave using fruit from the kitchen counter meant the oranges particularly split and was messier than would probably be the case.

All-in-all, I would say that speaking as someone considering doing a longer juice fast (having watched Joe Cross's documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' last weekend) this is certainly an excellent addition to your juicing arsenal, and a great motivational start towards doing a proper juice fast!

It definitely makes juice way above anything you will ever find in the supermarket shelves!

Reviewed 19 July 2013 by Peter, London

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