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      Eat Smart Eat Raw by Kate Wood

      In Summary

      Raw foods are currently enjoying growing popularity as more and more people discover their tremendous healing, detoxifying and health-giving benefits. But don't imagine that eating uncooked food is boring - think juices, smoothies, salads, salsas, soups, dips, vegetable wraps and roll-ups, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouts.

      Fans of this style of eating point to the value of "living" foods; raw foods make instant energizers losing none of the minerals and vitamins lost in cooking and there is even evidence that raw foods can help overcome many of today's allergies and ailments by boosting the immune system.

      Kate Wood is a former editor of Fresh,the magazine of the raw food network in the UK and has a been a raw food eater since the early '90s. In Eat Smart Eat Raw she shares her experiences, advice and over 150 of her nutritionally potent recipes.


      Eat Smart Eat Raw by Kate Wood

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