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      Ex-Demonstration Tribest Sedona 9 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator

      In Summary

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      The Sedona Dehydrator takes a fresh look at the design of horizontal air flow dehydrators and uses up to the minute technology to address some common issues.  The Sedona Dehydrator is packed with innovative features that offer additional benefits for raw fooders and health enthusiasts.


      Key Features

      • The quietest dehydrator that we sell, and it has an even quieter 'night time' setting
      • Tempered glass hinged door that lets you see whats happening throughout the dehydrating process
      • Horizontal dual fan airflow for perfectly even drying
      • Deep drying trays for greater versatility and convenience
      • Computer controlled temperature and 99 hour timer with digital display
      • Can be divided to operate on half load with one fan for energy efficiency when dehydrating smaller batches
      • Solid, modern design with superior build quality and great looks
      • 9 BPA-Free plastic open trays
      • 9 BPA-Free plastic mesh sheets
      • 1 BPA-Free plastic solid tray (this divides the unit into two drying compartments)

      UK Juicers Says

      Horizontal air flow food dehydrators are the top choice for most enthusiasts, because they allow even drying without the hassle of rotating trays during the process. Tribest have really applied themselves to the design of their first dehydrator and they've used some great innovations to overcome the design limitations of other horizontal food dryers. The Sedona 9 Tray Dehydrator is a premium product with a price tag to match, but the advantages are clear.

      Noise Levels

      Fan noise is a major concern expressed by many of our customers when they are considering buying a dehydrator. Generally, its fair to say that most dehydrators emit a noise similar to a fan oven. This can be a problem if you can't site the dehydrator where it will cause no disturbance, because many deyhdrating tasks need to include overnight drying. The Sedona Dehdrator is extremely quiet even on its full setting, but it also has a night time setting to reduce the noise even further. The Sedona is the quietest dehydrator in our range.

      Tempered Glass Door

      Seeing what is going on inside the dehydrator without opening it and letting heat escape is a major plus. This glass door with a hinge along the bottom is typical of the superior build quality that is evident throughout the Sedona Dehydrator. Unlike other dehydrators, the Sedona can be built into a kitchen unit if you prefer to integrate it with your other appliances. The quality of the construction is apparent the minute you take it from the box and this is typical of what we expect from Tribest health products. The fans have solid grill covers that can't be dented if you push the shelves in too far. The BPA free casing is stronger than other dehydrators and the attention paid to the details has resulted in a sleek, modern dehydrator that would look great in any kitchen.

      Dual Fan Technology

      The Sedona Dehydrator uses twin fans situated in each half of the vertical space and they can be operated independently. When you are drying a full load in the dehydrator both fans will be in use. If you want to dry a smaller batch you can use the solid dividing tray supplied to effectively isolate either the top or the bottom half of the dehydrator and just use one fan. This improves energy efficiency and cuts down on electricity bills for small batch drying.

      Deeper Drying Trays

      The edges of the BPA free trays in the Sedona are scalloped which can help prevent ingredients from straying off the tray when loading and unloading the deyhydrator. In addition to this useful feature, the gap of about an inch between tray floors is deeper than any of our other horizontal dehydrators. This is another plus, because you can dry bulkier items like curled leaves or tomato halves without the need to remove other trays and lose drying capacity.

      Precise Digital Control control panel image

      The Sedona Dehydrator has a digital display and control panel. It allows you to set a timer for up to 99 hours and you can use either one or both of the fans and heaters depending on the amount of produce you are drying. Temperature is controlled from 86°F/30°C up to a maximum of 155°F/68°C and you can set it to display in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The mode button allows you to set the Sedona dehydrator for even quieter operation through the night. There is a pause button and the dehydrator also pauses when you open the glass door so that the fans are not blowing all that valuable heat away. The Sedona 9 Tray Digital Dehydrator is our recommended premium choice if you just want to go straight for the 'best in class' option. Buy with confidence.

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      Tech Specs

      Colour: Black
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 500x432x370
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 11
      Power (Watts): 600
      Warranty: 5 years


      Ex-Demonstration Tribest Sedona 9 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator

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