Ex-Demonstration Sana by Omega EUJ-707 Juicer Matte Black Ex-Demonstration Sana by Omega EUJ-707 Juicer Matte Black Ex-Demonstration Sana by Omega EUJ-707 Juicer Matte Black Ex-Demonstration Sana by Omega EUJ-707 Juicer Matte Black Ex-Demonstration Sana by Omega EUJ-707 Juicer Matte Black

Ex-Demonstration Sana by Omega EUJ-707 Juicer Matte Black


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  1. Change from Centrifugal to Masticating Juicer
    Just received my new Sana Juicer (Omega EUJ-707C a very efficient UK Juicers. Before purchasing I spoke to Joe who was very informative and helpful in me deciding which type of Masticating Juicer to buy – I see it as an investment in my health so it was important to get it right. Well, I’ve just used my juicer and although it was slower than my previous juicer the quality of juice was excellent. The cleaning was so quick and not at all troublesome – just took a few minutes and putting it back together was also very quick and not complicated. Now, I have the dilemma as to what to do with the pulp – it seems such a waste to throw it away what with it being organic. So I’m going to try using it in soups the next time I make some as a thickener and I’m sure it will have some health benefits. But thanks Joe for all your help and advise and I will certainly recommend buying from you.

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    Jeanette, Lancashire (verified owner)

  2. Omega Chrome EUJ-707C
    Super impressed with this Juicer. Results so far have tasted and look amazing. The juicer juices much faster than I expected. Finally it takes 1-2 minutes to wash.
    Postage to Hungary from UK was very efficient and free!!!
    Joe was great for advice and guidance. Thanks.

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    Rich, Hungary (verified owner)

  3. Delighted with my Sana 707
    Just a quick word to say I just got my Sana juicer this afternoon, after ordering it on Monday through the telephone and I am based in France! A 2 day delivery? I find that very satisfactory. Great service. Very thoughtful, you added the adaptor for France without even mentioning it. Thank you so much. My six year old declared the apple juice was the best ever and he even loved the orange juice, whereas he never did before.
    Greetings from France

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    Herrade, Montpellier (verified owner)

  4. 15 year a juicing
    Lovely juice, quiet running,quick cleaning.Best tasting juice I’ve had. Certianly better than 1st generation Kuvings, Worth every penny if you want to juice every day.

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    Elwood, Northants (verified owner)

  5. Fantastic Juicer
    I received this juicer yesterday. I love that UK Juicers use DPD couriers as they are brilliant. I have made a few juices and they are all gorgeous. I’ve had a centrifugal juicer and an omega vert and this is so much better. It isn’t too slow, the quality of the juice is fantastic (really smooth and clear), it juiced my greens so well and the clean up is quick and easy. Brilliant all round. Not cheap, but i’m hoping to get many years of happy juicing out of this lovely machine. Very happy.

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    Chery, Aldershot, Hampshire (verified owner)

  6. Amazing
    I’m very happy with this one especially on greens. Best design and great rendement.
    Go for it and make your health better.

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    Lucie, France (verified owner)

  7. 707 juicer
    received 707 juicer 2 Jan.. must say great service kept up to date…juicer is brilliant…makes great juice…cost lot money but if u want one of the best juicers on market you have to pay little more..so happy we did just that…easy setup easy clean great juicer…happy

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    mick, blackpool (verified owner)

  8. Great juicer, outstanding customer service
    Omega sana 707 is the best juicer i know, it is so versatile, manage to juice anything yielding a lot of juice and dry pulp. My girlfriend and I are juicing daily and this was great choice for us. Besides the juicer, customer service was just outstanding – fast emails about any queries and support. Unlike other company that we tried so we have comparision.

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    Sebastian, London (verified owner)

  9. Excellent
    Im really happy with my Sana, but more happy about the amazing customer service.

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    Sylsiak, Coventry (verified owner)

  10. Great!
    Absolutely love it! Great customer service.

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    Jo, (verified owner)

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