Are Nama Juicers Worth The Money?

It’s fair to say that a juicer is probably one of the more expensive kitchen gadgets you can buy. But a good quality juicer really is a great investment. We think there are plenty of reasons for spending just as much on a great juicer as you would on a quality coffee machine, for example. Nama J2 Juicing Lifestyle ImageChoose wisely and you’ll have a sturdy piece of kit that will make quick, easy, healthy, and delicious juices for years to come.

If you’re looking into premium quality juicers, you’ve probably heard of the Nama range and might be wondering if they live up to the hype. We’re here to tell you they certainly do! They’re one of our most popular brands and tick so many boxes for those of us with busy lives looking to be a little healthier.

They’ve made some major changes which we think make a huge difference to juicing in terms of ease, cleaning and the juice itself. Here’s why a Nama is one of the best you can buy:

1. Load And Leave

The Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer has a large hopper on top, meaning you can add your whole recipe and simply walk away while it gets to work making your juice. You’ll still have to do a little ingredient prep but once it’s all in the hopper, you can do something else while it gets to work, rather than the traditional way of standing by your juicer and feeding it all in one piece at a time.

2. Minimal Oxidation

Oxidation not only affects the colour and texture of fruit and vegetables, it can also damage the nutrient content as vitamins can begin to break down when exposed to air. Both the Nama Vitality 5800 J1 and the Nama J2 press and rotate the produce slowly, minimising heat and air exposure and preserving precious enzymes.

3. They’re Not Just For Juice!

Both of the Nama juicers are perfect for making fruit smoothies, nut milks and sauces. The Nama Vitality 5800 J1 even has a special pulp lever allowing you to select the thickness of your fruit smoothie. The J1 is also great for making refreshing sorbets.

4. Safe For Children

Nama focuses on helping to make juicing something the whole family can do together. Both Namas are designed with hopper openings small enough that children’s hands cannot fit inside. Plus, they all have special cut-out sensors to prevent misuse and eliminate accidents.

5. Easy To Clean – Really!

The number one reason why most juicers are used a handful of times and then confined to the back of the cupboard is because they are just too fiddly to clean! Nobody wants to spend hours at the sink, poking pipe cleaners into the mechanism to remove bits of pulp.

Both Namas are designed with easy cleaning in mind. For example the J2 pulp outlet is larger and opens like crocodile jaws to allow better access for rinsing. The J1 pulp control lever can also be easily opened to allow through rinsing under a tap.

6. Lengthy Guarantee

These products are made to last – so much so, that Nama offers a 15-year warranty on the motor of the J2 and 10 years on the Vitality 5800 with a two-year warranty on all parts for both models.

7. They Pay You Back Many Times Over

It’s not just the list of user friendly features that sets Nama Juicers apart from the crowd. As well as providing you with the health benefits of highly nutritious fresh juices, choosing a premium model from Nama will also save you money over the years by giving you more of that juice, with significantly less waste than cheaper models.

If you’d like to find out more about these amazing juicers, head over to our product pages where you can read more information and watch how-to videos to see them in action.