What’s the best juicer for celery?

Choosing the right juicer for the medical medium celery juice protocol

So how do you arrive at some sort of objective conclusion around the question of which juicer is best for juicing celery? That is all going to depend on what you mean by ‘best’, how critically you view minor incremental differences in juice yield or juice quality, and equally as important, what is meant by the word ‘best’ in the context of the demands placed on you by your day to day lifestyle. Given that there are a number of models that will give similarly excellent results with celery, there can’t be one definitive answer when all factors are given consideration but let’s try and outline a few criteria and features that might help make the right choice for you. (If you want to cut straight to the UK equivalent of the Omega Juicer endorsed by ‘Medical Medium’ Anthony William, it’s here)

Is Juicer Type Really Critical?

There are two categories of juicer that are good for juicing celery. Centrifugal Juicers and Masticating Juicers. The masticating type is widely believed to extract a more nutritious juice because of the grinding, chewing and pressing process that they employ. How much more nutritious? That’s a tough question to answer with rigorous science because not much testing has been done. It seems like a reasonable belief though because the extraction of ‘sticky’ nutrients from the plant cells Sage Nutri Juicer Pro could be envisaged to be more thorough if those cells are being smashed and chewed together before the juice is pressed out. It also seems reasonable to assume that because masticating juicers produce a more vibrantly coloured and homogenous, flavourful juice, that such qualitative differences may well indicate a more thorough extraction of what the juice has to offer in nutritional terms. We’d suggest that the nutritional benefit of a masticating juicer is probably incremental, rather than huge, and you do also get a bit more juice with them in general, but if you want to be sure of the best, a masticating juicer option may be the way to go.

Centrifugal juicers don’t chew or grind ingredients together. They use a sharply toothed high speed grating disc to rip the plant material apart, releasing the liquid contents of the cells to be extracted by centrifugal force through a high speed strainer drum as the shredded fibres pass over it. Although generally speaking high moisture content ingredients work better in a masticating juicer, celery is one ‘wet’ ingredient that seems to juice really well in a centrifugal juicer, probably because of its rigid fibre structure. Because of the speed of these machines we would not rule them out as a great choice for people who are concerned with convenience as well as getting good results. After all, there’s no point in having a state of the art masticating juicer if you are too pressed for time to make best use of it.

Your Personal Juicing Preferences

Because we do know that the juice from a Centrifugal Juicer is still highly nutritious, a centrifugal is probably still a great choice for anyone who is pressed for time. They are generally less of a financial commitment up front and their convenience and ease of use is their key advantage. However, masticating juicers give the best results across a wider range of ingredients (for a small extra commitment of time), as well as producing juice with a longer shelf life due to less oxygen being incorporated into the juice. If you want to commit to juicing as a lifestyle choice that you are going to stick with, and you seek the optimum nutritional benefits that can be won from juicing a variety of ingredients beyond just celery, then the small extra investment of time and money in using a Masticating Juicer probably makes more sense.

Sort The Facts From The Hype

We often have clients come to us who are convinced that there is an outright ‘must have’ choice of juicer because of information they’ve come across when doing their research. Unfortunately marketing information is not particularly reliable when it comes to knowing what is fact and what is wishful thinking, and a lot of info out there about juicing originates from the vested interests of someone with something to sell. At UK Juicers we are not tied to a single brand or product and we are juicing enthusiasts ourselves. We test all our juicers rigorously so we know exactly how the performance of different brands and types of juicer stack up against each other. Glass Of Celery Juice. We take pride in being one of the UK’s most trusted, authoritative and independent voices when it comes to juicers and our customers trust is more important to us than pushing the product that makes the most money. Our satisfaction comes from guiding people to the right choice for their needs.

The Medical Medium has recently teamed up with one of our brands, Omega Juicers, to re-brand an existing model. The Omega MM900HDS Juicer has an additional adjustable pulp outlet that’s optimised specifically for good results when juicing celery. But is it absolutely the best juicer for celery? There are many choices in our range that will give similar or even slightly better results when juicing celery, so we’ve selected a few top performers to give you more bandwidth of choice and we’ll get into that a bit more below.

The Centrifugal Options

If you have a busy lifestyle and want to keep time and effort to a minimum for your juicing, you will get great performance and highly nutritious celery juice using a centrifugal juicer. Please be aware that anyone who claims that centrifugal juicers destroy nutrition is talking nonsense. This fantasy emerged from the hyperbole put out by marketers of masticating juicers to differentiate their product by denigrating the original centrifugal juicing method to gain market share. Masticating juicers may give slightly better results, but the results from a centrifugal machine are still excellent.

Centrifugal juicers for well under £100 are widely available and they provide an OK option, but in our experience they are often poor value for money. Cheaper models are typically more wasteful of ingredients and suffer short lifespans, so we don’t offer those. There are two excellent models in our range that we have found perform well with Celery and we challenge anyone to show us a centrifugal juicer that can do better than these two! Both offer a virtually pulp-free juice, which also separates them from the many cheap models that dump more pulp into the juice.

For those on a budget, The Nutri Juicer Cold is without doubt the best juicer we have seen at the price point and at less than half the price of our premium recommendation, it is absolutely equal to it performance wise. So why bother with a premium recommendation? The reason we also recommend the Sage Nutri Juicer Cold XL is twofold. Firstly it has a genuinely commercial grade ​motor with a robust die-cast construction and dishwasher safe parts. Secondly the variable speed control makes it a bit more versatile, allowing slightly better results when juicing different ingredients with different hardness and moisture content. Both models give great results with celery and are very easy to live with. For many people there is never any need to think about upgrading from the convenient and familiar format of the centrifugal juicer.