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L'Equip is a Carbon-Conscious manufacturer, partnered with the
Arbor Day Foundation. L'Equip - Replanting the Future.
L'Equip 428 Mill Blender Part No: BL48
L'Equip 428 Mill Blender
L'Equip 428 Mill Blender

L'Equip 428 Mill Blender

Average Rating:
  • 4.3 out of 5

from 3 reviews- view reviews

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Product Description

The L’Equip Mill Blender is a new, high-quality kitchen machine from this innovative American health brand. It comes with separate blades for blending or milling wet or dry ingredients. It mills, it blends, it chops, it grinds, it minces, it purees and it liquidises. It does all this and more with the kind of speed, power and efficiency that fits perfectly with the modern day balancing act of ensuring good nutrition in a busy lifestyle. It’s a great tool for raw food enthusiasts, quickly preparing countless recipes and ingredients. You can whizz up nutritious fruit smoothies for the whole family in seconds in the large capacity jar, or you can do just enough for one.


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The L'Equip Model 428 Mill Blender


The ingenious Mill Blender from L’Equip combines the functions of a food processor with those of a blender and a mill for grinding dry ingredients, cutting down on the need for separate machines and providing a powerful, fast work station that gives consistent, effortless results time after time in the healthy kitchen.

• Powerful 18,000 RPM direct drive motor
• Large 1.5 litre capacity high quality, easy-pour polycarbonate jar
• Stainless steel wet and dry blades for blending and milling functions
• Sealed jar construction with integral long-life bearings for easy blade assembly
• Rapid assembly and operation combined with ‘self-cleaning’ functionality
• Safety interlock lid prevents accidental operation when disassembled
• Convenient offset lid inlet for adding ingredients to recipes
• Wipe clean waterproof integrated switch panel
• Comprehensive instruction booklet and recipe suggestions
• 3 year manufacturers warranty, UK service centre
• A tree will be planted when you buy the L’Equip Mill Blender

The most popular use for a blender in the healthy kitchen is for making delicious ice based drinks and fruit smoothies. The state-of-the-art Mill Blender from L’Equip breezes through that task with bags of power, driving the high quality stainless steel wet blade at an ice-smashing 18,000 RPM.

Blend, mill and pulse controls give you accurate control of every function for consistent results. With the wet blade you can blend soups, puree sauces and chop salsas to your exact requirements. Make fresh, healthy mayonnaise and salad dressings in seconds. You can chop and mince any ingredients to the right texture for your recipes and save time on countless other food preparation tasks with this efficient work-mate.

Add the dry blade and the L’Equip Mill Blender decimates dry ingredients. You can mill grains and pulses for coarse flours and meals for healthy wholemeal recipes, turn oats into cholesterol-busting oatmeal for porridge, smash up flax and sprinkle it on your muesli and salads to boost your EFA intake, crack chick peas for healthy Falafels, grind up handfuls of spice mixes for your favourite dishes, mix dough and pastry, pulverise parmesan for your pasta – the possibilities are too many to list.

The Mill Blender is a great tool for many raw food and healthy kitchen tasks; mixing, mincing, chopping and grinding ingredients with minimal fuss. It’s great for raw soups, salsas, purees and sauces. You can turn nuts into nut butters effortlessly and its great for making ‘Almond Milk’. Rapidly turn sesame seeds into tahini paste for delicious halva and for adding to hummus. If you have a dehydrator, recipes for fruit leathers, dough for raw seed crackers and sprouted seed breads, wholesome trail snacks and more can be prepared in seconds with the Mill Blender.

The blades simply push into place, which makes cleanup a lot easier than with fixed-blade blenders. When you have finished your Mill Blender tasks, simply fill the jar with warm soapy water, press blend, and clean-up is complete within seconds! The waterproof switch-panel and wipe clean base make it easy to keep this excellent kitchen tool looking as great as the day you take it out of its box.

L’Equip are committed to establishing genuine ‘Carbon-Conscious’ values within their organisation and for every L’Equip product sold, a tree will be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Make a positive contribution to your health and to the environment – choose L’Equip.

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Product Reviews

Average Rating:
  • 4 out of 5
Sadly Broke :(
  • 3 out of 5

I bought the Mill Blender about 5 months ago and then the base stopped working. UK Juicers are very kindly in the process of sending me a replacement base.
I wouldn't recommend it however if you're looking to make small amounts of things. The jug is large and won't properly blend small amounts.

Reviewed 13 November 2013 by Jenny, London

Fab! fab! fab! fab! fab! and fab!! Product!!!!
  • 5 out of 5

I live in the UK and have recently purchased the L'Equip 428 Mill Blender and I think it is an absolutely brilliant blender. It has already made me the smoothest hazelnut/coconut/almond/sesame butters along with brilliant fruit and vegetable smoothies, frozen raspberry sorbet, garam masala and it has even made me brown rice flour (don't forget to sift after milling). It was definitely money well spent. I was also contemplating buying a high speed blender, but I might not need to do this any more as this has way exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and performance and it is also really easy to both use and clean. My only slight criticism is that unlike most food processors which come with grating and slicing attachment plates, this blender does not have these attachmentsl. I hope that L' Equip could please consider producing these attachments that can be purchased separately and included in future models in order to expand the potabilities of the already brilliant 428 mill blender. I also recommend reading the easy to follow instruction manual before using this blender as it gives really good advice on how to best use and maintain the blender well as not being overloaded with jargon Overall I am extremely happy that I bought this amazing blender and I could not recommend it highly enough in terms of sheer quality and value for money.

Reviewed 27 September 2013 by Michael, Scotland

Great value for money
  • 5 out of 5

I bought the L'Equip as a secondary blender/grinder for our holiday home in Austria. UK Juicers shipped it super fast to Austria and even included a plug adaptor free of charge. Excellent service as always. I was quite sceptical of this machine, and obviously, if you have a high power, expensive blender, than it doesn't compare. But for the money it does a wonderful job and it's perfectly adequate for a second home, caravan or boot. Or even for a 'raw food' beginner. You have to chop everything quite small (no more than 3cm) and you can't run it for more than 3 minutes. So it's a little more time consuming than if you use a high speed blender. The L'Equip will shut off automatically if you try to run it for more than 3 minutes, so beware as this means you can then not use it for ca. 45 minutes before it resets. Once you know this (and it tells you on the lid, so you shouldn't ever forget), then this machine does a great job. Easy to clean and run. Smoothies don't get quite as smooth as in a high speed blender, but certainly smooth enough. I made a delicious raw, vegan 'cheese' cake and again, the cashew mix wasn't as smooth as I'm used to, but it was definitely adequate. I recommend this machine if your budget is tight or like me, you need one for a second location. However, if time is an issue for you and you have the money, then I would recommend something more powerful.

Reviewed 19 April 2013 by Gabriela, Dorset, UK