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      Omega TWN30 Twin Gear Juicer in Silver

      In Summary

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      The Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer is the iconic American juicer brand's first twin gear model, offering nutrient packed juices for the committed juicing enthusiast. Often used by people using juicing to combat ill health, the twin gear juicing process is believed to offer the best juice quality and the Omega TWN30S offers super-efficient juicing of all vegetables. Juicing fruits requires more patience, unless they are part of a mixed recipe with vegetables, but that patience is rewarded with higher juice yields and more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. bpa free logo

      Key Features

      • Equivalent 2HP powerful induction motor
      • Low speed operation and triturating action for more nutrients in the juice
      • Ultra high yield from veggies and very dry pulp
      • BPA free juicing parts
      • Variable pulp pressure control
      • Suitable for juice therapies
      • Fine and coarse juice filters included

      UK Juicers Says

      The Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer would be a good choice for well-motivated juicing enthusiasts and people juicing to combat poor health, offering the highest nutrient content from a domestic juicer. Twin gear juicers crush produce between two tightly fitting gears releasing more nutrients into the juice, but they require more time overall. Pushing hard ingredients through the gears requires some effort, as with all Twin Gear models, so we wouldn't agree with Omega's claim that the juicer is self-feeding. However, if you are aiming for maximum nutrient content and predominantly interested in vegetable juices, The Omega TWN30S is one of the most efficient machines on the market and it will reward your efforts by saving money in the long run on juicing ingredients.

      Making pure fruit juices is not a very practical proposition in this type of juicer, but when added to vegetable based recipes the TWN30S will do a great job if the fruit is fed alternately with the veg. A typical juicing session will take approximately 10-15 minutes longer with this type of machine, including clean up. Compared to cooking a meal that is no great sacrifice when you consider the nutritional benefits of raw cold pressed juice, but we like to properly inform our customers what is involved because we know this type of juicer is not necessarily the best choice for those with a busy lifestyle.

      The key strength of a twin gear juicer is extracting nutrients that other juicers find it difficult to process. This is because the triturating action of the closely fitting gears breaks down plant cells more efficiently than other juicing processes. Some nutritional therapists recommend this type of juicer because of the juice quality and it is believed that they offer more nutrients than any other process, unless you go to through the additional process of using a hydraulic juice press. 

      "For day to day juicing I use my Omega Slow Juicer, but if I was juicing to combat ill health I'd quickly swap to a twin gear model like the TWN30S to maximise the benefits" - Nick, UK Juicers™



      Tech Specs

      Model Number: TWN30S
      Colour: Silver
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 304x165x439
      RPM: 160
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 6.5
      Warranty: 15 Years


      Omega TWN30 Twin Gear Juicer in Silver

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