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      Sage The Boss Blender BBL915BAL

      In Summary

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      Sage The Boss™ Blender is Sage by Heston Blumenthal's first venture into the superblender category. With 2.2Kw of pulverising power, as well as taking all the usual kitchen tasks in its stride it can also meet all the greater demands of the raw food lifestyle, from green smoothies to raw soups, fruit sorbets, nut butters and seed flours. The Boss offers amazing value when compared to some traditional raw food blender brands and it never falls short in the more difficult blending tasks that health enthusiasts typically demand. Comes with a free copy of 'Ani's Raw Food Essentials' recipe book!

      Key Features

      • Back lit LCD display
      • Die cast brushed stainless base
      • 2L Triton jug
      • Variable speed with 12 settings
      • One touch functions for smoothies, green smoothies, soup, crushed ice, frozen desserts
      • ProKinetix™ stainless steel blade
      • Flexible spatula smoothie stick and 'frozen dessert wand

      UK Juicers Says

      The Boss™ blender offers absolute control for all blending tasks from a slow stir to high speed milling of dry ingredients. Perfect for raw fooders, it adds less heat to dry ingredients than competing high power blenders but still creates soups from scratch without destroying nutrients. With dedicated pre-programmed buttons for common tasks and a beautiful brushed stainless base, this new superblender from the Breville Group is guaranteed to be a winner for people following the living foods lifestyle, or for anyone who wants a premium quality commercial grade blender for the home.

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: BBL915BAL
      Colour: Stainless Steel
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 220x190x480
      Jug Capacity: 2L
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 5.44
      Power (Watts): 2200
      Warranty: 7 Years
      Power (HP): 3


      Average Rating:
      • Average Rating: 5 out of 5
      • Like a Vitamix with Looks

        • 5 out of 5

        I ruled out buying a vitamix due to price. After setting myself a budget of around £350 I tried out two other high-end blenders before opting for the Boss. There is one negative with the Boss and it could be a deal breaker for some because it is not insignificant. I will go into some detail to describe this and the problem it causes. Whereas most blenders seem to have a means of locating the jug on the base by small protrusions of about an inch or less, the Boss uses a solid square, rubberised to dampen noise & jug chatter, and this protrudes almost 2 inches. This means you have to lift the jug much further to remove it from the base. This becomes a little tricky especially when the jug is full. Removing the jug is also a little less easy than other blenders too, especially when the drive cog of the blade mechanism does not line up perfectly with the drive socket, and you end up having to jiggle the jug slightly for the cog and socket to align and the jug then drops the final half inch or so into place. It is vital you get this bit right. However, this negative was far outweighed by the positives I found on the Boss over the other blenders I tested. By far the biggest positive was the controls for both blending speeds and timings. The "old fashioned" radio tuning type dial is a winner, especially because it allows slow speeds which I found really useful for adding final ingredients such as herbs to o sauces, dips etc, where you want them chopped and still visible as flecks in the final product. The display is very clear, illuminated LCD and although the printing on the preset program buttons is very small, it is words rather than images and easier understood if there are other users in the household. Timing control is better too because other models, especially digital / touch control models increment timings in blocks of 15 or 30 seconds, the Boss allows any time to be set run from or to count down from. I found this far more practical and better for the finished food product than the alternatives. Pulse control is also done differently on the Boss - press the button once and it will pulse continually every 2-3 seconds rather than you having to keep pressing the button. Just press it again to stop pulsing. One thing I expected to be a bit of a gimmick was the "self clean" but this is actually very well thought out and very effective. Rather than just a pre-set time of blasting half a jug of water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid at full welly, it runs then goes into pulse mode, (which pushes water up to clean the lid), runs, pulses and a final run at full speed. I rinse my jug and lid before using the cycle and so far I have excellent results, better than dunking in the sink. Style and quality of materials is also better on the boss than on the others I tested, especially the lid and stopper but everything in general from the power base to the plunger thingy is excellent. If you like the retro look of the vitamix and its ridiculous price tag then fair enough but the Boss is a quite a bit more stylish without being style-over-substance. The jug has a round base and curved bottom blades with rounded tips. These make it easy to scrape out virtually all the contents without much waste or getting the spatula caught. Having said that, I prefer a small silicone spoonula to the (good quality) one supplied with the machine, but the one supplied can be used through the central lid hole while blending so its still useful. The flat sides of the jug also aid easy food removal. I have read a review which commented about the base moving on the worktop. I have no such issues but I recently bought a second Boss for my mam and hers does move a little, especially when pulsing. This does not seem to be the machine at fault though - more the worktop. Where mine is a perfectly flat stone surface, hers is an old melamine type and I had to place a wedge of card under one foot to stop the "wobbly table" effect. Placing her unit on my worktop shows not wobble or movement when running - maybe just something to bear in mind but will probably be the same with any hi speed blender. If you are looking for a new blender you wont go far wrong with the Boss, especially if you can get it at UKJ's great offer price.

        Reviewed 23 January 2017 by Faebabsdad, Cumbria


        • 3 out of 5

        I have been looking for a blender to initially make hummus as I have burned out a couple of 500w blenders. I would not have paid full market value for this blender but as it was heavily discounted I bought one. It is very well made but the reviews are mixed, it's a "marmite" blender. I don't find the programs to be of much use, I use the dial and read the display which says what task it's doing. My hummus is lumpy and I had to keep stirring it to get it to mix. I also smelt the motor which surprised me but it is new. A good looking machine, but it's average in action.

        Reviewed 22 January 2017 by HS, Spain

      • Boss feels the Best

        • 5 out of 5

        I have pondered a long time before deciding on the Boss, and gosh am I happy to have chosen the Boss. I am totally delighted with it. From the moment it arrived by swift delivery, in a beautifully packed box, with a proper Sage book full of good advice and recipes, to the moment I got it in my hands, the wonderful adventure of owning a Boss Blender felt right. Its high quality, sturdy conception, the size of its jug and its fine design gives confidence and does the job of blending indeed. Using it is just a pleasure and a success. It is easy to use, gives delicious results, excellent texture, all the selected cycles are useful and it is simple to clean. So to get to the point, to me the Boss feels the Best.

        Reviewed 04 June 2016 by llouise, South of France

      Sage The Boss Blender BBL915BAL

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