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Green Power Kempo GPT-E1305 Juicer White Part No: JM80
Green Power Kempo GPT-E1305 Juicer White

Green Power Kempo GPT-E1305 Juicer White

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Product Description

This Green Power Kempo Twin Gear Masticating Juicer comes with the new Exclusive Pro parts which offer additional improvements to its already excellent versatility and performance.

Twin Gear juicers provide the most nutrient-rich juice available from a domestic juice extractor. They are often the tool of choice for the serious juicing enthusiast and for those who are using juicing to combat poor health. Green Power Juicers perform just as well as other well known Twin Gear Masticating Juicers in terms of both juice yield and durability, so we think they represent the best value for money
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Green Power Kempo GPT-E1305 Exclusive Pro Juicer

Twin Gear Masticating juicers break down juicing ingredients by passing them between a pair of stainless steel gears. These gears are so closely engineered that ingredients are thoroughly broken down, releasing even the deep fibre nutrients in the plant material that some juicers cannot reach.
  • The most up to date Twin Gear technology with Jang type gears
  • Supplied with NEW Exclusive Pro parts for improved performance and versatility
  • Low speed masticating juicer for all fruit and vegetables including wheatgrass, herbs & greens
  • Ultra-reliable induction motor for many years of trouble free juicing
  • Most nutritious juice possible in a single stage juicing process
  • Also makes noodles, pasta, nut butters, frozen fruit desserts & more
  • Available in four attractive colours
  • We are a UK import and service centre for Green Power juicers
Sharing its heritage with the Green Life or Green Star juicers, the more recent Green Power Kempo is from the same factory as the Hippocrates and Samson Ultra and the machines have the same juicing parts. There are slight differences in the cosmetics and accessory levels between the versions available but the performance is broadly the same.
It comes complete with the NEW Exclusive Pro parts for the best possible results with wheatgrass, soft fruits and more. These parts also double up as a pasta and noodle extruder for making round or ribbon noodles from dough. The Green Power Kempo has separate screens for vegetables, fruit and crushing/pureeing functions and a separate pulp pressure adjuster for soft fruits. It can be used to make nut butter and frozen fruit sorbets as well as offering other crushing and grinding functions. The enclosed DVD gives a quick visual reference before you start juicing with the Green Power Kempo for the first time.

What’s new with the Exclusive Pro Parts?

The ‘Exclusive Pro’ parts for the Green Power Kempo Juicer are a further improvement on the ‘Multi-Purpose Parts’  that are supplied with our ‘Deluxe’ model. The first thing to note is that both of the Exclusive Pro gears are stainless, whereas the Multi-Purpose gears have one stainless and one acetate gear. Similarly, the Exclusive Pro juicing screen is a stainless steel version instead of the acetate screen that comes with the Multi-Purpose parts. The obvious advantage of this is greater durability, better precision fit between both gears and screen, and less susceptibility to accidental damage. They also open up the possibility of juicing a greater variety of ingredients, but the changes don’t stop there.

The main functions of the Multi-Purpose parts that come with the Deluxe Kempo are pasta and noodle making and juicing wheatgrass and softer de-seeded fruits. These Multi-Purpose gears were designed to make certain specialist juicing tasks a little easier than using the standard Jang type gears, especially wheatgrass. (Note: with all Kempo juicers the Jang type gears still work best for most mixed vegetable juices, using variable pulp pressure control). Many people find it easy enough to find the correct pulp pressure setting for most tasks with the normal gears and for most vegetable based juices it is kept fully tightened. But this manual control can lead to varying juice yields if it is not set correctly for certain ingredients. The Multi-Purpose gears took away all the guesswork for wheatgrass and soft berries. However, the pulp outlet for the old Multi-Purpose gears is set at one fixed pressure, which cannot guarantee maximum yield from a wide variety of ingredients.

To increase the versatility of the Multi-Purpose gears for a range of popular health juices (as well as keeping the pasta and noodles function), the designers at Green Power came up with a complete set of fixed pressure juicing nozzles to go with the new Exclusive Pro stainless steel version of the MP gears. So for people who want to do a range of single ingredient juices these parts have varying choices of quickly interchangeable nozzle, which each give accurate pulp pressures for a specific task and guarantee the maximum yield of juice while minimising carry through of pulp into the drink. This also gives the user greater choice as well as simplifying pulp pressure setting.

For the ever popular specialist juice wheatgrass, the corresponding Exclusive Pro set up gives the best results we have ever seen. Juicing berries and soft fruits has often been regarded as wasteful for these ingredients, which can be expensive to buy and give a wet pulp where the juice is not fully extracted. The Exclusive Pro parts give the best possible results with a range of popular single variety health juices and they cut waste to a minimum on some of the ingredients that are difficult to juice by other methods. For those looking for the ultimate juicer this new package from Green Power is hard to beat

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