Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey

Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey


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2 reviews for Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juice Extractor GS-P502 Grey

  1. tribest greenstar pro
    This is the best juicer I have bought upto now. the pulp comes out dry, and loads of juice from fewer fruit and veg. fairly easy to clean. I am on my way to defeating cancer by juicing and would recommend this juicer.

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    stonegenius, west yorkshire (verified owner)

  2. Great customer sevices from uk Juicers
    Thank you UK juicers for excellent customer sevices and very easy no nonsense returns system. (5 stars)
    As for the product tribest have poor Customer sevice, warranty not as advertised, 12 yrs only, I had to find this out by badgering tribest who were very cagey about providing warranty information. Ultimately returned as a result of this experience (zero stars)

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    Rob, (verified owner)

  3. The mother of all juicers
    You want the truth??? Apparantly you get the best juice nutritionally and with regards to yield and although ive never taken a chemistry kit to my jiuce it certainly makes an amazing quality of juice. Orange, carrot and ginger is mind blowlingly yummy and thick like a tomato soup. Unheard of with previous juicers. Wheatgrass works, green juicing is great but the few down sides are as follows.

    With soft fruits it backs up super fast regardless if you alternate with harder veggies, you need to be really patient.

    The fine mesh that the juice goes through before the collection bowl clogs within 2 – 3 litres of juice which makes it hard to believe this is a “pro” juicer.

    Cleaning takes 10 minutes to take it apart, clean and put back together. If you are peacefull its not bother but if you are always in a rush you wont use it as you wont want to clean it. This has many awkward angles on the parts and the face of the main compartment.

    So apart from clogging in a few litres and backing up with soft fruits and being quite a ritual to clean I still love this juicer. It has a 15 year warranty which is great and for a litre of juice a day its perfect. My mum has a brain tumour and we are hoping green juicing and wheatgrass will help and we chose the juicer that is supposed to give the most nutritionally rich juice. If you are peacefull and patient then go for it but do not buy this juicer if you are always in a rush to make the juice and to clean the machine. there are other juicers for that

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    Ram Z, London (verified owner)

  4. Tribest Green Star Pro Commercial Juicer
    Wow. Just WOW. I giggle and quiver with joy each time i use this beast of a machine. For decades i have used a masticatiing single augur and a centrifugal juicier. I have dreamed of owning such a machine and saved and waited years for it. It was worth it. It surpassed my expectations.

    Carrot juice has been taken to a whole new level, the steel grinders take whole carrots at a time and it delivers a thick, creamy treacle tasting juice – i never knew existed/was possible. It is simply heavenly.

    I am a patient person and juice quality is very important to me. Once you understand how to take it apart/clean it – it is really easy. The genius cleaning brush provided makes light work of washing all the parts. The weight and quality of the metal gears is awesome, no wonder food gets pulverised. You really are getting the highest nutritional yield possible with any juicer with this product. It has pride of place in my kitchen and is part of my daily juicing ritual. It is an absolute joy and pleasure to use.

    My advice is, save save save and buy one. It will change your attitude towards juicing – if you really care about maximum yield and juice quality this is the ultimate machine for you.

    When my children move out and go it alone, i have always jested with them that i will not buy them a kettle, toaster and a microwave….. nope! They will be getting a Vitamix and a Tribest juicer!!!!…. and i do have to give a special mention to the Sage citrus press too, one of those as well! (Why when i have this juicer? They are fun, quick and easy and the kids love using it).

    Superb customer service and easy ordering, beautifully packed and fast delivery. Faultless. Thank you.

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    Pinktijen, Harrogate (verified owner)

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