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      Bellicon Classic Rebounder 100cm Medium

      In Summary

      Bellicon Logo

      The Bellicon Classic Rebounder is part of the Bellicon family of premium quality German-made rebounders for the 21st century. The patented 'soft as a cloud' rubber loop spring construction takes comfort to the next level while retaining the dynamic properties that make exercise on a mini trampoline so enjoyable and efficient.

      Choosing the Right Bellicon Classic

      The Bellicon Classic Rebounder is available in three different sizes with a range of maximum user weight options that determine the strength of the bungee springs. 112cm is the most popular size. 100cm is fine if you are limited for space. 125cm gives a larger bouncing area if you have plenty of space. Just follow these easy steps to customise your perfect rebounder:

      1. All the product options are to the right of the page
      2. Choose the rebounder size/bungee strength you prefer from the drop down menu under the buy button at top right (see guide below for bungee strength ratings)
      3. If you prefer folding legs instead of screw on legs put a check in the check box
      4. If you leave all the colour options blank, your Bellicon will be supplied with a black/orange mat and orange ring ropes
      5. You may select any one of the free colour options for the mat
      6. You may select any one of the free colour options for the ring ropes
      7. Once you've made your choices, click the green 'buy now' button
      Exercise Type/Max Body Weight Gentle to Mid Level Training (Beginners) More Intense, Cardio Training (Advanced Users) High Intensity Aerobic Training (Expert Users)
      Up to 60Kg Soft (Silver Clip) Medium (Blue Clip) Strong (Yellow Clip)
      Up to 90Kg Medium (Blue Clip) Strong (Yellow Clip) Extra Strong (Red Clip)
      Up to 120Kg Strong (Yellow Clip) Extra Strong (Red Clip) Ultra Strong (Green Clip)
      Up to 150Kg Extra Strong (Red Clip) Ultra Strong (Green Clip) NOT RECOMMENDED
      Up to 200Kg Ultra Strong (Green Clip) NOT RECOMMENDED NOT RECOMMENDED

      Bellicon rebounders are made to individual specifications by the factory in Germany. Please allow 7 to 10 working days for delivery.

      Key Features

      • Suitable for moderate right through to dynamic rebounding exercise
      • Improve muscle strength & co-ordination
      • Cardio vascular training without skeletal shock
      • Helps with lymphatic drainage
      • Great for relaxation and stress-busting
      • Can be used by most active users with back, joint and injury problems
      • An efficient way to promote ideal body weight

      UK Juicers Says

      The Bellicon Classic Rebounder is a quantum leap forward in rebounder design offering unparalleled comfort and a deep bouncing, dynamic rebound characteristic. With this innovative design, Bellicon have also created the first rebounder that is fully customisable to your personal specification and body type. Bellicon Rebounders are founded on over 25 years research and development experience, combining Swiss and German expertise with a commitment to making the best rebounders in the world. The Bellicon Classic Rebounder utilizes Bellicon's patented rubber loop or bungee springs. Described by the manufacturer as 'soft as a cloud' these supremely comfortable bungee springs offer a more elastic, deeper bounce than steel sprung rebounders with a rebound power that's still dynamic enough for intense activity when needed. The elastic rebound character of the bungee springs takes the low impact nature of rebounding to an even wider audience, being even more comfortable for those with injuries or back and joint problems.

      The addictiveness of all rebounding exercise comes from the fact that it is just so much fun. The rubber springs on the sure-footed Bellicon Classic give a deeper bounce than steel springs which increases the fun factor even further. It's hard to get across the different feel when you are on a Bellicon Rebounder, except to say that it is extremely stable and smooth and achieving a good activity level seems to require less effort than with a steel spring rebounder. This makes sense as the longer bounce means a more cushioned, extended exertion during the rebound deceleration and acceleration phases making best use of gravity, but the comfort and stability makes it seem effortless. This type of rebound also fits more closely with more therapeutic exercise goals for people trying to lose weight with low impact, efficient rebounder exercise or for senior and less able users.

      Rebounder exercise on a Bellicon is also more suited to the Kunhardt exercise method which aims to 'refresh instead of exhaust'. It applies the familiar principle that the highest proportional benefit from exercise comes when we are only exerted to about 50% of our maximum activity level. This level of exercise - equivalent to say gentle jogging or steady swimming - is also optimum for weight loss and offers a pleasurable low impact routine. But if you want to do cardio work for faster results, the powerful rebound on this model offers that too. The Bellicon Swing offers the perfect blend of elastic comfort and dynamic rebound.

      Tailor-Made to Your Needs

      German engineering, research and development are part of what make Bellicon Rebounders the very best that money can buy. The picture is completed by offering choices to suit every different user rather than taking a 'one size fits all' approach. The fully customisable Bellicon offers a range of sizes and user weight options so that your rebounder is a personalised fit. You specify and accessorise the rebounder to the situation in which it will be used and it is custom made and shipped to your door. The benefits of rebounder exercise can be extended to a wider range of users with the optional stability handles and these are great for people with problems with balance, seniors and those using rebounding for rehabilitation of injury. There are a range of different coloured mat and ring rope (bungee cord) options. Like everything else about Bellicon rebounders, the wide range of choices and accessories all bear the hallmark of German manufacturing excellence in this premium quality mini exercise trampoline.

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      Tech Specs

      Colour: Black
      Diameter: 100cm
      Rebounder Height: 36cm
      No Of Ring Ropes: 30
      Max User Weight: 90Kg
      Warranty: 3 years frame & mat, 6 months bungee cords
      Bungee Strength: Medium


      Average Rating:
      • Average Rating: 5 out of 5
      • 2013 Purchase Still Delighted

        • 5 out of 5

        I've used this since 2013 and have been delighted with the purchase. I highly recommend it. I've been an intermittent user - sometimes every day for 3 weeks to a month - then not for months - but I always use go back to it, as I feel better when I do My plan this year has been 3 to 4 times a week; I'm sticking to that more regularly. To me, at age almost 63, intermittent exercise is better than none, and the rebounder offers health benefits other exercises do not. Yes, and it can be fun. Full marks from me.

        Reviewed 11 June 2020 by summersunshine, Leicestershire

      • Excellent Product, great service

        • 5 out of 5

        Efficient, quick delivery, very impressed. My daughter and myself use it daily, the only exercise we have ever managed to keep up. I am trying the Bellicon exercise videos on their facebook site. Highly recommend, amazed that they are not more popular in the fitness industry in the UK.

        Reviewed 03 December 2017 by Deblola, Stornoway

      • Is it worth it ...Yes!

        • 5 out of 5

        is it expensive? ......the answer to that is yes and no, mostly no because of design features and Bellicon being the best on the market the materials are of a super quality so great in fact that it feels it should cost more,the larger size which is the one that was purchased is just perfect the bounce quality and feedback via your feet does feel like bouncing on a cloud there is no shock to the body and you feel like you have had a really good workout.Ordering from Juicers (my first order) was easy and quick.The delivery from Bellicon in Germany 3 days signed for delivery and the service is track-able.Bellicon send you an email when it has been dispatched and when to expect delivery,a cute pair of socks comes with the package as well as two dvds.All in all a great experience plus having a look on their website it is easy to order extra things like different bungees a whole mat, cushions and frames etc so you won`t be left high and dry after purchase .

        Reviewed 19 May 2017 by Mischa, uk

      Bellicon Classic Rebounder 100cm Medium

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