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      Eiffel Fresherpack Vacuum Sealer Bags 16cm x 23cm

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      Pack of 100 16cm x 23cm embossed bags for the Eiffel Fresherpack Vacuum Sealers. These vacuum sealer bags have a special criss-cross pattern which allowing the vacuum sealer to work more efficiently. Fresherpack bags are embossed on one side only and smooth on the other, which gives the best of both worlds as the air is still drawn out correctly but the clear side is available for presentation purposes and perfect viewing of the sealed item. Fresherpack's quality European vacuum bags are manufactured in Italy and fully comply with the strict EU food safety regulations and carry the food-grade safety label on each bag. Fresherpack vacuum bags are BPA, lead and phthalate free.


      Eiffel Fresherpack Vacuum Sealer Bags 16cm x 23cm

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