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      Ex-Demonstration Chiba Kaiten Japanese Spiralizer

      In Summary

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      Chiba Spiralizers are already famous in Japan, where chefs regularly use a turning slicer to prepare many garnishes and ingredients. The Chiba Kaiten Turning Slicer is aimed squarely at the discerning enthusiast who appreciates premium quality kitchen equipment for their home.

      One key benefit of this high end spiralizer that sets it apart from the crowd is the use of Japanese Steel in the blades. The Japanese are famous as world leaders in crafting steel blades and the first time you use the Chiba Kaiten you'll appreciate why. The blades on the Kaiten Spiralizer glide through the hardest of vegetables like butter. Used side by side with a standard spiralizer, the reason that the Chiba Kaiten Turning Slicer is in a different league becomes immediately apparent with its slick, precise operation. When you view the clean, smooth cut surface of the ingredients processed by the Kaiten Spiralizer, you immediately see a difference in quality from those processed by standard spiralizers costing around the £30 mark. So you should - this is a proper piece of kit for people who want the very best in their kitchen.


      Key Features

      • 1mm, 2.5mm and 4mm Premium Japanese Steel Blades
      • Cuts noodle and flat spiral shapes
      • Autofeed function for fast, even cuts every time
      • Smoother, more well defined cut texture of ingredients than cheaper spiralizers
      • Modular construction for easier cleaning and maintenance 

      UK Juicers Says

      It's easy to produce noodles and spirals with the Chiba Kaiten Spiralizer, but to make it even easier there is also an autofeed lever. Cheaper spiralizers rely on the user putting horizontal pressure on the turning handle to make the cut. With autofeed on the Kaiten engaged, a wormwheel effortlessly moves the ingredients into the blade the correct amount with each turn of the handle for perfect cuts every time. Japanese food presentation is an art form and the fine smoothness of cut achieved by the razor sharp blades of the Kaiten would meet with the approval of the most demanding professionals. This is a truly premium home spiralizer and well worth the extra spend if you appreciate quality equipment in your kitchen.

      Tech Specs

      Model Number: CHIBA-1
      Colour: Green
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 115x270x160
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 0.8
      Warranty: 1 year


      Ex-Demonstration Chiba Kaiten Japanese Spiralizer

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