GEO Organic Andante Fitness Mix (400g Pack)

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2 reviews for GEO Organic Andante Fitness Mix (400g Pack)

  1. Delicious!
    A superb mix of very tasty and easy to grow sprouts. They combine well in salads and smoothies and have an interesting texture and flavour. Ideal as a varied mixture for those new to sprouting.

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    Nicholas, Neath (verified owner)

  2. Very Successful
    Amazing how alive are these seeds, they sprouted pretty quickly and are growing fast and strong kicking against the dome of my sprouter. It’s a mix of sweet and peppery stuff that tastes really good added to salads or soups. This is going to be my fresh vegetables backup in between online shopping home deliveries in this time of pandemic.

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    Francesco, London (verified owner)

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