Choosing A Grain Mill

How To Get The Right Grain Mill For You

Hands Dusting Flour Onto Fresh DoughGetting a home grain mill is one of the best decisions you can make, and most people never look back after tasting the difference with freshly home milled flours and cereals. All cereals are at their absolute nutritional best when they’re milled straight from the living seed. The info below will guide you to the right size and style of grain mill from our extensive range, so you will soon be enjoying the unrivalled health benefits of the freshest flours and meals.

Form Or Function?… Both

Luckily you get both with all of the great examples of home grain mills in our range.


All the grain mills and grinders in our range are beautifully crafted in small scale artisanal workshops, constructed in natural, sustainably sourced hardwoods so that they look aesthetically satisfying in any setting. We also have some housed in renewable Arboblend bioplastic which uses recycled wood for even more green points. These ultra eco friendly models are also – perhaps surprisingly – extremely attractive objects, if a little less traditional.


It’s under the cover of these elegant housings and hoppers that we find the superb standard of manufacturing that we expect from our European cousins in Germany and Austria. The drive motors in the electric grain mills are commercial grade for years of trouble free use. The millstones are made of ultra durable ceramic corundum mineral composite. Any parts that are subject to wear and tear are easily replaced at home and so far (touch sustainably sourced wood) we have never had a grain mill that suffered failure.

We also have a few hand operated models if you prefer a workout with your home flour milling, or for off grid use where there is no mains electricity. These manual grain mills are actually not that strenuous to use, it just takes a little longer to produce flours and meals.

Sana Grain Mill


Mill output and capacity is a primary consideration when choosing. Whether your grain mill is going to be used in a small household or a small business will influence the size of mill you choose but a good way to think of this might be how long it takes to mill enough flour for a medium to large sized loaf. If the output of the mill is 100g per minute then maybe it will be around 4-6 minutes and you can work work from that for the time taken by mills of larger or smaller output.

Perhaps another thing to consider with electric grain mill output capacity is what else can you be doing while the hopper full of grain is being milled? You can get your other ingredients together, perhaps mix up some yeast, maybe grease a loaf tin etc. Time is not always the big factor we might think outside of commercial settings.

Ease of Use

This will not be an issue and that’s why we mention it. Our home grain mills and flakers are chosen for intuitive ease of use, with simple and straightforward millstone adjustment for different flour grades. They are almost maintenance free and cleanup is a doddle. The millstones are self-cleaning in regular use. Periodic cleaning after the mill has stood for a while, or for freeing the stones from any oily residues is usually done by processing a little rice or grain, which you then discard.

Grain Flakers & Crushers

These are not covered here as there really isn’t a lot that goes into choosing one except personal preference. They all use steel rollers to crush and flake cereals for porridge and muesli etc. View them at this link.

If you want a combination electric mill with a flaker there are a few included in the comparison table below.

Grain Mill Comparison Table

(View in landscape on mobile)

Grain Mill

Mill Output (g/min)

Housing Material

Hopper Capacity (g)

Dimensions LxWxH (mm)

Weight (Kg)

Warranty (years)

Price (£)

Waldner Farina
35 Larch 450 290x140x160 1.8 5 £179
Waldner Toskana (manual) 40 Beech 650 240x240x380 4.6 5 £289
Komo Magic 100 Beech & Stainless Steel 850 203x163x250 6.2 12 £319
Komo Fibidus Medium 100 Beech 850 213x153x324 7.0 12 £329
Sana Grain Mill 100 Beech 850 170x170x430 8 12 £369/£379
Mockmill 100 100 Arboblend 1100 220x190x380 6.6 6 £229
Mockmill LINO 100 100 Wood, Arboblend 1300 242x208x380 7.8 12 years home; 2 years commercial £389
Waldner Single 120 Alder 800 160x160x300 7.5 8 £329
Waldner Lady 120 Stone Pine 1000 180x180x320 7.5 8 £369
Waldner Mona 120 Larch or Stone Pine 1000 190x190x320 7.5 8 £455/£479
Waldner Silence 130 Beech 1200 190x190x360 9 8 £389
Waldner Luis
(includes Flaker)
130 Stone Pine 1200 195x310x355 11 8 £749
Waldner Family 170 Stone Pine 1300 250x250x365 9 8 £515
Mockmill 200 200 Arboblend 1100 220x190x380 8 6 £285
Mockmill LINO 200 200 Wood, Arboblend 1300 242x208x380 8.9 12 years home; 2 years commercial £460
Mockmill Professional 200 200 Wood, HI-MACS 1300 242x208x380 9.4 12 years home; 2 years commercial £555
Komo Fibidus XL 200 Beech 1200 232x173x367 9 12 £549
Komo Duett 200
(includes Flaker)
200 Beech 1200 232x335x395 17.5 12 (3 years Flaker) £795