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      Non-UK Customer FAQs

      Here are a few frequently asked questions from customers outside the UK. If you can't find the answer you are looking for and would like to ask us something - click here

      Q: Are all the products the correct voltage for use in Europe?

      A: Yes. All our electrical products are suitable for electrical supplies rated at 220/240 Volts and 50 Hz, so they work properly in ALL European countries and many countries outside Europe. This is true for every product on our website, including American brands like Omega, Excalibur, L’Equip, Sunkist and Champion Juicers.

      Q: Do your products have the correct plug for my country?

      A: Electrical products with the correct plug for mainland Europe are often available from the following brands:Schuko Plug




      Sunkist Juicer

      All these brands are ​often in stock with the Schuko type 2 pin plug for use in Europe.

      In cases where we don’t have a product available with the Schuko type plug, we send a plug adapter free of charge, so that you can use it without changing the power cord.

      Q: What do you charge for shipping to my country?

      A: We try to keep our shipping charges as low as possible. Some higher value orders are shipped free outside the UK. Please consult the table below to see the order value levels that achieve free delivery outside the UK. If your country is not shown in the table please contact us.

      Country Order Value £0-£98.99 £99.00-£250 £250.01-£500 £500.01+
      Zone 1
      Austria, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Channel Islands, Czech Republic,Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary,Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,Sweden
      £12.50 FREE FREE FREE
      Zone 2
      Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sardinia, Sicily,Switzerland
      £15 £15 FREE FREE
      Zone 3
      Corsica, Gibraltar, Greece, Malta, Norway,
      £25 £25 FREE FREE
      Zone 4
      Belarus, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Iceland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Madeira,Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine
      £45 £45 £55 £65
      Zone 5
      Albania, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
      £80 £90 £140 £165

      Q: How long does delivery take to my country?

      Sometimes our orders to nearby countries are delivered in as little as 2 days but we ask that you allow up to 5 working days. Please see the table below for a guide to shipping times. Please note this is an approximate guide only and actual shipping times may occasionally vary:

      Country/Delivery Time
      2 Days
      3 days
      3-4 Days
      4-5 Days
      5-6 Days
      7-8 Days
      Belgium, Channel Islands, Denmark,Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands

      Austria, Czech Republic,France,Hong Kong, Monaco, Poland,Singapore,Switzerland

      Albania, Corsica, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta, Sardinia, Sicily,Slovenia, Spain

      Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lituania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Romania, Slovakia, Taiwan

      Australia, Balearic Islands,Belarus, Croatia, China, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Madeira, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal,Sweden, Thailand
      Indonesia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine

      Q: What happens if I receive my order and it has been damaged during shipping?

      A: We use reputable couriers and damages are extremely rare. However, any goods that are damaged during transport will be replaced free of charge and we will send our courier to collect the damaged item(s). Please report any damaged goods immediately.

      Q: What happens if a fault develops with a product and I need warranty support?

      A: In the unlikely event that you receive a product that is faulty, we will arrange free collection and replacement for a period of up to 6 months. We want our customers to be delighted with their purchase and with any aftercare that may be needed. On higher priced items we may choose to offer a repair instead of a replacement if the item has developed a fault after some use. Many product issues can be resolved without returning an item to us. After the first 6 months we may ask you to contribute to the cost of returning an item to the UK if it becomes necessary. Most manufacturing defects show up early in the life of a product and our range is selected for quality and reliability, so it is unlikely that you will ever need to pay any costs in relation to returning a product to the UK for service under warranty.

      Q: Will I have to pay customs clearance charges, taxes or duty on my order?

      A: If you are ordering from an EU country, you will have no additional charges to pay when you receive your order. The price you see when you place your order is what you will pay in GBP. Currency exchange rates vary and the price you will pay in your own currency is determined by your bank or card issuers exchange rate when you place your order. 

      If you order from a country outside the EU, we will automatically deduct UK taxes when you place your order and you will then pay local taxes and duty in your country on receipt of the goods. 

      If you are ordering on behalf of a business outside the UK that is registered for VAT, we can deduct UK VAT from your order if you provide us with your VAT number. If you order online and provide your VAT number with your order, UK tax (currently 20%) will be refunded when we process your order. If you prefer to place your business order by email and you also provide your VAT number, we can issue a proforma invoice without VAT for payment by bank transfer.