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      Living With Green Star by Elysa Markowtiz

      In Summary

      Living With Green Star is the first book of it's kind to provide a wealth of recipes for those health-conscious people who want to nourish themselves with living food.

      Living foods are a fast growing trend in natural nutrition. From Ann Wigmore's wheatgrass juices to Hallelujah Acres raw food diet, uncooked vegetarian foods are all the rage.You don't have to limit yourself to juices, salads and dips. Try Walnut Loaf, Sunny Broccoli-Carrot Pate, Date Nut Torte or Coconut Crunch Macaroons; all are made with raw vegetables, fruits and seeds.

      Discover the art of quick, simple and nourishing uncooked foods and taste and feel the vitality of eating raw foods with Living With Green Star's quick enzyme-rich, high-fibre vegetable dishes, dressings and desserts.


      Living With Green Star by Elysa Markowtiz

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