Omega 8004 Juicer And Nutrition Centre Omega 8004 Juicer And Nutrition Centre Omega 8004 Juicer And Nutrition Centre
Omega 8004 Juicer

Omega 8004 Juicer And Nutrition Centre


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23 reviews for Omega 8004 Juicer And Nutrition Centre

  1. Good buy
    Omega juicer 8004 is good, simple and effective!
    Received quickly (3 days in France).
    Excellent service.

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    Liloo, France (verified owner)

  2. Fantastic product backed by a company with fantastic customer
    I’ve had my omega 8004 juicer for nearly three weeks now. It was delivered promptly and has proven to be a fine machine. I use it almost every day to juice mainly leafy greens and veg, but also fruit, and it consistently does a great job. I often put the pulp through once more which usually gets me an extra 50ml. I’ve made my own almond milk, ground seeds to get a sort of coarse flour, and ground peanuts too. It’s a well-made reliable machine and looks like the business (even in white!). As a vegan I relish the nutritional value of the juice that the omega is able to extract and it has become an essential dietary tool.

    But my journey with the juicer began a while before the purchase with a long line of correspondence with UKJuicers. Over a period of two weeks I received roughly 13 email responses to my queries and concerns. They were quick to respond and thorough with their info. I have to say that the customer service was outstanding – it was a pleasure to deal with people who were clearly passionate about their jobs! I would very highly recommend this company.

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    HBHB, UK (verified owner)

  3. omega 8004 juicer
    Ordered my juicer on Sunday night, and it arrived this morning (Tuesday 10.a.m). Have just juiced oranges and it has squeezed every last bit of juice out. Amazing! And so quiet you can hardly hear it. I clicked on to you tube for a demonstration. Will certainly recommend this to my friends.

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    smiley face, Co. Durham (verified owner)

  4. omega-ga-ga-ga!
    Received my omega 8004 today prompt delivery!
    My old juicer has given up on me so i jump in to buy this! its been used 8 times today buy my 10 year old son he loves it! very happy with it quiet and easy to clean! awesome! thanks

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    grav, south wales (verified owner)

  5. Very solid product
    I’ve had my omega 8004 for about a month/month and a half. It juices everything just fine. Juices just like on the youtubevids. Only minus I have found is the discoloration of the plastic containers. Everything else is easy to clean and very shiny!

    I use carrots, apples, and all sorts of leafy greens, and it all tastes awsome and fresh! Feel alot better too and my skin glows.

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    Helena, Netherlands (verified owner)

  6. Omega 8004 is Brilliant
    Having watched nearly every video on and really thought through what I wanted, I went ahead and bought the Omega 8004 – I would have bought the new Omega NC800 but it is not available in the UK yet, buuuut, you can order the feeding tube/auger section on its own from the States and it will fit on the 8004 body! The NC800 feeding tube is larger, so less chopping.

    I ordered my juicer at 1.30pm yesterday and it arrived at 10.30am today! Well done ukjuicers, very pleased about that. I got straight to work with juicing some kale, apples, celery (you need to cut it into 1 inch chunks to stop the fibers clogging the machine), cucumber, oranges and apples. This is a slow juicer so it takes longer than the centrifugal machines that I have tried, but the juice was beautiful and the pulp very dry – I ran the pulp through again just to see how it would cope, and it was fine, extracting that little bit more juice.

    Cleaning was a breeze, just a mintute or 2 with very little effort – that is important to me. Later I ran some frozen bananas through to make banana ‘ice cream’ for my daughter – she loved it!

    All in, I couldn’t be happier with this machine, and having watched so many videos, was able to use it straight out of the box without even looking at the instructions – it is very straightforard to put together and use. The 15 year warranty gives me peace of mind. While I will probably order the NC800 feeding tube assembly, just because I would prefer a larger feeding tube, I am thrilled with this machine and would highly recommend it.

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    Simone, London (verified owner)

  7. Easy to use and clean, plus a very high yield juicer!
    I have been using my new Omega 8004 for several weeks now and it is such a joy to use, especially when comparing it to my old L’Equip centrifugal juicer which I’ve had for years.

    The juice yield from the Omega is so much better than from a centrifugal juicer and of a better quality too. Yes, this takes more time, but I feel it is worth a slightly longer wait to get much improved results. It is quiet to use (although do expect some ‘squeaking’ noises especially from the likes of apples with skins on etc. – this is perfectly normal!) and smoothly works its way through all sorts of vegetables and fruit with ease. I do a lot of juicing and this always contains a reasonable proportion of leafy greens such as kale, spinach and chard. The Omega 8004 copes with these brilliantly, as stated in the description and manufacturers claims. Carrots and apples and chomped up easily and grapes go through no problem.

    Bear in mind you do need to do some preparation of your fruit and vegetables – cut carrots lengthways, cut larger apples into about 6 pieces, chop leafy greens. However, this does not take long at all and the end result is well worth it, with a very rich, high quality juice which does not separate or go brown and has less foam than that produced from a centrifugal juicer.

    Clean up of this machine is actually no more time consuming than with my old L’Equip XL – the assembly and dis-assembly are simple and the parts easy to clean. The brush which is included is excellent for cleaning the juicing screen part, but I used a larger-headed nylon bristle washing-up brush for the rest of the parts.

    The machine itself is quite heavy, which is good, as it seems to be very well built indeed. The food hopper on top is handy as you can put a handful of your chopped leafy greens etc. in there and slowly feed them through gently with the included pusher.

    Bear in mind that you do need to operate this machine in the way recommended – slowly feed the fruit and vegetables in, do not overfill it, alternate between leafy greens, carrots, softer items, apples etc. and just let it do what it does best. This way, you will have no problems at all with the Omega 8004.

    An excellent juicer and nutrition centre which I am delighted to have purchased and use every day.

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    Alison, Folkestone (verified owner)

  8. Juicer that does the job
    I bought this juicer from UKJuicers last week and I highly recommend this company and the Omega juicer. I made perfect juice with no fuss. I also made sorbert with frozen raspberries perfect – tip is to put the rasperries back through 3 times with the plain plate in you will be delighted with the result. I am very happy with this item.

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    Samantha9313, Lisburn (verified owner)

  9. Prompt service and a quality product
    I purchased the Omega 8004 Juicer from the website around noon on a Friday, requesting a Saturday delivery. Since it was so close to the cut-off time for next day deliveries I emailed customer service to confirm that the juicer would arrive the following day (and not the next Saturday). I received a speedy response to my email assuring me that the juicer would be with me the next day and indeed it was, and much earlier than I’d anticipated!

    The juicer itself is fantastic. I’ve been using it every day to make green juices, which it’s particularly good at, and I’ve occasionally been using it to make banana ice cream, fruit sorbets, date nut balls and spaghetti. It’s also great for pureeing garlic, ginger and chillies for curries and grinding coffee. I love it!

    My only slight concern is that UKJuicers don’t seem to stock parts for it – I was hoping to buy some replacements parts soon, for security. Perhaps the unavailablity of parts reflects the quality of the juicer i.e. noone ever needs them.

    In summary, if you are in the market for a new juicer I have no hesitation in recommending an Omega 8004 from UKJuicers.

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    Cat, Glasgow (verified owner)

  10. Aucun regret
    J’ai reçu mon omega 8224 (modèle adapté au 220v) il y a 2 semaines et j’en suis ravie.
    La rapidité de livraison pour la France nickel (commandé le mercredi soir vers 21h, préparé le jeudi matin et reçu le lundi matin 9h) merci UK juicers et GLS.
    C’est mon premier extracteur donc j’ai peu d’expérience mais je fais de succulents et très sains jus de fruits et de légumes (en m’aidant du livre (en Anglais) offert avec l’extracteur, de Norman Walker) et je n’ai aucun regret sur mon achat. Il faut lui trouver un peu de place mais il en vaut la peine. L’utilisation et le nettoyage sont simples. Je n’ai pas encore testé le module pour les pâtes mais ça va venir!!!
    Merci encore UK juicer, y compris pour le prix car, pour la France, les frais de ports sont offerts et le prix nettement inférieur à celui propsé sur des sites français.

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    Marie-Emmanuelle, (verified owner)

  11. Excellent
    This juicer is excellent, produces very high quality juice which will store well for a couple of days in the refridgerator. Easy to use and very quick and easy to clean.

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    Suzie, Uk (verified owner)

  12. Bonne affaire
    Je remercie l’équipe d’UK juicers pour son professionnalisme : j’ai commandé le samedi 28 décembre, j’ai reçu mon colis le 03 janvier malgré la coupure du weekend et celle du 1er janvier ! Quant à l’appareil, c’est une petite merveille qui fabrique aussi bien les jus, pulpes et frites de fruits ou de légumes. L’appareil coûte cher mais le prix est vraiment compétitif par rapport aux revendeurs français, environ 15% d’économies livraison comprise.

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    Arnaud, Carignan-de-Bordeaux (verified owner)

  13. I Love my Omega!
    Bought this juicer when I grew extremely frustrated with the large amount of wet pulp produced by my previous (centrifugal) juicer. This machine feels extremely sturdy and the quality/taste of the juice is much better than my old juicer. The pulp comes out super dry (except for pineapple, perhaps). Perfect for juicing green stuff (spinach, kale, wheatgrass) as well as all the usual fruit and veg. The machine is also fairly quiet so that I can carry on having conversations or listening to the radio while using it. I usually prepare juices in the evening for the next day or two – however I have on occasion kept the juice (in a fridge) for 3 or 4 days and it still looks and tastes great!

    Really easy and quick to clean – and the parts take up only a small amount of space on the draining board.

    NB. I must mention that the auger broke fairly soon (2 weeks) after I acquired the juicer – this was due to my feeding through too large a quantity of wheatgrass (several times). However, after a quick phone call to UK Juicers, a new auger was sent to me promptly and without argument. (Thank you!)

    I’d recommend this juicer to anyone who values quality over speed (using this type of juicer is definitely more time-consuming than using a centrifugal one, but well worth the extra time).

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    Isabelle, Brighton, UK (verified owner)

  14. Super!
    Commandée le dimanche, la machine est arrivée le jeudi suivant. C’est le modèle 8224 parfaitement adapté aux prises françaises…Montage hyper simple…Moteur silencieux…ça respire la qualité tout ça…J’ai déjà fait un jus de pommes délicieux…bref que du bonheur!

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    Rudy, Montpellier (verified owner)

  15. Great deal – Bonne affaire
    Really impressed with UK Juicers, my juicer arrived 3 days after ordering online, I live in France.
    Started juicing, can’t wait to try nut butters. This machine hardly makes any noise and is real easy to clean.

    Livraison rapide (3 jours!) depuis l’Angleterre, meilleur prix qu’en France.
    Cette machine ne fait pas beaucoup de bruit et se nettoie facilement.

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    Lebowski, France (verified owner)

  16. Omega 8004
    commandé le jeudi 8 mai après-midi, reçu lundi 12 mai! Très satisfait de mon acquisition. Rien à redire.
    (Je poste cet avis, car j’étais un peu inquiet d’acheter sur le net et en UK.)

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    JUICER, Paris (verified owner)

  17. Easy to use, easy to clean, tasty!
    Excellent service. Clear phone advice (it’s so hard to choose), up to date info on delivery times, delivered the next day.

    The juicer is so much better than the cheap centrifugal one I used to have. The juice tastes better, the juicer is quiet (I can listen to the radio while I use it), and is so easy to assemble and clean (even the screen). I have only had it for two days, so I might write another review in a few months. So far: carrot (delicious), carrot, cabbage and tomato (not so sure about this one) and celery (surprisingly nice).

    Unless you have super-muscles, you need to keep it on the worktop. At 16lbs, it’s much too heavy to keep moving around. Still, it looks good out on the worktop, so I don’t mind.

    The instruction book is ok. It would be better with photographs and explanations (EG why you have to cut the veg into small pieces). It says don’t use for more than half an hour, but doesn’t say how long you have to rest the motor between runs.

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    Jude, Cheltenham, UK (verified owner)

  18. Excellent choice OMEGA 8004
    Very good service from UK Juicer : ordered on Dec 21st (sunday) and received for Christmas on Dec24th !

    The OMEGA 8004 is easy to use, do very good juices,easy to wash.

    If you are looking for a juicer, I recommand the OMEGA 8004 and UK Juicer fir its excellent service

    Rachel from France

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    BOUTET, ELANCOURT (verified owner)

  19. Excellent juicer!
    I spent a bit of time researching the juicers and watched loads of videos on comparisons. Even this price was a bit of a push for me but I’m so glad I did it. Its an amazing juicer: quiet, sturdy, not too slow considering its a slow type of juicer. I love the size and design. I’ve been making smoothies for a few years but only after I got the juicer I’ve realised the health benefits. No smoothie will ever taste like a good quality juice. This Omega doesn’t produce much foam and I don’y feel the need to strain it at all. Get all the goodness in! +++

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    Yulia, Watford (verified owner)

  20. Great Little Juicer
    This juicer get my vote because:-
    – Efficient – Pulp is pretty dry indicating that there is little juice wastage
    – Very easy to clean
    – Very quiet
    – Easy to assemble
    – Reliable
    – Produces excellent juice, sorbet and nut butters

    Only Con was that the chute is narrow, meaning the veggies need to be cut small. This is a feature of many lower priced horizantel auger machines

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    Andy, Maulden (verified owner)

  21. Nice Juicer
    Very happy with it, small , easy to clean and the wastage very dry, i am impressed. Thanks!

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    seb, london (verified owner)

  22. Wow!!
    We wish we got it earlier. It looks great, it’s super quiet, easy to clean, the wastage is very dry and the juice taste is fantastic. we strongly recommend this one.

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    tatyago, suton coldfield (verified owner)

  23. Omega
    Best product great company thank you. What a company to work for products you can believe in. Billion times yes. Thank you.

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    Man, Yorkshire (verified owner)

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