Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre
Omega 8006 Juicer

Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre

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Product Reviews

21 reviews for Omega J8006 Juicer And Nutrition Centre

  1. Barbara W. Redhill
    This morning, a courier delivered my Omega Juicer 8006. Very fast delivery, very good communication and very friendly service. It’s absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you very much

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    Barbara, Redhill (verified owner)

  2. This is an excellent piece of equipment!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have received the Omega 8006 safely and have been juicing for 2 days now. It can juice almost anything and the quality of fresh juice is amazing. I am very happy that instead of buying a generic centrifugal juicer, I did some research and ended up getting the Omega set. Thank you for the excellent service and swift delivery, too! Will do business again.

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    LG, Estonia (verified owner)

  3. best all round juicer
    Excellent service and delivered within 24 hours by UK juicers.
    Juicer was purchased so my family can increase their intake of leafy veg, as getting children to eat all their greens can be a pain. The juicer has been excellent so far, very simple to clean and assemble.
    I leave around 15 mins to prepare the produce and juice it all to create enough juice for 4 people and afterwards cleaning takes about 2 minutes.
    Excellent product!

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    Chris, Oxfordshire (verified owner)

  4. Great Juicer
    I’ve had a centrifugal juicer for many years that I used on and off. It is old and I decided to treat myself to a new machine. After much research I selected the Omega 8006. For my budget range this was purported to be good in it’s class. I am now juicing on an almost daily basis. I love the simplicity of the mechanism, especially for cleaning. The waste is so dry it is amazing how much more juice I must be getting compared to my previous juicer. Added to that and excellent service provided by UK Juicers and I’m a very happy customer.

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    Niwoo, (verified owner)

  5. Nearly a year on I love this juicer
    I use this nearly every day, and a year later, I still love it. If anyone wants to read more:

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    hdh74, (verified owner)

  6. Love it!
    Only bought this juicer 10 days ago but have been using it all the time! Already did 2 days of only having juice which meant using the machine 5 times a day. I definitely get more juice out of it then with my old centrifugal one and the taste seems more intense. And I finally can juice sprouts!

    I even timed cleaning it and it literally takes two minutes. Very impressed. Reasons I bought this juicer was watching a lot of John Kohler videos and it seems to fit what I need. Juicing greens really well and being easy to clean. I swear I would not have done a juice fast with my old juicer simply because of the hassle to clean it.

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    Cloud, London (verified owner)

  7. great for home juicer
    I used it for 4 years now and is in great cond. Juice quality remain the same. Very happy.

    And happy with uk juicers. Been ordered 4times and always happy with the service and generosity 🙂

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    soraya, indonesia (verified owner)

  8. fabulous juicer + service.
    thanks very much guys, my Omega 8226 juicer arrived this morning within 24 hours of ordering. I am delighted with the machine, I spent some time considering which one to get and am so glad I went with the Omega – it is so easy to juice, clean and I have already made 3 tasty glasses of veg and fruit drinks. I would highly recommend this juicer and the ukjuicer guys provide a superb service at a good price.

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    Stephen, London (verified owner)

  9. Perfect, we are well chuffed with Omega 8006
    Like many others, I spent a lot of time researching which juicer to get. John Kohler certainly helped, as did Joe at UK juicers who probably gave the most valuable info regarding comparing different models and what they can or can’t do, reliability and ease of use. Thank you for your patience Joe! And the juicer is perfect, it’s the Omega 8006/8226. It is even easier to use and clean than we thought, it is a total workhorse and we know we picked the right model. The fact the feeding chute is a little bit smaller than on some of the vertical models makes little difference, and you save time not having to chop up celery, kale or other stringy greens. you just feed them in whole. The pulp is dry and tastes very yummy as veggie burgers (with chopped onions, garlic, herbs and spices, an egg or two to keep the burgers together). Best pulp for burgers is the non-stringy vegetables. Oh and I’ve ground bags and bags of almonds, it’s so easy and quick! Thanks very much, Joe and UK Juicers offer a superb service and next day delivery.

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    Katarina, Glastonbury (verified owner)

  10. Super contente
    J’ai reçu mon extracteur en un temps record.
    Si je n’avais commandé dans mon pays, la livraison n’aurait pas été plus rapide. Et puis la communication avec le service client! C’est le TOP aussi. Je recommande sans conditions

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    Claudine, Brignais (verified owner)

  11. The Alpha & Omega of Juicers
    First of all UK Juicers were brilliant. We ordered on a Saturday and by Tuesday our Juicer was here. Brilliant service and very keen pricing, so buy with confidence.

    The juicer itself is wonderful. Me and my wife have been juicing for about a year now and have been relying on a Breville centrifugal juicer for our juices. As it was clearly not a fad we were going to grow out of we decided to have an upgrade. After much research and thought we decided on the Omege. Please note in the UK you will be sent the 8226 model which is identical in every way to the 8006 except it is made for the UK power supply.

    We did a yield test and blind taste test against our old centrifugal juicer and our new juicer.

    We juiced 1 Apple, 1 Pear, 1 Orange and 30g of curly Kale. It was all weighed so that it was equal in every way. We got exactly double from this juicer! Further the Omega juice was green but the Breville produced a clear orange colour, it had clearly just shredded the kale but not produced any juice from it. The blind taste produced the biggest of surprises. The Breville juice was more watery in taste, and thinner. The Omega produced a full bodied, tasty juice. With our eyes closed it was clear to all of us which was the best juice.

    This juicer is excellent with greens and equally good with fruit of all colours. An added bonus is that if you feel that the pulp is still a little wet, which it rarely is you can run the pulp back through to get more juice, something you just cant do with a centrifugal jiucer.

    This is also, essentially, a food processor, it will homogenise almost anything. Great for Falafel, peanut butter both of which we have made with the blank plate.

    The Omega is well made and its parts while made primarily of moulded plastic it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. Very solid, and with a 15 year guarantee on the motor and a 10 year one for its parts you cant go wrong.

    The Omege is easy to clean and was much better than our Breville in the time it took.

    If we were being super picky, the Omega feed shoot is small so you have to cut up your fruit and veg, hence it takes a little longer to get your juice, however we have found that this is made up in the time it takes to clean. Also the juice is slightly pulpy which we quite like, but if you don’t it comes with a filter to get rid of that so its a side point.

    We really can’t recommend this juicer enough. We have calculated that with the extra juice we are producing we will make our money back in approx 4 months time.

    We realise how sad we sound, but hay we are geeks and its not often you buy something where you have no regrets.

    Its the best seller and well reviewed for a good reason.

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    Tom & Caz, Loughborough (verified owner)

  12. Omega 8006 Juicer Review
    We’ve had our Omega 8006 juicer for a few days now and are absolutely delighted. We initially bought a Phillips Centrifugal Juicer from Argos, but the motor died and started smelling and smoking after only 2 weeks of use – apparently a common issue. So we had our money refunded and I persuaded my husband that we should by the Omega 8006. We are not dissappointed, in fact it has more than met our expectations! The system is really easy to assemble and clean and produces amazing juices with no frothing, meaning a better quality juice which has not oxidised. The
    residue is very dry which means more juice for us! UK Juicers were impeccable in their service and delivery of the product with next day delivery. If you are serious about juicing this is the one for you – the fact that the product can also make sorbets, nut butters, coconut milk and oil plus pasta shapes the price is phenomenal. Looking forward to making banana icecream this afternoon.

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    Julie, South West Wales (verified owner)

  13. Omega 8006/8226 Juicer
    I have been using the Omega 8006/8226 Juicer on daily basis since April 2012. The juicer is robust, easy to use, dismantle and clean. The quality of juice is splendid. The UK juicers service is excellent. I needed to replace a few parts and they arrived in 24 h free of charge. I am very pleased with both the juicer and you after sale care!

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    Oldrich, Wadebridge, Cornwall (verified owner)

  14. Very Good
    This is the best juicer I have used so far. So easy to use and clean. I use it everyday. The pulp comes out really dry and you get the maximum juice from your vegetables/fruits.

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    Naz, Surrey (verified owner)

  15. Nice
    The juicer is lovely, most of all I like the quiet operating and easy cleaning. It’s best performing on hard vegies and greens; a bit mushy and cloging on soft products like pineapple, cucumber or orange, apple.. But if mixed in between works ok. Grinding- not as fine as I excpected but slightly better then meat grinder. Although cinnamon sticks I will never grind again,-the sound is unbearable and results not pleasing at all.
    Confusing points- warranty is 10 years not 15 as in description and it is not within UK, so postage to USA and service charges apply. To me it’s like as if there is no warranty at all, too much hassle. In addition need to register by post within 30 days if not no warranty at all.
    After less than a month of daily usage inside can see some discoloration (even tho it’s black) and some residue on the metal part, that doesn’t come off even with the scraper end on the brush provided. Just to note- always hand washing (maybe in dishwasher wouldn’t even build up), juicing only organic produce.
    In overall I like it, just not sure how to get rid off the build up.

    UK Juicers Says: Thanks for your review, Laura. The 8006 certainly is one of our best performing horizontal single-auger juicers and you’re absolutely right, you will get more optimal results mixing softer fruits with harder produce and also allowing time for each feeding to clear the juicing chamber before introducing any more. Please accept our apologies for any confusion with the warranty paperwork included with the juicer which is meant for the American market. The warranty of the 8006 is indeed 15 years and it is also looked after by us in the UK. In the unlikely event that you have any issues with your juicer you would simply need to contact us and we would look after any warranty requirements for you. The discolouration you’ve experienced is usually due to a build up of mineral deposits from produce which can build up over a number of months. A thorough scrubbing, preferably preceded by soaking in a de-scaling solution, will lift these deposits off and bring the juicer back up to scratch.

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    Lama, Cambridge (verified owner)

  16. Very quite
    very quite – good looking – no juice waste – easy to clean – worth the investment

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    shiraz, ilford (verified owner)

  17. Wonderful juicer
    We are using this juicer since December 2015 on a daily basis to make vegetable juice. It is very easy to use, to assemble, disassemble and fast to clean. I would happily buy this juicer again. The only little downside that we have experienced is that already three parts broke, despite us taking very good care of our precious Omega 8006. However UK juicers have been brilliant in replacing the first two parts under warranty. The service was very friendly and prompt.

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    Jutta, (verified owner)

  18. Super Juicer!
    The best Juicer you can ever have! Good price and super quality of juices. While I was giving fresh juices to my son, he never had problems with flues etc. When I stopped for a while, as I didn’t have to much time to do it… he started getting sick! So now, I’ll reuse it again on a daily basis! We just lost an important piece while moving to another house, but order it from UK Juicer. I hope it will come as fast as the Juicer. All my best!

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    Simona, (verified owner)

  19. Juicing Perfection
    Quite simply the best juicer ever!

    I have been using a centrifugal juicer for months and finally upgraded to the Omega. It’s a powerhouse – much like a Kenwood Chef (if you know what I mean) – it copes with anything you throw at it.

    People have said it’s time consuming having to chop everything – nonsense I say. Sure it takes a little longer than the centrifugal juicers, but barely noticable.

    It’s really easy to clean too.

    The pulp is bone dry – I put the first lot through again but it wasn’t worth it as virtually no more juice came out.

    Can’t say enough good things about this machine, other than you need to buy one

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    Fec, Scotland (verified owner)

  20. Omega 8006
    I started using my 8006 only 3 days ago and I am amazed at the results. I juice a tray of wheatgrass every week and instead of getting 7 portions I got enough for 12 days.
    I have just done carrot apple and ginger and once again the amount of juice is almost double of any other juicer.
    It is so easy to use, it took me only a couple of minutes to clean and put back together.
    I am absolutely delighted with my new juicer.
    I have been dealing with UK juicers for several years and have recommended them to friends and their level of service is second to none. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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    Bee, Surrey (verified owner)

  21. Renia
    Quick and efficiet service and product is great. I love PRODUCT REVIEWS:

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    N, (verified owner)

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