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      Sana EUJ-828 Vertical Slow Juicer in Red

      In Summary

      The Sana EUJ-828 Vertical Slow Juicer uses 3rd generation cold press juicing technology from one of the world's leading manufacturers, to give juicing performance that's on a par with the very best juicers on the planet. There are only two production sites in the world that make slow juicers of this standard and like all of the options that we offer, the Sana is from one of them! As such it represents the pinnacle of slow juicer design and it offers a few variations that give it a distinct place in the list of top choices in the category. Find out more below. 

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      Key Features

      • Unique dual feed ingredients hopper with conventional pusher plus tray feed (see video above)
      • Glass jug and pulp catcher instead of more common polycarbonate types
      • Homogenising and sorbet attachment included at no extra charge
      • Optional citrus juicer attachment
      • Fine screen for virtually pulp free juicing
      • Coarse screen for softer ingredients and smoothie-like texture

      UK Juicers Says

      The Sana 828 Slow Juicer offers a few unique options when compared to our other high end slow juicers that some will find attractive. There's nothing earth shatteringly different but some will like the little extras, and the striking appearance and colour swatches will also appeal to others. 

      Originating as it does from one of the two best slow juicer factories means that you can be confident from the outset that you will get juicing performance that can't be beaten, which we think is the main feature anyone should concern themselves with when choosing a premium cold press juicer. But there are a few nice little touches that make this model a little different that we like. The glass jugs are a nice touch, adding a more 'premium feel' to the package and the ingenious dual feed hopper is great for those who want to juice berries and feed other small pieces of ingredients into their juicer, because it makes taking aim just that little bit easier. It's also nice that the homogenising screen is included at no extra cost, which means you can make sorbets and healthy fruit ice creams straight out of the box.

      The adjustable pulp lever is a debatable option that is included in some 3rd generation juicers but it does seem to expel a little extra pulp if you open it at the end of juicing, meaning there's less left in the juicer at clean up time. In our opinion this is not going to make a huge difference and clean up time is on a par with all the top of the range field. It can speed up juicing when using softer ingredients like berries and pineapples but we prefer a more patient approach, because ultimately you get more juice. Slow juicers are not really that 'slow' anyway. 

      With the Sana 828 you get a less foamy juice and lots of it. For the discerning health enthusiast it's a great 'luxury buy' that will repay your original investment many times by saving on waste and giving you the highest possible yield of extremely nutritious cold pressed juice. An excellent choice. 

      Read the manufacturer's instruction manual here.

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: EUJ-828FR
      Colour: Red
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 186x249x429
      Motor Power (Watts): 150
      RPM: 43
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 4.8
      Warranty: 10 years motor, 5 years parts


      Sana EUJ-828 Vertical Slow Juicer in Red

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