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      Sana Smart Bread Maker Standard

      In Summary

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      The fully programmable Sana Smart Bread Maker takes all the guesswork out of baking any bread you want. With dual rising programmes and triple baking phases with adjustable times and temperatures you can precisely control even the most complex and sensitive recipes. Sana bread makers are focused on healthier breads cooked at lower temperatures to preserve nutrition, although the programming of the final bake cycle does allow you to 'toast' the surface at the end of cooking without the damaging influence of high temperatures radiating to the core of the breads. The special stainless steel baking pan creates healthier, evenly baked delicious bread, every time.

      Key Features

      • 7 fully adjustable and customisable programmes
      • Multiphase rising and baking settings
      • Low temperature baking for healthier breads
      • Removable dough hooks for easier bread release and uniform loaves
      • Also has programmes for jam and fermented products including yoghurt, bread starter cultures & more
      • Special stainless baking pan reduces burning and protects nutrition
      • High speed kneading in as little as 3 minutes
      • Thermometer probe for checking bread or other recipes are fully cooked

      UK Juicers Says

      The focus of the Sana Smart Bread Maker concept is to produce healthier bread more efficiently using the latest technological developments. Professional baking technology allowed the production of a special stainless steel baking pan that does not need to be greased and allows for even cooking without burning. The dual memory chip circuitry gives 7 fully programmable cycles which can be as simple or as complex as you desire, including additional cycles for purposes other than bread making, like making jam, yoghurt and other fermented products.

      Dual phase rising allows for healthier preparation of breads like sourdough and can also be used to make and maintain your own starter culture. The kneading process is faster in the Sana Smart Bread Maker because of its powerful motor. As well as kneading taking as little as three minutes this also means that the small kneading paddles an be easily removed before baking so the final loaf is more uniform with less waste than other bread makers. The special glass lids allow for even coking at lower temperatures by creating a steam effect and can be removed for a final toasting phase. They also increase the versatility in terms of recipe size meaning you can bake any size of loaf from 500g to 1700g.

      Once you are familiar with the controls you'll appreciate the huge range of possibilities compared to other bread makers and the results will speak for themselves in encouraging you to keep on producing healthy home made breads. There is a wealth of information on using this great piece of kit, including recipes, on the Sana video channel here

      Read the manufacturer's Instruction Manual here.

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      Tech Specs

      Model Number: SANABMS
      Colour: Stainless Steel
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 300x400X225
      Motor Power (Watts): 815
      Weight Unboxed (Kg): 10
      Temperature Range: 20°C - 230°C (68°F - 446°F)
      Warranty: 2 years


      Sana Smart Bread Maker Standard

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