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      Self-Healing Colitis & Crohns by David Klein

      In Summary

      Used to great effect by the founder of UK Juicers, in our opinion Self-Healing Colitis and Crohns is the world's only publication that accurately explains the cause of inflammatory bowel disease and ulcers. Proven effective in thousands of cases, it reveals a natural plan that results in lasting health.

      It shows how bowel illness and any digestive disorder can be permanently overcome via natural dietary and conservative therapies. The book reveals the definitive natural way for removing the causes of colitis, Crohn’s, diverticulitis and irritable bowel.It offers a vegan diet-healing plan to which we are biologically adapted, and which allows the bowel to naturally purify itself and heal/regenerate rapidly and stay disease-free. Proven in thousands of cases and medically endorsed, this is irrefutably a reliable pathway for overcoming IBD and IBS. The author, himself healthy over the past 21 years following 8 years of severe ulcerative colitis, is an expert health counsellor specializing in IBD and IBS. Many people have permanently overcome inflammatory bowel illness by applying the teachings in this book. Endorsed by 5 medical doctors and with over 10,000 copies sold this simple but profound guidebook comes highly recommended by UK Juicers.


      Self-Healing Colitis & Crohns by David Klein

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