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      The Holford Low-GL Diet Cookbook by Patrick Holford

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      Patrick Holford's international bestseller The Holford Low-GL Diet revealed that the key to successful dieting is to eat food with a low Glycemic Load. Low Glycemic Load foods are measured in GL, which are far more accurate than using the Glycemic Index, or GI. By eating no more than 40 GL a day and eating protein with carbohydrate, you can lose weight, gain energy, banish hunger and improve your health.The Holford Low-GL Diet Cookbook is packed with delicious tried and tested recipes that will help you to lose fat fast, safely - and permanently. Patrick Holford and Fiona McDonald Joyce's recipes are easy to follow, simple to prepare and wonderfully nutritious. The GL are clearly calculated for you so it's easy to stick to your daily limit, especially with over 150 tempting recipes to choose from. The menu plans and recipes for weight loss and maintenance (for when you've reached your ideal weight) will enable you to look great, feel healthy and revitalised, and keep fat off forever.


      The Holford Low-GL Diet Cookbook by Patrick Holford

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